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ClicShopping v3.300

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I just come back on the forum and I see this news, v3.00 is out. Seems to include boostrap 5 and only compatible with php 8.0.

Again work for me to migrate my current version.

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Yes congratulation to the team. 
@Engy, in my experience is not so difficult to make a migration, you must just follow the instruction inside th sql_upgrade directory, you must have the instruction to do that.

But I recommend you to use the compare tool, and compare your default template with your template to include the different update.

I am not expert in dev, but I appreciate this tool and it helps me a lot.

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Yes agree also, congratulation to @ClicShopping team, 

It's a major release, php 8 , bootstrap 5 Beta 2 version .... This is a big work has been done.

I agree with Julie, take time to make your migration.

In my experience, if you do not change anything inside the code and you create a specific template, it will not difficulties to include the update.

The most important will be to remove and reinstall your module, Bootstrap 5 has not the same approcha that the version 4 nad update your database as recommended.

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Hello @Carole,
The major point about boostrap is it's a major release, B4 and B5 are very different.
Jquery is not used anymore for example.
About ClicShopping, Bootstrap 5 icon is now including inside the application, fontAwesome has been removed. For some people are developed app with font awesome by default, must update that or use the old hook in the ClicShopping v2.x
Also some jquery script has been removed but Jquery is always inside the application, I think this framework will disappear in the futur.

In all case, a big work has been done, and congratulation

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Big thank to the team. As some many curious to install it on local server and test it.

Just a question , ClicShopping has new features incorporated inside ?

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Yes congratulation to the team for this new release.

The dashboard has a new script, very light and not use jQuery, It's better like that in my sense. Now all the browser can manage some function. The importance of Jquery start to decrease.

FontAwesome has been removed also.

Now just to have a bootstrap beta 2, I ask me question. It will no better to have the official release ?


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Thank you for you comment, it's always welcome.


Yes you can always use the last image gallery but you must follow this process
- Do not remove the jquery hooks because the module use jquery - For this version, we do not touch on the module - No pb

- You must change inside the image gallery these elements :

edit : pi_products_info_gallery.php

Inside sql configuration : 'configuration_title' => 'Where do want to display the gallery position ?',

update by this

'set_function' => 'clic_cfg_set_boolean_value(array(\'float-end\', \'float-start\', \'float-none\'))',


Of course, remove and reinstall it.
I will push when I have a little time a specific module in the marketplace and github community.


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