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  3. Hello Ricardo, Please contact the softcaculous support if you need help or you can try with a manual install. Note : this forum is only in english. Please , write in other language could be difficult for some people to understand the problem or to resolve a problem. Thank you.
  4. No logro que funcione, cambié las claves y probé con otro correo, pero simplemente no funciona. Así no sirve. Acabo hoy de instalarlo y ya estoy decepcionado, solucionenlo.
  5. Hi, I am from Softaculous. We have asked Admin Email and Password as admin credential while install. You can Login through Admin Email and Password. If you still face issue you can open support ticket with us here : https://softaculous.deskuss.com/open.php We will be happy to help you.
  6. Thank-You Patrick that worked. I installed using SOFTACULOUS which makes admin the default username. After your reply, I remembered seeing an email when I went to the CLICSHOPPING demo. Pietro
  7. Hello, The login must be an email : I think that's why you have a problem. Try to reinstall it with an email or change inside you db : administrator
  8. Hello, I am receiving this error message when trying to log into then administrator panel of a fresh install of CLICSHOPPING Error: Invalid administrator login attempt. But credentials are correct I have tried to request new password but then that password doesn't work I have tried to remove and re-install and on a different domain Feel free to try http://www.noranet.ca/marketplace/ClicShoppingAdmin/login.php?action=process UN admin PWD TechOne00$$ Thanks for any help Pietro
  9. For me I use the test delay to do everything I want, after I will see. If you have a lot of product to change inside the shop, it s better to take a subscription. Also I think with the subscription, the pertinence, the delay ... will be more interesting that testing approach.
  10. I am looking a little ChatGpt Api but I think it's not free, just during 3 month. What is your approach with that ?
  11. Hello, Yes, you are right, set the Image size field and works perfectly. Thank you
  12. Yes chatGpt can be use full, I am trying to use that in this moment and it helps a lot.
  13. Looking the module, there is a field allow you to add a size. For example include 150, and all the image will be the same. I hope this point will be use full for you.
  14. Hello, I activate the module but my image are different size, Do you know if I can change that ?
  15. Thanks for this interesting information!
  16. In general, website development service always has different cost. It depends on how complex the technological product was developed and how much time was spent on its creation.
  17. In terms of SEO reporting, ChatGPT can generate RegEx to filter your Google Search Console Performance Report. And when it comes to keyword research, ChatGPT can generate relevant topics to target, classify a list of keywords based on their search intent, and even translate a list of keywords. For content optimization, ChatGPT can generate unique title tags and meta descriptions for your page content, rephrase your existing content to avoid duplication, and provide facts and stats to use as input to back your content. It can even generate a summary of your content! Overall, ChatGPT offers a new and innovative way to improve your SEO strategies. So why not give it a try today? But We don't have direct guidelines about chatgpt content, We can't use chatgpt generated content directly on your site. Here i found this chat gpt detector that helps you to find written content is ai or human.
  18. Agree can help a lot, but I think the human can have again some work to do.
  19. Hello, As now Chatgptis integrated inside ClicShopping, it will be more easy to create a good approach for that
  20. The lastest allow you use the IA with the different langyage but the manipulation is not ergonomic. The next release you will have the full multilanguage implemented.
  21. I just reinstalled the latest version. Indeed some point had been added. Just click on the button and you have the result. I also tested the multilingual, As @Maxime said, it's important to save and to change the language. Example for Seo.
  22. Thank you for this article, it's completely in relation with the current development for ClicShopping.
  23. Thank clear article. Let s what's happen with the artificial intelligence and e-commerce
  24. The latest solution allow to use the IA with the SEO. Honestly we can make more simple. Just a note for the multilingual, you must save your page, change the language to use for another. I hope this point could be solved in the future. It's just a critics but I like this new feature.
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