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    Why  ClicShoppingTm?


    Choose a e-commerce solutiion is not simple

    If you’re looking for an excellent solution for your e-commerce project, you’ll love ClicShopping. ClicShoppingTm is a e-commerce platform for small- to medium-size online businesses. Its many features offer numerous advantages over other applications.


    Here are the benefits you need to know about:


    It is free, with free support with the forum.

    - ClicShoppingTm is free. Anyone can enjoy using it. Because ClicShoppingTm is supported by its community, you also get free support on the forum and an opportunity to help others.

    Easy to start, and fun to use.

    - With ClicShoppingTm, anyone can sell products or services online – no special experience or training necessary! If you know how to browse the web or use Google or Facebook, you can sell products online using ClicShoppingTm.

    For business owners or e-commerce managers, ClicShoppingTm is fun to use and provides loads of convenient tools in the control panel.


    - Great flexibility and expandability.

    ClicShopping is versatile, meaning it can be configured to do anything you need to succeed in your online business. With a constantly growing number of extensions, your shopping cart will be limited only by your imagination.


    - Fast and Secure.

    ClicShoppingTm consumes few computer resources, runs quickly and provides full security to protect your site. If something happen inside the application you can receive an email.
    Not tracking system included inside the application; Be safe with our informations


    No limits

    - ClicShoppingTm sets no limits on the size of your product inventory, number of customers, traffic limits or anything else.

    You can customize, change the code and expand your e-commerce platform as you desire. Feel free to grow your online presence!



    Smooth day to day site functionality and uptime, can be achieved with high quality hosting. We tested on OVH hosting solution that proved to be stable and function properly with ClicShopping code base.


    - Bright Future

    Our project is continuously innovating as we improve, add new features and adjust to changes in e-commerce industry.


    If you provide e-commerce or build shopping carts, ClicShoppingTm is also an ideal choice for you.


    Expand your service offerings.

    Depending on your line of business, you can include ClicShoppingTm in your service line. Or develop an extension for ClicShoppingTm and offer your services within an application!


    Fast setup

    ClicShoppingTm can be quickly set up and configured. This can save you valuable time.


    Easy to manage.

    ClicShoppingTm includes a wide variety of tools that help you complete tasks quickly.


    Flexible to configure to specific requirements.

    The application is designed to be flexible in configuration with the ability to setup shopping cart for different types of businesses and requirements.

    A number of extensions expand functionality can be developed



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    • Email is part of communication, below different examples how to set email inside ClicShopping   Example 1 : o2switch.net   User name : myemail@domain.com - Password : email password - Server : mail.test.domain.com - remove mail. and write only test.domain.com - SMTP Port: 26 - SMTP authentication : true - SMTP secured protocol : ssl - Emails activation : true     Example 2 : gmail.com   - User name : myemail@gmail.com - Password : Utilisez le mot de passe du compte de messagerie. - Server smtp : smtp.gmail.com - remove smtp. and write only gmail.com - SMTP Port: 25 ou 465 - SMTP authentication : true - SMTP secured protocol : ssl or Tls - Emails activation : true  
    • When Google or other search engines come to your site to read and store the content in its search index, it will look for a special file called robots.txt. This file is a set of instructions to tell search engines where they can look to crawl content and where they are not allowed to crawl content. We can use these rules to ensure that search engines don't waste their time looking at links that do not have valuable content and avoid links that produce faceted content.   Why is this important? Search engines need to look at and store as many pages that exist on the internet as possible. There are currently an estimated more 4.5 billion web pages active today. That's a lot of work for Google. It cannot look and store every single page, so it needs to decide what to keep and how long it will spend on your site indexing pages. This is called a crawl budget. How many pages a day Google will index depends on many factors, including how fresh the site is, how much content you have and how popular your site is. Some websites will have Google index as few as 30 links a day. We want every link to count and not waste Google's time.   What does the suggested Robots.txt file do? ClicShopping optimised rules exclude site areas with no unique content but instead redirect links to existing topics. Also excluded are areas such as the privacy policy, cookie policy, log in and register pages and so on. Submit buttons and filters are also excluded to prevent faceted pages. Finally, user profiles are excluded as these offer little valuable content for Google but contain around 150 redirect links. Given that Google has more seconds on your site, these links that exist elsewhere eat up your crawl budget quickly.   What is the suggested Robots.txt file? Here is the content of the suggested Robots.txt file. If your ClicSHoppingis inside a directory, you will need to apply it to the root of your site manually. So, for example, if your community was at /home/site/public_html/myDirectory/ - you would need to create this robots.txt file and add it to /home/site/public_html. It's simple just edit robot.txt and change inside the information   example of robot.txt Note : domain.ltd must be changed by your domain.   # Rules for ClicSopping (https://www.clicshopping.org) User-Agent: * # Block pages with no unique content Disallow: /Account/LogIn/ Disallow: /Account/CreatePro Disallow: /Account/Create Disallow: /Account/PasswordForgotten Disallow: /Search/AdvancedSearch/ Disallow: /Search/Q/ # Block faceted pages and 301 redirect pages Disallow: /*?page= Disallow: /*?sort= # Sitemap URL Sitemap: https://domain.tld/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapIndex  
    • The version 3.323 allows to use htaccess to rewrite the url.   To use this function you must activate in Shop/SEO urls this 2 options   1 - Use Search-Engine Safe Native URLs   this option rewrites the url like this : https://demo.clicshopping.org/index.php/Products/Description/logitech-trackman-marble-mouse/Id-12   and 2- Use Search-Engine Safe URLs Pro (with htaccess)   This option rewrites the url like this : https://demo.clicshopping.org/Products/Description/logitech-trackman-marble-mouse/Id-12     To use the last option, you must include inside your root an htaccess with this syntax. Of course, it can updated in function of your server. note : This option works only on the catalog without customer, if your are logged you will see the url above. It's optimized only for the search engine.   For apache 2.4 ################################## # url rewiting #improve url rewriting #work fine without directory https://mydomain.com/test/index.php #the rewriting must be activated inside the application # uncomment ################################## <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On DirectorySlash Off # # Remove WWW # RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.(.+)$ [NC] RewriteRule ^ https://%1%{REQUEST_URI} [R=302,L] # # Remove Trailing Slashes # RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} \s(.+?)//+[?\s] RewriteRule ^ %1 [R=302,L] # # Reroute to index.php # RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L] </IfModule>  
    • My last test : https://gtmetrix.com/reports/demo.clicshopping.org/VBVcVpBE/  
    • It's weird, My result under chrome : https://ibb.co/7G3F1DQ under edge : https://ibb.co/Ss4PFvv   As you see I have no problem with the demo, everything works fine   Just an idea, try to remove the code of pwabuilder-sw.js script (root of the site), maybe.      
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