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    Version 1.0.0


    This apps allow you to your customer to paid via Desjardins bank A documentation is included inside the application A log about all payment process is included inside apps and in order. You can also to connect you in your desjardins account via a button inside the order. Important Note : Copy the apps_payment_desjardins.json into ClicShopping/Work/Cache/Github licence : GPL 2 - MIT Install : http://monsite/myAdmin/index.php?A&Payment\Desjardins Activate the module in Payment

    85.00 EUR

  2. ClicShopping

    looking product tab

    Hi @Julie, the module is included on Github. You can install via extension system or download. I changed little thing inside your module, you can compare for the next time. Give me your Github account, I can include you to manage your module like as administrator. @JPB look the module, you see how to make, also there is a documentation on the forum to help you. https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/modules_products_info_tab_boostrap Let me know.
  3. ClicShopping

    template directory

    yes you can.
  4. For me I use https://www.metaforensics.io/ The main interest is you have a good view on your website and not on only 1 page.
  5. ClicShopping


    website : https://shop.nordstrom.com/
  6. ClicShopping

    Apps Guest Customer

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This apps allow you manage the guest customer accross your admin and also to accept new guest customer in your front office Your back office Force the guest to come customer Accept the same guest customer like a guest Sent discount coupon if you have this application installed In frontoffice : Modules about create guest account (to be installed) Modules in checkout success (to be installed) Modules in action recorder (to be installed) The installation is manual and must be downloaded on the marketplace. link : Copy the the files inside ClicShopping Copy the apps_customers_guest_customer.json into ClicShopping/Work/Cache/Github licence : GPL 2 - MIT Install : https://monsite/myAdmin/index.php?A&Customers\GuestAccount Do not forget to activate the modules in Design/Account/Guest account Design/Checkout/ Checkout Success Tools§/Security/ActionRecorder/create_guest_account If you have the antispam installed do not forget to activate the module

    60.00 EUR

  7. Yes I noted, it could a little improvement in a futur release
  8. I updated the apps because I discover a bug inside the search engine. Now it resolved and the result is correct.
  9. ClicShopping

    Artificial intelligence in e-commerce

    Artificial intelligence in e-commerce, reality or fiction? Artificial intelligence is certainly one of the most talked about technologies for some time. However, its fields of application remain unclear and few are able to cite one of its concrete uses. In the e-commerce sector, however, it can be extremely useful, especially in the context of the commercial animation of your site. Artificial intelligence offers the possibility of increasing the attractiveness of the e-commerce sales cycle by considerably enriching the user experience. Used wisely it will also have a beneficial effect on the conversion rate of your online store. This will be done through a smarter and more personalized commercial animation. Artificial Intelligence: a three-phase system The implementation of an artificial intelligence system is done in three stages. First of all it is a question of collecting the available data in a data center in order to carry out a first phase which will allow to "cruncher" the data, that is to say to extract the useful and necessary elements to his treatment in a marketing perspective. The data is then integrated into an analysis tool that will allow to first make it readable to all and to analyze it in a concrete way. This analysis will make it possible to better know the visitor and to think of actions to implement to enrich his user journey. Finally, the last tool will be responsible for implementing these actions through a smart and personalized commercial animation. The objective is to interact in real time with the consumer based on the data collected through his customer journey and the actions he performs on your e-commerce. The objectives of commercial animation The first objective is obviously to arouse the interest of the user as soon as he arrives on the site. When someone comes to your site in a search context, they must feel they are confronted by an expert in the field they are interested in. If your e-commerce is generalist, it must immediately be able to highlight the product universe related to the search of the user. If, for example, you sell sporting goods and the visitor arrives on your site looking for ski equipment, your shop must immediately present an interface and an offer related to winter sports. confirm to the user that the site meets his needs The second objective is to reassure the visitor even more by confirming to him that this site is able to answer precisely to his need. This includes an advisory phase and highlighting the right products. The user knows now that he is on a site that corresponds to his research, it is now to show him throughout the purchase process that beyond answering the search, this e-commerce has of the solution that will precisely meet his needs and that he will be able to guide him quickly towards it. Lift the brakes on the purchase of the visitor The third and final goal is to lift the brakes on the purchase to convert the visitor into a customer. It is the setting up of a reinsurance process with different means of action (mailing, popup ...) and the presentation of purchasing opportunities through, for example, exclusive promotions. Finally, it is important to further strengthen the consulting dimension on the final stages of the purchasing process. Artificial intelligence is not the answer, it is a means of capturing where the visitor is in his commitment. Thanks to the AI you will be able to place the visitor in the right context and provide the answer in real time. A recent study by Forrester Consulting looks at the growing role of artificial intelligence in e-commerce. Marketers surveyed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia believe that AI is a major driver of change. 79% think it's changing the role of marketing to more strategic work, and 86% making marketing teams more effective. Artificial intelligence in e-commerce, reality or fiction? In e-commerce, one of the major challenges in the development of artificial intelligence is the automation of workflows. For 82% of the companies surveyed, the IA must allow to be able to refocus on tasks that generate value. Main reason why 78% of them plan to increase by at least 5% their expenses related to AI marketing technologies. Another major attraction of artificial intelligence in e-commerce is improving the personalization of the multichannel customer experience as consumers interact with brands across different touch points. Thanks to AI, more than half of e-merchants (54%) hope to better cover customer travel and better understand buying behavior. Of these, 63% expect a period of at least 3 years to fully take advantage of such an implementation. The main objectives cited for artificial intelligence marketing in e-commerce are: revenue generation, better customer service, improved data analysis and smart recommendations. In the end, the study reveals that 88% of marketers surveyed believe that the AI is able to reinvent the e-commerce industry, and 81% reinvent the culture and operation of their business. Forrester Consulting estimates that 11% of the expert actors are really ready to exploit the technological innovations of the AI, and 25% the number of late organizations. More information about the study : https://engage.emarsys.com/en/study/ai-readiness
  10. ClicShopping

    SEO: impact of voice search?

    SEO - a set of techniques designed to make a site appear in the top positions of search engines - was until now based on the textual queries typed by Internet users. The arrival of conversational assistants (Google Assistant, Siri for Apple, Alexa for Amazon ...) marks the birth of new habits in the use of search engines. According to a Comscore study, 50% of searches will be done via voice search by 2020. Eventually, this type of voice queries could even exceed the number of written requests. SEO linked to voice search requires a different approach to traditional SEO. It is therefore important to understand these new practices and implement actions to integrate them into the company's strategy. What is voice search? Voice search is when someone searches for information on the internet through a voice assistant. This is possible via a browser, a smartphone or a connected object. The person no longer needs to enter text in a search engine. He just needs to ask a question to his conversational assistant who will tell him the answer that is considered the most relevant. The answer is instantaneous and generally unique. The voice search is an opportunity to work otherwise its natural referencing, especially for local SEO, searches are often performed with geolocation enabled. Why has voice search grown? increase in the number of people with a smartphone increase in the number of mobile searches desire for quick answers and no special effort possibility to search at any time, even in parallel with another activity (cooking, taking care of children, washing ...) How to adapt your SEO strategy for voice search? Understand the search intent of users In traditional SEO, search engines analyze the keywords of the query and associate the best results always according to keywords. With voice assistants, the process is different. Individuals state their request orally. The information sought is conditioned by a context, be it geographical or situational. The important thing is to get into the skin of its users, to understand what their questions are, when and what kind of answers will be expected. Then, it will answer in your site. In short, the goal is to master the semantics used vocally, to understand how it is used by your audience and to offer the most appropriate answer. Opt for an oral language, more "natural" It's a fact: we do not search for information on a textual search engine as we do when we ask for a voice assistant. While written queries include keywords, voice queries are often complete sentences. Studies show that users of voice assistants tend to ask questions as if they are talking to a human. For the little anecdote, some even keep the reflex to say thank you. To adapt to this change, one must try to position oneself on the questions to which you want the Internet users to find an answer. This can for example be done via the titles of your content. Frequently Asked Questions can also be a way to respond effectively. To know the most asked questions by users on your key themes, you can help tools such as Answer the Public . Avoid complicated answer formats such as tables, charts, or links. Adapt your site to mobile media Mobile is the medium from which voice search is used the most. It is important then that companies work on the SEO of their mobile site.
  11. I noted this problem, it appears the first time you are searching for an app or module. It search lot of other GitHub application. I tried to use also another GitHub application to search inside Github, I have the result. If you have this problem, retry a second time, in this case, you have the good result. Don't find the solution at this moment. This an experimental approach, Github without configuration fix a rate limit for all research.
  12. ClicShopping

    Migration from Oscommerce

    Welcome, Patrick, You must install the application by the admin or download from GitHub : To download : https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3/apps_tools_import_data/archive/master.zip from admin /tools/Update and select Apps Tools. You will found an application called: apps_tools_import_data, just install it. A video is available on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYz8dplKUWo
  13. ClicShopping

    Tuto about GDRP

    Ok, Let me know if you have a problem.
  14. ClicShopping

    Tuto about GDRP

    Hello Iron, You must create a hook in this directory/Modules/Hooks/Shop/Account/AccountGdpr.....php Be careful, the filename must start by AccountGdpr Inside, you can create a sql request to add an element in customers_gdpr with a default value like null if it's something doesn't exist inside the code
  15. The article will allow you to make quickly a new app without knowledge. Note: It's template to start after you must make your application to finish it. Look the free module, it will be a great help. Requirement: A development tool allowing you to replace all syntax inside directories and sub-directories. Knowledge: Basic skills in php Download this file : https://www.clicshopping.org/images/template.tar.gz This example is based in part on SubTotal app. Step1 : Change the directory name For example, you have a directory called SubTotal and you want to make an app in Catalog - Create a directory inside Catalog called MyApp - Copy all the files inside template in Catalog directory Step 2 : Search and Replace be careful, respect all these elements SubTotal by MyApp subtotal by myapp sub_total by my_app SUBTOTAL by MYAPP SUB_TOTAL by MY_APP app_order_total_subtotal by app_catalog_myapp $insert_sql_data = ['parent_id' => 451]; by $insert_sql_data = ['parent_id' => 3]; Note : the parent Id is the same id like you can find in Tools/Editor/AdministratorMenu /ST/ by /MY/ (Note : MY is a code, you can choose like you want but you can not have the same code twice in different app) _ST_ by _MY_ _st_ by _my_ ST by MY Note : Very becarefull, do that step by step to identified the syntax called ST Step 4 : Look and Rename Files SubTotal.php by MyApp.php ST.php by MY.php Step 5 : Look and Rename directories ST by MY Step 6 : Installation go to your administration and write this : http://mysite.com/boutique/ClicShoppingAdmin/index.php?A&Catalog\MyApp Step 7 : Language Change the terms like you want

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