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  1. I think the article must be important and need to consume lot of time Know your target audience original content and not copy Sell the benefits about the product Avoid using filler words Tell a story Don’t forget to optimize your product pages You can look this article : https://tinuiti.com/blog/ecommerce/product-descriptions/
  2. I am interested, some website include the banner inside the content and not on the top.
  3. I agree it's better to see your customer, you time and money. After if you have a good relation, your customers can make the order via your website.
  4. Good morning all I am asking you today to know your habits in terms of newsletters? I do not send it but I think it's wrong. However, if you do it, you have to do it in the rules of the art. Not to mention the content (title of the newsletter, body with name, first name etc), technically, it must be able to send emails en masse. You can decide to use your own server or use gateways, mail routers. In my opinion it is preferable because it would be a pity to be roasted by the providers of email addresses and appear in blacklists, thus directing your precious emails (all) in SPAM folders! How do you manage your newsletters?
  5. At this rate, it's better to include a new apps payment !
  6. It has been implemented in August The new Fees per transaction: Tier 1: £0.00 - £20,000.00 2.9% + Fixed Fee (£0.30*) Tier 2: £20,000.01 - £75,000.00 1.9% + Fixed Fee (£0.30*) Tier 3: £75,000.01 - £200,000.00 1.4% + Fixed Fee (£0.30*) Tier 4: £200,000.01 or more 1.3% + Fixed Fee (£0.25*)
  7. Could help to configure the meta tag description, title for index page ?
  8. How to include youtube video inside the products description ?
  9. I think, less field you have, better is it. But In e-commerce, you must have the address. If you do not need the state, hide it. If you need, test the best approach. You can make an AB test to know the best strategy.
  10. Nice template, Is it difficult to implement it ? Sorry I am a newbie !
  11. Maybe there is a problem with MySQL v5.7 @MG86 but with MariaDB, everything works fine. I have not been a problem to install ClicShopping. The video inside the tuto is a good idea.
  12. Thank you for all these advices. Indeed there is not only in China, and what's happen now, maybe I can take time to look some other countries.
  13. Hello, I want to start buying clothing from China and selling it with my own designs on. I'm not sure how to go about doing it though. Could someone maybe give me a step by step guide and what to do? Will I have to legally register myself as a sole trader? Do I need some sort of licence? Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. It's very interesting and help lot of when you have some order or some actions to make. I like this module Thank you @Maxime
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