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  • Why should I contribute?


    The ClicShopping team provides the infrastructure to support the development for open source e-commerce application. This includes web servers, code repositories, bug tracking systems, mailing systems, and so on. There's is a financial cost associated with keeping and maintaining these services, and in paying the administrative staff that do the day-to-day maintenance of the services.


    Financial support provided by individuals and businesses, are the primary way that we can offset these costs.

    Remember that as a volunteer-based organization, ClicShopping stands most in need of volunteers who can work on software, documentation, or administrative tasks.

    If you have the time to contribute, that's the best thing you can provide to ClicShopping community, it will be great.


    Where will my financial contribution go?

    Currently, financial support is needed to provide our technical infrastructure, servers, bandwidth, legal fees, pay staffs and take care of other minor expenses related to running the project. If there is a specific feature or application section that you wish to directly support, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


    Become a partner or sponsor

    We welcome any organization to participate in sponsorship or partnership with ClicShopping. Please check our partnership page or contact us for discussion of sponsorship or partnership opportunities.


    If you want to make a donation, it will be cool and we are happy to continue this project and the implication.

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