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  2. Actually there are not exact answer. It all depends on plenty factors. The most significant are complexity and what developer you hire. As for first it's enough simple: as more complex your app as more costly it is. But talking about developers there are different hourly rates and can be a lot of aspects. Here is a list of companies developing such solutions which are placed according to their hourly rates
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  4. Hello @Engy, Thank you, yes you have right. I do not read correctly the comment inside pop up.
  5. Hello, You must activate the first option SEO and after SEO Pro. It weird, but it's like that. Have a good day.
  6. Hello, I would knoy how to activate seo url pro, I click on true but it do not work. Thank you
  7. Not simple, some people can use a temporary email. In this case it's very difficult to fight against that.
  8. Hello Oups, I am little late, The json is not dynamic, if you change something inside just be carefull when you make an upgrade. In this case if you do not want to modify the json, you must create a new app. Have a good day
  9. Hello @rantanplan, Yes you can,it's not a problem For example if you want to create a hooks, you must modified the json files For moment it's better to do that that to create new app,
  10. Hello Is it possible to use an existing app to include something inside ? Do you recommend that ? Thank you
  11. Hello @ecityworkshalad, Thank you for the summary but how to make that correctly it 's not simple and take lot of time.
  12. +Choose keywords based on competition. +Build quality content from your chosen keywords. +Optimize on - page elements for the main website. +Build quality backlinks. +Continue creating content and waiting. *** link removed ***
  13. I found this article : https://blog.mailtrap.io/verify-email-address-without-sending/
  14. Yes, you can do that but it not resolve all. Some spam can have *****.gmail, *****.ru .... You must check the mail if it's exist and again, but with the temporary email it again more difficult. Use the antispam app can help you.
  15. You must activate this features via an htaccess and apache. Look this post. It can help you https://www.beyondjava.net/adding-brotli
  16. Hello, I read some information about that and it s seems etter that gzip, is t included inside ClicShopping ? Thank you.
  17. Look inside the Configuration / Email; you have some option, try to find the best for you.
  18. Hello @Catalina, Just an Idea, Enable DNS check option ?
  19. Hello @Namiko, You can report on ClicShopping github, issues section.
  20. Hi, how to check if the email of the new user is real ? Do you have some solution ?
  21. Hello, If I saw a bug where can I report this ?
  22. Not simple today to find a good name: As @eTrouper some companies buy automatically some domain; nothing is made to fight again that.
  23. Mara

    Stripe Payment

    In my case I prefer to wait a new ClicShopping Update.
  24. Rainer

    Stripe Payment

    Hello, Just a question, Stripe has lot of update, do you update your website everytime ?
  25. Agree with @Namiko, some people use wordpress but forget there is some securities problems and after customisation you do not know what's happen in the furtur. Nice for very little company but not not updated if you want to make something seriously. And Free is never free ! Do not forget that !
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