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  • Comparison ClicShopping LiteCart Magento OpenCart osCommerceV2 Prestashop
    How fast the platform runs.
    Lightning Fast Lightning Fast Turtle Slow Average Lightning Fast Average
    Server recommended Mutualised / dedicated Mutualised / dedicated dedicated Mutualised / dedicated Mutualised / dedicated dedicated
    Code object oriented object oriented object oriented object oriented procedural programming object oriented
    Database Tables
    Where information is stored.
    95 51 308 128 50 260
    Installation Very Easy Very Easy Need specific PHP library Easy Very Easy Need specific PHP library
    Use the composer command to install a new library or update
    Composer security module libraries check
    Make an alert is an external library has a vulnerability
    Preload technology
    Natively implemented : Only for php 7.4 and +
    Manifest and service worker
    Natively implemented


    How translations are created/stored.
    Inline code injections -> Database via files (txt files) Inline code injections -> Database CSV file Multiple files Multiple files Multiple files
    Charsets for foreign characters.
    UTF-8 Any Any UTF-8 UTF-8 UTF-8
    Reference codes by the International Standard Organisation.
    Secondary Primary Primary Secondary Secondary Secondary

    Full B2C

    X X X X X X

    Full B2B

    Allow to display information in function the group

    X Miss function Miss function Miss function   Miss function
    B2B / B2C
    Allow to customize the site in function easily
    X X X X   X
    European Law (GRPD) included inside the application X          
    Manage easily regulation for invoice in content information X          
    Weight Units
    Specify weight by different weight units.
    X X   X   X
    Length Units
    Specify dimensions by different length units.
    X X   X   X
    Quantity Units
    Custom quantity units /products
    X X X X   X
    Product Dimensions
    Support for product dimensions.
    X X X X   X

    Quantity units fixed

    Fix for all products / specific group or products

    X   X      
    Stock Options warning and alert
    Send an email if there is an alert
    Customers or products Groups
    Allow to specify a specific price and Qty  or display the product or not in function the group
    X X X X   X
    Fixed Prices per Currency
    Set separate prices per currency.
      X       X
    Separate Tax Rules
    Separate tax rules for customer types. E.g. companies within the European Union with given VATIN.
    X X        
    Display Prices Incl. Tax
    For countries required to display prices including tax.
    X         X
    Order Action Modules
    Automated actions for orders.
      X X     X
    Shipping Modules
    Module based calculation of shipping costs during checkout.
    X X X X X X
    Payment Modules
    Module based payment functionality during checkout.
    X X X X X X
    Cheapest Shipping Cost for Product
    Show the cheapest cost of shipping for a product.
    X X     X  
    Job Modules
    Scheduled bakground jobs for e.g. currency updating, error reporting, inconsistency checking, product synchronization etc.
      X     X X
    Multiple Payment Options
    One payment module can return multiple methods.
    Plug 'n Play Admin Apps
    Packaging of scripts that can be easily installed by plug 'n play.
    X X X X   X
    Search Engine Friendly URLs
    Automatically generated search engine friendly links
    X (requires apache mod_rewrite) (requires apache mod_rewrite) Manual   (requires apache mod_rewrite)
    Checkout Type
    Type of method for checkout.
    Multiple Pages One Step Checkout One Page Checkout (Multiple Steps) One Page Checkout (Multiple Steps) Multiple Pages One Step Checkout and Multiple pages
    Order Editor
    Create new or edit current orders in admin.
      X X X   X
    Search Engine Optimized
    Search Engine Optimized HTML code hierarchy.
    X X X X   X
    Import/Export Translations X         X
    Display an alternative translation if a translation is missing for the current language. X X       X
    Import/Export Customers
    Export customers for editing in external applications or transfer from/to other systems.
    export X       X
    Application Cache
    Storing of frequently used data for quicker loading.
    X X X X X X
    Object-Relational Mapping
    Objects for reading/creating/editing data e.g. products, categories etc.
    X X X X   X
    Guest Checkout
    Allow guests to checkout without an account.
    Optional X X X   X
    System Core
    Override the core or do not change anything
    X X X     X
    Easily swap between different design templates.
    X X X X   X
    Robot filter
    option option option option   option
    Automatic Image Thumbnails
    Thumbnails for faster loading of web optimized graphical components.
    X X X X   X
    Supplier Database
    A set of suppliers that can be linked to products and affect to a product
    X         X
    Delivery Status
    Separate delivery information per product.
      X X     X
    Specials / Favorites / Featured
    Display different pages
    X (specials) (specials) (specials) (specials) (specials)
    Custom content management Pages by Group
    Create and edit custom information pages through admin in function the group
    X   X      
    Filter Untranslated Translations
    Easily discover which translations remains untranslated for any selected language.
    X X        
    Fallback Translations
    Display an alternative translation if a translation is missing for the current language.
    (english) (english)   (english) Error Notices (english)
    Plug 'n Play System Components
    Implement new functionality in the system through uploading of new system components or install via the backoffice
    X X X X   X
    Multi template system
    Override the template easily and the css withtout to change the default template
    X X X X   X
    Products Multi template
    Allow to select another template inside listing, header, footer ...
    Multi store system   X X X   X

    IP check with auto lock (admin, contact, account ...)

    Spammer fight

    X       X  
    Error Reporting code X X     X  
    Doctype HTML version. HTM5
    / Bootstrap 5
    / Bootstrap 4
    / Bootstrap 3
    HTM5 / Bootstrap 4 HTM5
    / Bootstrap 4
    Schema.org Microdata X X X X X X
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    • Email is part of communication, below different examples how to set email inside ClicShopping   Example 1 : o2switch.net   User name : myemail@domain.com - Password : email password - Server : mail.test.domain.com - remove mail. and write only test.domain.com - SMTP Port: 26 - SMTP authentication : true - SMTP secured protocol : ssl - Emails activation : true     Example 2 : gmail.com   - User name : myemail@gmail.com - Password : Utilisez le mot de passe du compte de messagerie. - Server smtp : smtp.gmail.com - remove smtp. and write only gmail.com - SMTP Port: 25 ou 465 - SMTP authentication : true - SMTP secured protocol : ssl or Tls - Emails activation : true  
    • When Google or other search engines come to your site to read and store the content in its search index, it will look for a special file called robots.txt. This file is a set of instructions to tell search engines where they can look to crawl content and where they are not allowed to crawl content. We can use these rules to ensure that search engines don't waste their time looking at links that do not have valuable content and avoid links that produce faceted content.   Why is this important? Search engines need to look at and store as many pages that exist on the internet as possible. There are currently an estimated more 4.5 billion web pages active today. That's a lot of work for Google. It cannot look and store every single page, so it needs to decide what to keep and how long it will spend on your site indexing pages. This is called a crawl budget. How many pages a day Google will index depends on many factors, including how fresh the site is, how much content you have and how popular your site is. Some websites will have Google index as few as 30 links a day. We want every link to count and not waste Google's time.   What does the suggested Robots.txt file do? ClicShopping optimised rules exclude site areas with no unique content but instead redirect links to existing topics. Also excluded are areas such as the privacy policy, cookie policy, log in and register pages and so on. Submit buttons and filters are also excluded to prevent faceted pages. Finally, user profiles are excluded as these offer little valuable content for Google but contain around 150 redirect links. Given that Google has more seconds on your site, these links that exist elsewhere eat up your crawl budget quickly.   What is the suggested Robots.txt file? Here is the content of the suggested Robots.txt file. If your ClicSHoppingis inside a directory, you will need to apply it to the root of your site manually. So, for example, if your community was at /home/site/public_html/myDirectory/ - you would need to create this robots.txt file and add it to /home/site/public_html. It's simple just edit robot.txt and change inside the information   example of robot.txt Note : domain.ltd must be changed by your domain.   # Rules for ClicSopping (https://www.clicshopping.org) User-Agent: * # Block pages with no unique content Disallow: /Account/LogIn/ Disallow: /Account/CreatePro Disallow: /Account/Create Disallow: /Account/PasswordForgotten Disallow: /Search/AdvancedSearch/ Disallow: /Search/Q/ # Block faceted pages and 301 redirect pages Disallow: /*?page= Disallow: /*?sort= # Sitemap URL Sitemap: https://domain.tld/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapIndex  
    • The version 3.323 allows to use htaccess to rewrite the url.   To use this function you must activate in Shop/SEO urls this 2 options   1 - Use Search-Engine Safe Native URLs   this option rewrites the url like this : https://demo.clicshopping.org/index.php/Products/Description/logitech-trackman-marble-mouse/Id-12   and 2- Use Search-Engine Safe URLs Pro (with htaccess)   This option rewrites the url like this : https://demo.clicshopping.org/Products/Description/logitech-trackman-marble-mouse/Id-12     To use the last option, you must include inside your root an htaccess with this syntax. Of course, it can updated in function of your server. note : This option works only on the catalog without customer, if your are logged you will see the url above. It's optimized only for the search engine.   For apache 2.4 ################################## # url rewiting #improve url rewriting #work fine without directory https://mydomain.com/test/index.php #the rewriting must be activated inside the application # uncomment ################################## <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On DirectorySlash Off # # Remove WWW # RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.(.+)$ [NC] RewriteRule ^ https://%1%{REQUEST_URI} [R=302,L] # # Remove Trailing Slashes # RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} \s(.+?)//+[?\s] RewriteRule ^ %1 [R=302,L] # # Reroute to index.php # RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L] </IfModule>  
    • My last test : https://gtmetrix.com/reports/demo.clicshopping.org/VBVcVpBE/  
    • It's weird, My result under chrome : https://ibb.co/7G3F1DQ under edge : https://ibb.co/Ss4PFvv   As you see I have no problem with the demo, everything works fine   Just an idea, try to remove the code of pwabuilder-sw.js script (root of the site), maybe.      
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