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  1. Hello @Catalina, Welcome and happy to have a conversation with you
  2. Hello, I try to change the text inside the box header, but it do not work. I go in Configuration/...Cache and reset all, but it do not work. Do you have the same problem ?
  3. Carole

    Rotative banner

    I agree with @Julie, depend what you want to do.
  4. Hi, Do you know if there is a something made about the google sitemap, I do not find on the marketplace. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I found this information. For all european people but also some other company it can be usefull This new law was a new haunt for the shop owner. Originally scheduled for 19 September 2019, Europe has just announced that it leaves a reprieve until 2022! More information : https://www.usine-digitale.fr/article/l-e-commerce-victime-collaterale-de-l-obligation-de-double-authentification-dsp2.N882025
  6. Yes, it could something interesting, it's possible to win a little time. In other part, when you look a product, you know want to find, but it's possible to forget the categories where is is it.
  7. I think the 4 elements inside the products description are very important images => Must be nice and professional Description => Must be clear about the product and possible the customer must see the customers reviews Button Buy => Must be clear to find and easy to use. Order funnel => The customer must have a good experience, simple and efficiency.
  8. I think the article must be important and need to consume lot of time Know your target audience original content and not copy Sell the benefits about the product Avoid using filler words Tell a story Don’t forget to optimize your product pages You can look this article : https://tinuiti.com/blog/ecommerce/product-descriptions/
  9. I am interested, some website include the banner inside the content and not on the top.
  10. I agree it's better to see your customer, you time and money. After if you have a good relation, your customers can make the order via your website.
  11. Good morning all I am asking you today to know your habits in terms of newsletters? I do not send it but I think it's wrong. However, if you do it, you have to do it in the rules of the art. Not to mention the content (title of the newsletter, body with name, first name etc), technically, it must be able to send emails en masse. You can decide to use your own server or use gateways, mail routers. In my opinion it is preferable because it would be a pity to be roasted by the providers of email addresses and appear in blacklists, thus directing your precious emails (all) in SPAM folders! How do you manage your newsletters?
  12. At this rate, it's better to include a new apps payment !
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