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  • Governance is a  regulation about the development of ClicShoppingTM and the community.


    ClicShoppingTM is has a double license in under GPL-2 and MIT.

    More information are available on this link about the license and the trademark : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/


    ClicShoppingTM is an open source software and this life depends on the members.
    You must accept this regulation if you want to help software to continue and in these competitive fields.

    This section can be re-evaluated anytime in function the laws and different objection proposed by the members and accepted by all the members.
    The community members must accept the rules and orientation,.

    Philosophy of the software

    - ClicShoppingTM must be built always with modularity approach and let the shop owner or the programmer to create everything around the core.
    - The development must be simple to understand the application for the neophyte and must be always light and not consume resources on the server.
    - ClicShoppingTM has always minimum functionalities to be an e-commerce software and it will stay always in this orientation.
    - The ecosystem application will improve the core of the solution with new features implementation.

    Create your own e-commerce software is the slogan : because every shop owner has different needs, and it can have the capacity to develop this own approach with this own module by themselves or by implementing a free module or paid module.




    1 - ClicShoppingTM is a registered with a Trademark and I accept to promote the name and the community with respect and I accept the governance rules and the spirit of the community based on FairPlay, collaboration and no discrimination.
    2 - I accept to follow the rules about the development, the commercial process and the relation between the members based (serious and professional)

    3 - If I sell my contribution, I accept the conditions about the price to allow every programmer to be on the same levels in function of their skills and implication of the forum. I accept also the criticism of the shop owner or their recommendations and the customer support
    4 - Good humour, collaboration, no insult, no discrimination, serious, professional attitude are the base on this forum, and if I don't follow these rules, I accept to be banished or the post removed
    5 - No advertisement is allowed on the website and inside your pack (code like banner).
    6 - Comparison between software is accepted only to increase the value of ClicShopping with arguments. This rules is under the validation by the moderators and their interpretation.

    Change these rules create a disturbing process and in function. I can be banished of the commercial forum without reimbursement.


    Version of ClicShoppingTM
    There are 3 versions in production, major and minor.

    Major version is a new version and it can break with the old development. It writes like Vx.0

    Minor version is a version with some fix like security, bugs ...  It writes like V1.0X


    Generally, the minor version is a version with a little features fix. It can be built quickly and updated

    Version of application (APP)
    2 versions also
    Major version is an improvement of the application with major fix, new features. It writes like Vx.0
    Minor version is minor improvement with fix bugs and error It writes like V1.0X


    - The community is an organization works with herself. A roadmap decision is defined by the leader (ClicShoppingTM) and the team leader who is elected by the community after discussion with the community.

    - All the 2 years, the team can eventually change to impulse a new dynamic if some people want to enter in the group

    -  The leader or the community leaders fix a term of discussion and can take the decision to close the discussion, banish a member

    - The action of development is defined inside the team member co-build function of the work.
    - The people decide their implication about the development or community animation. When the people take a decision, it maintains a high degree of professionalism and follows the rules of the team leader about this development defined by the community
    - At the minimum,  two members must work together, one for the development, one for the testing.
    - When the development is finished, it is proposed to the community for general test (functionalities, user experience, integration respect (code, design)
    - if the development is accepted, it is inserted into the core or the app inside the community or official marketplace.
    - Eventually, the development team members can ask at the community the featured after looking other software and have the discussion about the integration of the new functionalities.


    Paid versus Free
    - When the team work together with community relation, the module must be always free and maintain by the community. Community is the mention displayed on the marketplace
    - A free version is a version proposed by a community member: the mention will be  Free
    - A paid version is a version developed by a professional developer: The mention will be  Paid


    Community versus professional version
    For commercial approach, an app can have 2 terminations: community version and professional version (must be called like that).
    The community version is a free version with some features and could be upload since the free marketplace (GitHub).
    The professional version is selling and the price is fixed by the developer (marketplace).


    Paid and professional version :

    - To maintain the community and to develop animation, a commission will be taken on all paid version management across the marketplace. All professional version must have at least 20 € to propose a module.
    - For the moment, we let the people contribute, but some approach business will be proposed in the near future.

    - The people must maintain their professional contributions else the contribution will be deleted or inserted in the community.

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