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  1. Nice template, Is it difficult to implement it ? Sorry I am a newbie !
  2. Maybe there is a problem with MySQL v5.7 @MG86 but with MariaDB, everything works fine. I have not been a problem to install ClicShopping. The video inside the tuto is a good idea.
  3. Thank you for all these advices. Indeed there is not only in China, and what's happen now, maybe I can take time to look some other countries.
  4. Hello, I want to start buying clothing from China and selling it with my own designs on. I'm not sure how to go about doing it though. Could someone maybe give me a step by step guide and what to do? Will I have to legally register myself as a sole trader? Do I need some sort of licence? Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. It's very interesting and help lot of when you have some order or some actions to make. I like this module Thank you @Maxime
  6. Is possible to do that ? Cool, it's seems very flexible ? Thank @Maxime
  7. Thank you @Maxime, Very nice tutorial about this apps. It's nice to see how it works.
  8. To start I will use Paypal for the payments and according to me it is secure and good.
  9. As shared hosting environments become increasing more strict about emails, flagging perfectly legitimate emails to customers as spam, can anyone recommend an email service for transactional email? If anyone has tried these services what were your experiences?
  10. Hello, Thank you for all your recommendations. I decided to create 2 different websites because I have an orientation B2C. I think it's more simple to make that. The regulations are also different.
  11. Good evening everyone, Here is my problem ... I have products that I want to keep the initial prices for Swiss customers. At the same time, for French customers, include a tax. According to my few settings, the French customer arrives on the shop and sees the initial prices, and when he orders the price increases automatically and abandons the basket because it does not understand. How to make sure that when the French or Italian customer arrives on the shop, he always sees the same price until the end of the order please? cordially
  12. Yes find it. It was inside the hooks section on the market place Thank you @Tempo
  13. I look the demo admin and I saw in Order, a batch allowing to make in one time some action (order, packingslip...). Do you know where is the module ?
  14. Hello, this the first time I use e-commerce software. My goal is o sell the electronic products and looking a software can do that easily. My first business orientation will be in B2C and after open the shop in B2B / B2C. Is it possible to make that with ClicShopping else no do you recommend another software? Thank you
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