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  1. Hello, you have 2 possibilities, 1 - First inside ClicShopping accross Page manager, you can create or change introduction page, but you must add a specific file mywebsite/index.php and after to go to mywebsite/shop 2 - or you can add a specific page but you can change manually. mywebsite/index.html and after to go to mywebsite/shop if you want For that you must change includes/ClicShopping/Conf and ClicShopping/Sites/Admin and Shop conf.php the information inside and add your new directory. For 1 Look this file, this old release but I think it can work o need to be a little updated https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3/blob/354ac92cd83b31531d474d9ad6b8bac9efdb645b/index.php I hope that is what you look ?
  2. Hello, the best is go step by step. Remove your log. make a step , explain in details and show us the log
  3. Hello @patrick Thank you, done and work nice. Note . If you want to know the librairies edit composer.json
  4. Hello, I tried to update my composer libraries but I have an error message because one is not updated for php8. But it works perflectly. Any little idea.
  5. Just follow the update.
  6. Not a lot, but you have a new simple vertical menu in the administration, you can activate or not. Integrate php 8 and bootstrap, it's a big work. That's enough.
  7. Yes agree also, congratulation to @ClicShopping team, It's a major release, php 8 , bootstrap 5 Beta 2 version .... This is a big work has been done. I agree with Julie, take time to make your migration. In my experience, if you do not change anything inside the code and you create a specific template, it will not difficulties to include the update. The most important will be to remove and reinstall your module, Bootstrap 5 has not the same approcha that the version 4 nad update your database as recommended.
  8. I tested the current development, it works nice, I suppose it will be ready when bootstrap 5 will be released.
  9. Yes it's better do not activate this module, but it can be very usefeull to know the library composer vulnerabilities.🤮
  10. Hello Hernesto, Exact, but I recommend you to create a new template and push the firles inside (do not forget to copy all the css inside the new template)
  11. Hello CrazyHorse, Why you do not buy this apps : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/32-apps-tools-export-data/ You can have what you want quickly without develoment. I tell you that because make something to export data take lot of time to develop.
  12. Hello ClicShopping Nice to shre the futur ClicShopping, the vertical is use for long time by some application. Let the horizontal menu can be a good idea. Some people can use the qpplication with their desktop et personnally, it's better to have an horizontal menu that a vertical menu.
  13. I installed the current development yesterday; works fine but on php 7.4, do not work 🤮 but work fine on php 8.0 with again some little minor error. Normal
  14. Hello, you can try this : Nom du serveur IMAP Outlook.office365.com Port IMAP : 993 Méthode de chiffrement IMAPTLS Nom du serveur POP Outlook.office365.com Port POP : 995 Méthode de chiffrement POP TLS Nom du serveur SMTP SMTP.office365.com Port SMTP : 587 Méthode de chiffrement SMTP STARTTLS or Hotmail SMTP Server: smtp-mail.outlook.com Hotmail SMTP Port: 587 Hotmail Security: STARTTLS Hotmail SMTP Username: Your complete Windows Live Hotmail email address (e.g. me@hotmail.com or me@live.com) Hotmail SMTP Password: Your Windows Live Hotmail password
  15. Hello @Tempo Some tutorials are started on internet about that. But in summay, you must remove php7.4 and after install php 8. It seems do not work together. Also phpMyadmin do not work very well; some errors appears but you can remove, add .... information. I uploaded yesterday the ClicShopping php8 quickly : - installation works very fine - application works also and I see a speed improvment. If you use the preoading. it's again better. First conclusion for my first quickly test.
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