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  2. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR imposes new obligations and responsibilities on controllers and processors of data. As a merchant, you are generally the controller of your customers’ data. This means that you collect your customers’ data and choose how it is handled. Additionally, though it is a European regulation, the GDPR might apply to your business if you make goods and services available in Europe, even if you or your business are not located in Europe. ClicShopping believes strongly in protecting your customers’ personal data as well as your own, and understands that doing so is critical to help you preserve the trust and confidence of your customers. ClicShopping has designed its platform to allow merchants to operate anywhere in the world. GDPR-compliant features are built into ClicShopping 's platform, including features to enable you to offer your customers transparency into and control over their personal data, and technical measures to ensure that your customers’ personal data is protected as it crosses borders. ClicShopping believes in making it easy for you to use our platform in a manner that complies with privacy and data protection laws like the GDPR. While ClicShopping does what it can to set you up for success, there are also steps you will need to take on your own, and ultimately, compliance with the GDPR is the responsibility of each individual merchant. If you have legal questions specific to your obligations under the GDPR, consult with a local lawyer who is familiar with data protection laws. How does the GDPR affect ClicShopping ? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires ClicShopping to make the following changes inside the code Make sure that ClicShopping is able to honor the rights of European merchants and customers over their personal data, and that when using ClicShopping 's services, merchants are able to do the same. How does the GDPR affect you? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects any ClicShopping merchants who are based in Europe or who serve European customers. While ClicShopping is working hard to make sure that it complies, and allows its merchants to comply with the GDPR as of May 25, 2018, it is important to note that the GDPR will also require you to take action independently from the ClicShopping platform. The GDPR is a complicated regulation, and it will apply differently to different merchants. You should consult with a lawyer to figure out what you specifically need to do. For information about processing data requests, see Processing GDPR data requests. Processing GDPR data requests The GDPR expands on an individual's right to access and control their personal data.
  3. Email is part of communication, below different examples how to set email inside ClicShopping Example 1 : o2switch.net User name : myemail@domain.com - Password : email password - Server : mail.test.domain.com - remove mail. and write only test.domain.com - SMTP Port: 26 - SMTP authentication : true - SMTP secured protocol : ssl - Emails activation : true Example 2 : gmail.com - User name : myemail@gmail.com - Password : Utilisez le mot de passe du compte de messagerie. - Server smtp : smtp.gmail.com - remove smtp. and write only gmail.com - SMTP Port: 25 ou 465 - SMTP authentication : true - SMTP secured protocol : ssl or Tls - Emails activation : true
  4. When Google or other search engines come to your site to read and store the content in its search index, it will look for a special file called robots.txt. This file is a set of instructions to tell search engines where they can look to crawl content and where they are not allowed to crawl content. We can use these rules to ensure that search engines don't waste their time looking at links that do not have valuable content and avoid links that produce faceted content. Why is this important? Search engines need to look at and store as many pages that exist on the internet as possible. There are currently an estimated more 4.5 billion web pages active today. That's a lot of work for Google. It cannot look and store every single page, so it needs to decide what to keep and how long it will spend on your site indexing pages. This is called a crawl budget. How many pages a day Google will index depends on many factors, including how fresh the site is, how much content you have and how popular your site is. Some websites will have Google index as few as 30 links a day. We want every link to count and not waste Google's time. What does the suggested Robots.txt file do? ClicShopping optimised rules exclude site areas with no unique content but instead redirect links to existing topics. Also excluded are areas such as the privacy policy, cookie policy, log in and register pages and so on. Submit buttons and filters are also excluded to prevent faceted pages. Finally, user profiles are excluded as these offer little valuable content for Google but contain around 150 redirect links. Given that Google has more seconds on your site, these links that exist elsewhere eat up your crawl budget quickly. What is the suggested Robots.txt file? Here is the content of the suggested Robots.txt file. If your ClicSHoppingis inside a directory, you will need to apply it to the root of your site manually. So, for example, if your community was at /home/site/public_html/myDirectory/ - you would need to create this robots.txt file and add it to /home/site/public_html. It's simple just edit robot.txt and change inside the information example of robot.txt Note : domain.ltd must be changed by your domain. # Rules for ClicSopping (https://www.clicshopping.org) User-Agent: * # Block pages with no unique content Disallow: /Account/LogIn/ Disallow: /Account/CreatePro Disallow: /Account/Create Disallow: /Account/PasswordForgotten Disallow: /Search/AdvancedSearch/ Disallow: /Search/Q/ # Block faceted pages and 301 redirect pages Disallow: /*?page= Disallow: /*?sort= # Sitemap URL Sitemap: https://domain.tld/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapIndex
  5. The version 3.323 allows to use htaccess to rewrite the url. To use this function you must activate in Shop/SEO urls this 2 options 1 - Use Search-Engine Safe Native URLs this option rewrites the url like this : https://demo.clicshopping.org/index.php/Products/Description/logitech-trackman-marble-mouse/Id-12 and 2- Use Search-Engine Safe URLs Pro (with htaccess) This option rewrites the url like this : https://demo.clicshopping.org/Products/Description/logitech-trackman-marble-mouse/Id-12 To use the last option, you must include inside your root an htaccess with this syntax. Of course, it can updated in function of your server. note : This option works only on the catalog without customer, if your are logged you will see the url above. It's optimized only for the search engine. For apache 2.4 ################################## # url rewiting #improve url rewriting #work fine without directory https://mydomain.com/test/index.php #the rewriting must be activated inside the application # uncomment ################################## <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On DirectorySlash Off # # Remove WWW # RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.(.+)$ [NC] RewriteRule ^ https://%1%{REQUEST_URI} [R=302,L] # # Remove Trailing Slashes # RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} \s(.+?)//+[?\s] RewriteRule ^ %1 [R=302,L] # # Reroute to index.php # RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L] </IfModule>
  6. My last test : https://gtmetrix.com/reports/demo.clicshopping.org/VBVcVpBE/
  7. It's weird, My result under chrome : https://ibb.co/7G3F1DQ under edge : https://ibb.co/Ss4PFvv As you see I have no problem with the demo, everything works fine Just an idea, try to remove the code of pwabuilder-sw.js script (root of the site), maybe.
  8. I have the same problem with MS edge. Also it happens with the demo (https://demo.clicshopping.org/ClicShoppingAdmin835/) so it can't be server related I guess.
  9. I use Chrome and ClicShopping under windows, I do not have this problem. Your problem can be a plug in ? Do you tried without ?
  10. Just an idea, You can create inside your website root an index.html with a redirection to index.php. Just check index.html has the priority on index.php on your hoster.
  11. Hello, you have 2 possibilities, 1 - First inside ClicShopping accross Page manager, you can create or change introduction page, but you must add a specific file mywebsite/index.php and after to go to mywebsite/shop 2 - or you can add a specific page but you can change manually. mywebsite/index.html and after to go to mywebsite/shop if you want For that you must change includes/ClicShopping/Conf and ClicShopping/Sites/Admin and Shop conf.php the information inside and add your new directory. For 1 Look this file, this old release but I think it can work o need to be a little updated https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3/blob/354ac92cd83b31531d474d9ad6b8bac9efdb645b/index.php I hope that is what you look ?
  12. Hello, try to use firefox or another browser. It seems the problem come from chrome. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68924463/a-page-or-script-is-accessing-at-least-one-of-navigator-useragent-navigator-app
  13. Good evening, Is it possible to take a php element as the shopping cart or my account information to another page? I have a MAINPAGE(www.website.com/index.html) which is before the SHOP(website.com/shop/index.php) Is it possible to cross elements from the SHOP to the MAINPAGE? Do I need to convert the index.html to index.php? what is the easiest way to to that? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello, It's in ClicShopping/Sites/ClicShoppingAdmin/indexAdmin.php
  15. I did some research and it looks like it could be the white screen of dead. (or so they call it in WordPress). Heavy load of coding. Was that what you were refeeringto @Foster ? On which file can I find that function which you advise to update?
  16. Could it be something related to the following errors when I inspect: Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined at page_loader.js:13:5 (anonymous) @ page_loader.js:13 load (async) (anonymous) @ page_loader.js:11 or this: Audit usage of navigator.userAgent, navigator.appVersion, and navigator.platform A page or script is accessing at least one of navigator.userAgent, navigator.appVersion, and navigator.platform. Starting in Chrome 101, the amount of information available in the User Agent string will be reduced. To fix this issue, replace the usage of navigator.userAgent, navigator.appVersion, and navigator.platform with feature detection, progressive enhancement, or migrate to navigator.userAgentData. Note that for performance reasons, only the first access to one of the properties is shown. 1 source bubble_compiled.js:1 Learn more: User-Agent String Reduction
  17. I found the solution, I created my navbar in the page manager header menu.php. Instead I moved it to the multi template default.php and managed to move accordingly.
  18. Thanks for the time you took to answer. I am not looking for the shopping cart box. I would like to move the header shopping cart instead (the one on the header, with a dropdown and a cart icon). It is the code which I literally pasted on my previous post. I can't find that in any module, only there.
  19. The other solution is to install yourself ClicShopping via FTP.
  20. Hello, First, do not change anything inside the Default template directory. Create another directory, copy all css inside this directory Now you can just copy the file you want to change. For example Default header.php Mytemplate css header.php The header will be overrided Like that if you want to update the solution, it will be better for the maintenance and you can do all that you want inside this files. Sames approach for the module and files directory (respect the structure) About your question I do not understand what you want to do. Inside the admin you can select where you want to display a module. The module page manager is only created to display the content information. The best approach if want to do something is to create your own module and work inside. Look the bm_shopping_cart inside the the boxes directory, you will have all the information you must need.
  21. Dear community, I apologize for my lack of experience in.php. How do I move the cart from the multi_template_default to the header_page_manager. What I did was move the cart code from multi_template_default.php to header_page_manager.php but the page breaks down, I guess it isn't that simple. Any experienced user willing to give me some guidance on what else needs to be done? Thank you in advance. <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12 group"> <span class="col-md-10 float-end text-end headerMultiTemplateDefaultCartLink"> <?php if ($CLICSHOPPING_ShoppingCart->getCountContents() > 0) { ?> <ul> <li class="dropdown headerMultiTemplateDefaultShoppingCart"> <a class="dropdown-toggle headerMultiTemplateDefaultShoppingCart" data-bs-toggle="dropdown" href="#"><?php echo '<i class="bi bi-cart-fill headerMultiTemplateDefaultShoppingCart" aria-hidden="true"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;' . $shopping_cart ?></a> <ul class="dropdown-menu"> <li role="separator"></li> <?php $products = $CLICSHOPPING_ShoppingCart->get_products(); foreach ($products as $k => $v) { echo '<li class="headerMultiTemplateDefaultLi">&nbsp;&nbsp; <span class="float-start">' . $v['quantity'] . ' - ' . $v['name'] . '</span> <span class="float-end">' . $CLICSHOPPING_Currencies->displayPrice($v['final_price'], $CLICSHOPPING_Tax->getTaxRate($v['tax_class_id']), $v['quantity']) . '</span> </li> '; } ?> <li role="separator" class="h-divider"></li> <li class="headerMultiTemplateDefaultLi">&nbsp;&nbsp; <span class="float-start"><?php echo CLICSHOPPING::getDef('modules_header_multi_template_shopping_cart_total_content'); ?></span> <span class="float-end text-end"><?php echo $CLICSHOPPING_Currencies->format($CLICSHOPPING_ShoppingCart->show_total()); ?></span> </li> <li role="separator" class="h-divider"></li> <li class="headerMultiTemplateDefaultLi"> <span class="float-start headerMultiTemplateDefaultShoppingSmallCart"><i class="bi bi-cart-fill">&nbsp;&nbsp;</i><?php echo HTML::link(ClicShopping::link(null, 'Cart'), CLICSHOPPING::getDef('modules_header_multi_template_shopping_cart_view_cart')); ?></span> <span class="float-end headerMultiTemplateDefaultCheckout"><i class="bi bi-arrow-right-square-fill"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;<?php echo HTML::link(ClicShopping::link(null, 'Checkout&Shipping'), CLICSHOPPING::getDef('modules_header_multi_template_shopping_cart_checkout')); ?></span> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> <?php } else { echo '<ul> <li class="headerMultiTemplateDefaultShoppingCart"><i class="bi bi-cart-fill headerMultiTemplateDefaultShoppingCart" aria-hidden="true"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;' . CLICSHOPPING::getDef('modules_header_multi_template_shopping_cart_no_content') . '</li> </ul> '; } ?> </span> </div> </div>
  22. I have indeed install it directly with cpanel. The internet connection is fine. Could be indeed something related to the amount of code. I never had this issue, I find it strange that even the demo does the same, it must be something related to my internet provider.
  23. It's weird, Do you tried on your local computer, because I tested the lastest release and I have no problem. Do you use Cpanel ? If yes you can install via Cpanel ClicShopping, it's automatic. Note . All the script is called on CDN, If you have no connection with internet, you wil have a problem. I suppose it's to reduce the code by the developers, Also, you can try something, Find this function and put in comment these elements, One time I used another software with a lot code line on the same domain and I have been a problem /** * Calculate the size of a directory by iterating its contents * @Access public * @Return size if the directory */ Public Static function getDirSize(): string { /* $path = CLICSHOPPING::getConfig('dir_root', 'Shop'); $path = rtrim(str_replace('\\', '/', $path), '/'); $bytestotal = 0; $path = realpath($path); if ($path !== false && $path != '' && file_exists($path)) { foreach (new \RecursiveIteratorIterator(new \RecursiveDirectoryIterator($path, \FilesystemIterator::SKIP_DOTS)) as $object) { $bytestotal += $object->getSize(); } } */ $bytestotal = ''; return $bytestotal; }
  24. There is no error. No specific installation problems. Yesterday after continuously trying I managed to log in but today it is white again. I have the same problem with the official demo and on other devices. I suspect that it is something with my network, blocking something. Only happens with the admin page. When I inspect the page the elements are there. No one had this problem before?
  25. Hello @Lunalphic, Could you look the log please, /ClicShopping/Work/Log/error.txt Maybe you will have a message ? About the installation, do you have specific problem ? Can you look /ClicShopping/Sites/Admin/conf.php and if you see the informations Can you see your catalog ?
  26. Hi, after installing I can´t open the admin page. All white, doesn't ask me for username and password.
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