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    his module allows you to connect your website with Matomo statisics. Matomo could be installed on your server or is also available On Cloud More information on : https://matomo.org/ Apps English and French Licence GPL 2 - MIT Important Note : You must have a link and an ID with Matomo Install : Copy the apps_report_geomarketing.json into ClicShopping/Work/Cache/Github (manual installation) Activate the module in Report https://monsite/myAdmin/index.php?A&Report\StatsGeomarketing See Marketplace for all informations link to marketplace : How to download : Github : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/module_header_tags_matomo.git Download Github : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/module_header_tags_matomo/archive/master.zip All informations about the ClicShopping Community : https://www.clicshopping.org Software : https://github.com/ClicShopping Official add on : https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3 Community add on : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community Trademark License info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/


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  4. The performance is better that 7.3x but you must have all your applications must work with php 7.4. You must be care full, after ClicShopping seems works fine with 7.4. Of course, you must download and update your application with the latest commit.
  5. Carole

    Rotative banner

    I agree with @Julie, depend what you want to do.
  6. Julie

    Rotative banner

    I tested the both; inside the header, the banner (if it's responsive) can take lot of space. If your website is for example in 1024, you can use the header. Now it's what the message you want to push ! Important because it's a big special on a product, it can be useful to do that.
  7. @ClicShopping, @Drack, Thank you for your works and informations. Nice to know there is not specific problem with 7.4.
  8. Ok, For me I prefer inside the content, like that your responsive banner will do not take some space inside your index page.
  9. hello, What is your recommendation about to include a rotative banner on the FrontPage. I hesitate between a banner in the header or a banner inside the content.
  10. @Foster Thank you because semrushbot is always on my website I will add thes element in my htaccess.
  11. Ok, I will continue my test, seems the external libraries works fine in the core version. I have no error at this moment.
  12. Hello, @Drack, thank you for this report, updated. The ClicShopping Core seems to work fine with php 7.4, just the external libraries must be updated eventually, for that we must wait the developer to make the work. If I see something, I will update the core. There, the elements can put eventually a problem after a quick search (I do not say, you will have an error, more test must be again done) : base on this information : https://www.php.net/manual/fr/migration74.deprecated.php Using array_key_exists() on objects (some external libraries) ¶ Magic quotes functions (ckeditor) ==> no impact
  13. Hello, I saw a problem about implode and language class, it creates deprecated error. I let the solution found. implode($get_params, '&'); by implode('&', $get_params);
  14. For moment, some badbots can very aggressive. There a solution to block this elements via your htaccess ################################## # Bot ################################## #Rules to block bad bods from accessing web pages on your site. #Remove or add more rules as per your needs. BrowserMatchNoCase "Baiduspider" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "SemrushBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "Yandex" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "BLEXBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "AhrefsBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "DotBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "Exabot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "SeznamBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "aiHitBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "spbot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "MJ12bot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "oBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "DeuSu" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "ia_archiver" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "MetaURI" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "FlipboardProxy" bots Order Allow,Deny Allow from ALL Deny from env=bots
  15. Hello, Yes you have an app allow you to manage the spam. But also inside the system, there is a protection again that. If somone try to meke some action on specific form, he is blocked.
  16. Do you know if there is something about the spam protection ?
  17. Earlier
  18. Hi @CoucheTard, Inside the Configuration (do not remeber exactly), I think you have an option where you can specify this information (look shipping)
  19. Hello Dartagnan, Welcome, it's inside the parameters of the module (listing), you can display different option and the customer can after choose the sort order price by price for example.
  20. Hello, I am new, just a question about the order. Could you tell me how it works ?
  21. Hello, Is it possible to display a general shipping delivery date estimation ? I can see that inside the product but I need to be general.
  22. Hello Alice, No sur, it's possible but you can select by country or zone code. You can see this element inside your shipping option.
  23. Hello, Applied free shipping to a post code. Is it possible ?
  24. Thank you for this clarification.
  25. The difference : Hooks can not be removed or put offline (except if you make something inside apps for example) Hooks can not have option than you can activate (except if you make something inside apps for example) Hooks can display or make action on your website --> bootstrap is inside a hooks, it better that to include inside a header tag. Header_tag Yyou can choose if you want to put in header or footer You can activate or deactivate You can install or not You can make some different option There is more flexibility than a hooks? --> google analytics is better to be included inside header tag Which use ? Depend what you want to do. If you want to include some options, header tags is better. In summary
  26. Hello, I installed the Spanish Language : Shop : correct Administration - Database configuration : english - Apps : English /French - Menu : Spanish - general Admin : spanish There is a little works to translate all the sentence in spanish language for APPS. But the most important is the catalog.
  27. Hello, Could you explain the big difference between the hook header / footer for example and the header tags ? Thank you.
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