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ClicShopping become ClicShopping AI

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Good morning,


Some of you have certainly noticed a change on the logo. Since the 2 last versions, we have set out to put generative artificial intelligence in the application with GPT and OPENAI. The module will certainly evolve in time to integrate other approach like Google Bard for example. We go there in stages.


For the next version 3.431 a Charbot will be integrated into the application on the front office.

It will use generative AI to give additional information to the user allowing him to have more information on the product.


We wanted to go more far including generation conditions for example. But the expected result was not there. We have tried to use text segmentation to reduce the processing time but the limitation obtained is not good.


This is due to the fact that Mariadb does not have a feature to include a vector inside a table.

This approach improves treatment time but drastically reducing the number of Token sent to GPT and the cost linked to treatment.


In addition, proposing a solution whose reaction time and a cost of treatment too much did not seem to us to be careful as an approach.

Furthermore, like the administration where we use Davinci-003 model, in the front office, we use GPT 3.5 Turbo is a model largely cheaper than Davinci.


We have included a parameter allowing to manage the chatbot display in the offering front so that you can better manage your budget.

To complete the next evolution will have updates concerning the GPT including new statistics, a preditive security stock -analyse and an update on customer recommendations.


Our objective is to be able to offer a new generation of e-commerce platform allowing merchants (small company, medium company) to be able to use artificial intelligence with a budget control, to be able to carry out more impactful communication campaign, marketing and finally to optimize production time, creation of product sheets and increase the sell.


The work continues and will continue in this orientation in the future.

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