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    Why  ClicShoppingTm?


    Choose a e-commerce solutiion is not simple

    If you’re looking for an excellent solution for your e-commerce project, you’ll love ClicShopping. ClicShoppingTm is a e-commerce platform for small- to medium-size online businesses. Its many features offer numerous advantages over other applications.


    Here are the benefits you need to know about:


    It is free, with free support with the forum.

    - ClicShoppingTm is free. Anyone can enjoy using it. Because ClicShoppingTm is supported by its community, you also get free support on the forum and an opportunity to help others.

    Easy to start, and fun to use.

    - With ClicShoppingTm, anyone can sell products or services online – no special experience or training necessary! If you know how to browse the web or use Google or Facebook, you can sell products online using ClicShoppingTm.

    For business owners or e-commerce managers, ClicShoppingTm is fun to use and provides loads of convenient tools in the control panel.


    - Great flexibility and expandability.

    ClicShopping is versatile, meaning it can be configured to do anything you need to succeed in your online business. With a constantly growing number of extensions, your shopping cart will be limited only by your imagination.


    - Fast and Secure.

    ClicShoppingTm consumes few computer resources, runs quickly and provides full security to protect your site. If something happen inside the application you can receive an email.
    Not tracking system included inside the application; Be safe with our informations


    No limits

    - ClicShoppingTm sets no limits on the size of your product inventory, number of customers, traffic limits or anything else.

    You can customize, change the code and expand your e-commerce platform as you desire. Feel free to grow your online presence!



    Smooth day to day site functionality and uptime, can be achieved with high quality hosting. We tested on OVH hosting solution that proved to be stable and function properly with ClicShopping code base.


    - Bright Future

    Our project is continuously innovating as we improve, add new features and adjust to changes in e-commerce industry.


    If you provide e-commerce or build shopping carts, ClicShoppingTm is also an ideal choice for you.


    Expand your service offerings.

    Depending on your line of business, you can include ClicShoppingTm in your service line. Or develop an extension for ClicShoppingTm and offer your services within an application!


    Fast setup

    ClicShoppingTm can be quickly set up and configured. This can save you valuable time.


    Easy to manage.

    ClicShoppingTm includes a wide variety of tools that help you complete tasks quickly.


    Flexible to configure to specific requirements.

    The application is designed to be flexible in configuration with the ability to setup shopping cart for different types of businesses and requirements.

    A number of extensions expand functionality can be developed



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    • Hello @ClicShopping, Ok understood, thank you for your advice.
    • Hello, Thank you for you comment, it's always welcome. @Juliana, Yes you can always use the last image gallery but you must follow this process - Do not remove the jquery hooks because the module use jquery - For this version, we do not touch on the module - No pb - You must change inside the image gallery these elements : edit : pi_products_info_gallery.php Inside sql configuration : 'configuration_title' => 'Where do want to display the gallery position ?', update by this 'set_function' => 'clic_cfg_set_boolean_value(array(\'float-end\', \'float-start\', \'float-none\'))',   Of course, remove and reinstall it. I will push when I have a little time a specific module in the marketplace and github community.  
    • Hello,   Follow the team communication : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/2004-v33-release-published/ There is a new image gallery inside the application. Is it possible to have again the old gallery ?
    • A new version has been released. Some fix has been resolved. Please note this version works on with php > 8.0 and bootstrap. The focus has been to integrate boostrap 5 (https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.0/getting-started/introduction/) and php 8.0   I lit there the most important change inside the code. For the module I recommend you to remove and reinstall, Bootstrap 5 do not use the same syntax. I invite you to update your module on the marketplace in  function the new bootstrap code. Lot of code has been changed inside the application. ** Please, see the sql_update directory to include the new sql element **   - fix strict mode php 8 - fix incompatibility with php 8 (php 7.4.x do not work now) - Some different bug fix - Code refactoring - Boostrap 5 implementation - Add vertical menu in option - remove htaccess (see tip and trips on the forum) - Replace font Awesome library by bootstrap icon - remove customer fax obsolete - update sql database (see sql update and update version) - remove sensiolabs/security-checker not maintained - add a security checker email library via composer - reduce jquery dependency by pure javascript - add new image gallery in pure js (the other will be push on github) - add chartjs without jquery https://www.chartjs.org/   To upload : https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3/releases/tag/version3.30   Regards,
    • Hello, Yes congratulation to the team for this new release. The dashboard has a new script, very light and not use jQuery, It's better like that in my sense. Now all the browser can manage some function. The importance of Jquery start to decrease. FontAwesome has been removed also. Now just to have a bootstrap beta 2, I ask me question. It will no better to have the official release ?  
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