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  1. Just a little question, What is the big difference between bootstrap 4 and 5. Congratulation to the team.
  2. Ok, Thank you indeed, The apps import; export is what I need. Thank you.
  3. Hello, Someone can help me; I need to update q specific price to another. How to do that. Is is a good practice to pqss by MySql ?
  4. Hello, Do you have any idea if this feature exists ?
  5. Thank you for the advise, interesting subject about the cart page. I will tried to adapt my page and read more on internet on that.
  6. @MattJr, Design: Your site needs to look great, I am not sure about that, just a correct design is enough, I know website works very well witthout a big investment. But, for me, not a programmer, beginner, I have a decision to make, be independent and grow with my website, or to be dependent and use a tool as Shopify (example) and miss evolution. There is a big difference, approach and cost. Content, maintenance, evolution, investment adapted are important.
  7. Ah, ok it's 2 different things.
  8. Hello @Catalina, Welcome and happy to have a conversation with you
  9. Hello, I try to change the text inside the box header, but it do not work. I go in Configuration/...Cache and reset all, but it do not work. Do you have the same problem ?
  10. Is it interesting to migrate on php 7.4 ?
  11. I agree with @Julie, depend what you want to do.
  12. Hi, Do you know if there is a something made about the google sitemap, I do not find on the marketplace. Thank you.
  13. Hello, I found this information. For all european people but also some other company it can be usefull This new law was a new haunt for the shop owner. Originally scheduled for 19 September 2019, Europe has just announced that it leaves a reprieve until 2022! More information : https://www.usine-digitale.fr/article/l-e-commerce-victime-collaterale-de-l-obligation-de-double-authentification-dsp2.N882025
  14. Yes, it could something interesting, it's possible to win a little time. In other part, when you look a product, you know want to find, but it's possible to forget the categories where is is it.
  15. I think the 4 elements inside the products description are very important images => Must be nice and professional Description => Must be clear about the product and possible the customer must see the customers reviews Button Buy => Must be clear to find and easy to use. Order funnel => The customer must have a good experience, simple and efficiency.
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