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  3. @Arcadia You have right, the problem come from the image size and dimension.
  4. Julie

    How to delete a sub categorie

    Hello, Product and categories are different, That's why you can maybe lost. Go to your categories, and select inside the dropdown. After you can delete the categories.
  5. Arcadia

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    Nice to know, I will try to create a new app following your tuto. I am newbie and not a programmer. It's usefull
  6. Hi @Julie, I have been the same problem with another shopping cart. I think your problem comes from the size of your image and it's maybe too big ou the size is too important. Try to reduce the image to 800*600 for example, and test it.
  7. Do you use the same image format or it's different ?
  8. Hello, I don't know what's happen, for moment, I have no problem to upload an image but today I tried several time to upload some image and it's does'nt work. Do you have any idea about that ?
  9. Hello, I installed with success ClicShopping and started to create categories and subcategories. My question is: I want to delete a subcategories. how to make that. Thank you
  10. Patrick

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    @ClicShopping Thank you, it will be nice to develop a new application more quickly, the tuto seems to be simple to use.
  11. Drack

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    @ClicShopping, Thank you for your help. It's a nice tuto for newbiz
  12. ClicShopping

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    @Drack @Patrick You can find like promise a tuto about the app creation. I make something for beginner https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/66-hw-to-create-a-new-apps-quickly/
  13. ClicShopping

    How to create a new Apps Quickly

    This tuto allow to make an app quickly without knowledge. Inside you will have important element to use and change to create a new app. you must after updated inside your need. - First download a App name New_Template on Github and follow these instructions (https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3/apps_catalog_new_template) - Copy the app New_Template inside your includes/Apps/Catalog directory - Rename the directory New_Template by MY_NEWS_APP (name of your new application) - Replace all these terms in my MY_NEWS_APP directory : Please respect the syntax lower and uppercase. it's very important. - NewTemplateAdmin by MyNewAPPAdmin - new_template by my_new_app - New_Template by My_New_APP - NEW_TEMPLATE by MY_NEWS_APP - NT BY MA ==> becarefull when you make that. - _nt_ by _ma_ Rename directories and files - New_Template.php by My_New_App.php - new_template.php by my_new_app.php - NT.php by MA.php - NT by MA - Inside this directory Sites\ClicShoppingAdmin\Pages\Home\Actions\Configure - edit Install.php - Update in consequence. - Update the language files Note These directories has been inserted to help you. If you don't need, you can remove. - Remove Classes directories if you don't have need. - Remove Hooks language and Products directory if you don't have need. Don"t forget to update your clicshopping.json If you need specific classes, create a specific directories ClicShoppingAdmin for the admin and Shop for the catalog. now you are ready, you can find some apps to help you to continue your development on Github : https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3 Now you ready to install you new app. https://www.mydomain.net/shop/ClicShoppingAdmin/index.php?A&MY_NEWS_APP
  14. Drack

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    Thank you @ClicShopping
  15. kanhsu

    ClicShopping Installation Process

    Thank you @ClicShopping It helps me to install the solution for a newbie like me, it's important. Note the photo are broken !
  16. ClicShopping

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    Thank you @Patrick, I will write a tuto about the Apps during the week. I think it's better for people does not have some knowledge and want to try to create an App.
  17. Patrick

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    Hello Drack Some information are available. You can look this. It will help you. Documentation : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/forum/8-documentation/
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  19. Drack

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    Hello, I would know if there is something to make on ClicShopping website to explain how to make an Apps ? Thank you
  20. Julie

    Include new Sitemap

    Ok, thank you @Manupichu
  21. Ok, thank you, I will look and if I have a problem, I will tell you.
  22. ClicShopping

    Create a modal without header a footer

    Hello @Patrick You have some example inside the administration, look this file : The most important is to use this syntax : Without nothing ClicShopping\Apps\Marketing\SEO\Sites\Shop\Pages\GoogleSitemap\Actions\GoogleSitemapSpecials.php protected $use_site_template = false; For modal ClicShopping\Apps\Catalog\Suppliers\Sites\ClicShoppingAdmin\Pages\Home\Action\SuppliersPopUp.php $this->page->setUseSiteTemplate(false); //don't display Header / Footer
  23. Hello, I am trying to create a modal boostrap inside the admin but every time I have the header and the footer. Do you know how to make without the header and the footer. Thank you
  24. Manupichu

    Include new Sitemap

    Hello @Julie I take time before to found how to change or to create a new sitemap. The sitemap is located in this directory : Apps/Marketing/SEO/Sites/Shop/Pages/GoogleSiteMap/Actions/ You will find how to make a new sitemap and you can include inside than you want. After you can call the page like this : https:://www.mydomain.com/shop/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapMyFile
  25. Hello, I would to include a new Sitemap, Someone can help me for the process ? Thank you
  26. Ok, I understand now, thank you.
  27. Hello @Tempo , Every module has this own css, identify the module and you will find inside the css directory the good css to change.
  28. Hello, I will know how to find the good css use by a module. Could explain how it work ?
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