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  2. Hello @Carole, The major point about boostrap is it's a major release, B4 and B5 are very different. Jquery is not used anymore for example. About ClicShopping, Bootstrap 5 icon is now including inside the application, fontAwesome has been removed. For some people are developed app with font awesome by default, must update that or use the old hook in the ClicShopping v2.x Also some jquery script has been removed but Jquery is always inside the application, I think this framework will disappear in the futur. In all case, a big work has been done, and congratulation
  3. Just a little question, What is the big difference between bootstrap 4 and 5. Congratulation to the team.
  4. Yes agree also, congratulation to @ClicShopping team, It's a major release, php 8 , bootstrap 5 Beta 2 version .... This is a big work has been done. I agree with Julie, take time to make your migration. In my experience, if you do not change anything inside the code and you create a specific template, it will not difficulties to include the update. The most important will be to remove and reinstall your module, Bootstrap 5 has not the same approcha that the version 4 nad update your database as recommended.
  5. Yes congratulation to the team. @Engy, in my experience is not so difficult to make a migration, you must just follow the instruction inside th sql_upgrade directory, you must have the instruction to do that. But I recommend you to use the compare tool, and compare your default template with your template to include the different update. I am not expert in dev, but I appreciate this tool and it helps me a lot.
  6. Hello, First congratulation @ClicShopping for this big work. Now, what is the impact compare V2.x and is it difficult to make a migrate ?
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  8. Hello, I just come back on the forum and I see this news, v3.00 is out. Seems to include boostrap 5 and only compatible with php 8.0. Again work for me to migrate my current version.
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  10. Hello @Grimoire, I has been the same problem. There the process inside th stock menu Stock Check true Count of stock true Do you want allow pre-order products if the authorization off stock purchases is True (under test) false Authorization purchase out of stock false Product activated : yes (status) I hope it can help you.
  11. Hello, Is it possible to help me to display the sold out information inside the catalog. Any idea. It will be a great help for me Than you.
  12. Yes there is a difference, PHP 8 bring lot of functionalities and improvement. The impact yill be also on the software.
  13. @thank for this message. I have not activate this module, but I agree to have a securty tracking is interesting
  14. Hello @drack, Do you see a difference with php 7.4 ?
  15. I tested the current development, it works nice, I suppose it will be ready when bootstrap 5 will be released.
  16. Yes it's better do not activate this module, but it can be very usefeull to know the library composer vulnerabilities.🤮
  17. Hello Wolf, This message say, :You must not install this module because the library is abandoned by sensiolab The connector creates an error inside your administration
  18. On the portail I see that : Do not use the Composer Security modules Dashboard - security-checker composer library is obsolete for v3.2x What the problem with this module ? Thank you
  19. Hello, I am looking something allowing to check the number of character inside a textarea without jquery. There are some solution, but I like the code below because he is very short. It's for some people want to do create a form as contact, feedback, reviews, comment ... It can be useful If the number of character is not reach, a pop up appear on the screen. <form action="mango.php" method="post" id="form12" onsubmit="var text = document.getElementById('checkField').value; if(text.length < 80) { alert('put more info!'); return false; } return true;">
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  20. Hello Hernesto, Exact, but I recommend you to create a new template and push the firles inside (do not forget to copy all the css inside the new template)
  21. Hello, If I understand well the code, we have, 2 files, on for the code, on for HTML inside the content directory
  22. Go to github and upload the module or apps. Look the menu above in the ClicShopping section, you will find the link
  23. Thank you, I started to understand little more, We will see what's happen
  24. Hello, Inside sources/template/modules/modules_header et modules_footer you will have the information For the header I recommend in first to copy and rename the file, Like that you can change inside the administration the template you to use. After you can modify everything. Another way is to create a new template name and copy the css and the modules inside. In this case you must to change the template name inside you administration. Let me know if you want more information.
  25. Hello @Patrick I want in the first time just modify the template and after create new header and footer
  26. Hello @Julie, Thank you, is possible to install an apps or modules in manual. I want to learn how his work.
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