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  • What is ClicShoppingTM ?


    ClicShoppingTM is a free e-commerce application that is designed, built wit some pratical experience in e-commerce. This is not commercial application. ClicShoppingTM operates based on donations and other contributions, marketplace proceeds and financial support from advertisers.

    ClicShoppingTM does not consum lot of ressource on the server, this is a lite solution, easy to install, to customize and to use.


    ClicShoppingTM  has a double license, GPL 2 and MIT. License details are  available on this website: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/


    Where can I download ClicShoppingTM :


    ClicShoppingTM can be download by clicking on this link  : Download ClicShopping

    You can also fork the solution and propose your collaboration to improve the code. We love the share the work and collaborate with some people want to promote the e-commerce development : Eveything is avalaible on Github
    Shop Owner and Programmer can work together to propose their contributions to the community. It can be included on github or inside the marketplace.  


    ClicShoppingTM architecture (A bit technical).

    Although, ClicShoppingTM architecture approach is innovative and unique in whole, ClicShoppingTM is based on MVC model that is used by many other applications.

    This makes ClicShoppingTM architecture easy to understand and follow.
    ClicShoppingTM utilize some GPL third party modules to provide familiar interfaces.
    ClicShoppingTM backend is coded in PHP and Maria-db, Postgresql and MySql database. Core code was designed with flexibility and expandability in mind, without lacking focus on security and performance.
    Frontend of ClicShoppingTM is mobile optimized and based on Bootstrap v4 and jQuery. In administration,


    Collaborate and Share

    The concept is based on the collaboration. The ecosystem can grow quickly and with your implication, it's possible to improve the solution an to propose always a nice application for the shop owner with some open source functionalities. Everything can be shared on Github platform and with a nice collaboration to improve the development


    What is the features of ClicShoppingTM


    Lot of features has available. The concept is : start your own e-commerce with your own need. Like WordPress, you can include some application inside ClicShopping if you have the needs. Simple and adapted in function your evolution. Our approach is to work on ClicShopping core and allow the people to customize their application like they want.


    Quickly, some non exhaustive features you can found:


    - B2B - B2C  full functionalities
    - WYSIWYG to create your products description, content with CKeditor4.x

    - Image Editor with ElFInder 2.x
    - Full SEO functionalities
    - Payment and Shipping modules included inside the applicationwith Paypal
    - Extension System to install new Applications
    - No limit to insert content
    - Some dynamic statistics
    - GDRP included and some regulation aspect
    - Some configuration capacities to adapt the setting in function your needs in B2B ou B2B
    - Ready for mobile, table and desktop with BootStrap 4.x technology
    - Several modes of payment / delivery
    - More 250 modules available and free functionnal !
    - Full responsive design for mobile application with Boostrap 4.x
    - Mutli template
    - multi currency
    - Multi language (english and french included)

    - ...






    Open-Source and Free
    ClicShopping means transparent. ClicShopping comes with free downloads and updates. Zero monthly fees
    Powerful Store Management
    Benefit from our built-in SEO. Easy manage products, customers, orders, taxes rules, coupon codes and more.
    Extensions and Themes
    The biggest e-commerce selections of modules and themes to expand your store functionality.
    Support You Can Trus
    We’ve got you covered. ClicShopping offers free community or dedicated commercial support.


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