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    1. General Rules


    - The information exchanged on the forum must relate to a product or service ClicShopping provides. If you have a problem with a solution or service ClicShopping does not provide, please refer to the relevant support of the solution or service provider involved.

    - Commercial postings and advertisements are not allowed except for Partners (see section 5). If you wish to promote a commercial solution or service to the community please review our Partnership program.

    - Sending unsolicited messages to community members, either publicly or privately via PM or e-mail, is not allowed. Commercial enquiries/quotes can only be sent in reply to postings in the Commercial Support channel by replying to the topic or via PM/e-mail. Spamming and illegal activities will lead to the user account being banned without prior notification.

    - The primary function of the forum is for information exchange.

    - Additional guidelines may exist in a forum channel and are an extension to the main forum rules. These additional guidelines must be read and agreed to before posting in the channel.

    2. User Profiles

    - All information in a User Profile must be entered honestly and accurately (e.g., "Real Name" means your real name, not your company name or other information).

    - Usernames are used to uniquely identify ones self in the community through the use of a nickname and must not contain e-mail addresses or url addresses.

    - Profile avatars are used to further identify ones self in the community through the use of a personal image.

    - Profile signatures are automatically shown at the bottom of each post made. Links are not allowed except to pages within the ClicShopping Network of support sites (e.g., links to our documentation, add-ons, etc.).


    3. Posting


    - Postings should be made in the appropriate forum channel and should have a descriptive subject. Topics with subjects such as "HELP!!!" or "It doesn't work" will generally be ignored by community members who may otherwise be able to assist.

    - Cross-Posting, or posting the same content in multiple forum channels, is not allowed. If you have posted in the wrong forum channel by mistake, please send a request to a staff member to have it moved to the appropriate channel.

    - Bumping postings to the top of the forum channel listing is not allowed. When no one has replied to a posting you have made, it is recommended to reply in the same topic with additional information that may help in resolving the issue.

    - The forum is not a venue for the resolution of disputes between community members, companies or other people; any such postings will be removed. Due to legal reasons, the posting of quotes from private messages or e-mails is not allowed without the authors prior approval.

    - Postings can be edited for up to 15 minutes since the posting was made. Please forward any further changes to a staff member if you wish to have content edited after this time.

    - Postings can be rated by other community members. If a post has helped you, please give the post a positive rating.

    - Postings that have been modified by staff members are marked as being edited with the staff members name included. Questions regarding edits should be directed via PM or e-mail to the staff member involved. Please include a link to the relevant post when questioning an action performed.

    - If you have any issues with an action a staff member has applied to your account or to one of your postings, or that of somebody else, please contact the staff member involved directly via PM or e-mail to receive a clearer response as to why an action was performed. You may also contact another staff member if you wish to receive additional feedback regarding the issue at hand.


    4. Add-Ons

    - All extensions, add-ons, or Apps discussed in the forum must be available for download at our Apps Marketplace.


    5. Partner Forum Channels

    - Partners are allowed to publish commercial postings regarding their products and services to their assigned forum channel located in the News and Announcements forum category.

    - Partner forum channels will remain publicly available for the duration of their partnership.

    - Partners are not allowed to mass reply to other forum topics linking to postings they have published in their Partner channel, or to mass send PMs to forum members linking to their postings (see 1.3).

    A. Public Behaviour

     - Respect must be shown towards other community members and team members. Any behavior that is offensive, is not constructive, or is inappropriate will be removed with a possible ban on the accounts involved.

    - If you have experienced abusive behaviour please inform a staff member so appropriate action can be taken.

    B. Legal Disputes

    - Legal disputes brought against ClicShopping will involve the suspension of the accounts involved to protect the parties involved.

    - Legal disputes between users in the community may involve the suspension of the accounts involved to protect the parties involved as well as the community in whole.

    - Disputes that have been filed and documented with a legal entity can be forwarded in contacting  the adminstrator. Please note that ClicShopping is not in a position to mediate legal disputes between users but will act accordingly in the best interest of the community to protect its members.

    6. Disclaimer

    - Staff members reserve the right to modify or remove any content submitted with or without prior notification.

    - All submissions by community members (e.g., forum postings) are owned by the respective author. The author grants ClicShopping the permission to keep and duplicate the submission throughout the ClicShopping Network of support sites. More information can be found on the ClicShopping Copyright page.

    - The actual listing of team members can be seen on the forum and on the website.

    - The administrator of the forum is Loic Richard.


    7. Governance
    - Some additionals informations are availble on this page about the rules : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/governance/


    8. Trademark

    - Some additionals informations are availble on this page about the rules : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/

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