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  1. Hi Mara, Look this : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/language_spanish
  2. Hello, No pb, all people here try to help you and happy to do that. But, I think you must more moderate and possible give explanation in details if you see a specific problem. ClicShopping is a young software and can make progress. I think @ClicShopping will appreciate feedback, bugs .. can be found and resolved eventually a proposition of solution. http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account&Login : Yes not SEO, but it's the basic mode before you activate the SEO after all is correct. (Account and Login are parameters of GET) ==> could you explain, give code because I do not follow you. Depending of the action it could be a get or post with sanitize on action
  3. @Mariana, Yes you can no reason, Just this example need 2 different images. In this case, you must adapt the product description inside your admin by a hook and after create a new module and template.
  4. Hello @ClicShopping, Nice. My hoster do not propose this at this time but, when this option will be available, I will make some test and report if I see something.
  5. B2B is made, just the marketplace B2B is not made. You can make a module, test, and propose on the marketplace. If you need help, some people can help you, I think.
  6. Hello @SuperThin, If you create an ajax, (like suppliers for example in products), you must include your file in /ClicShoppingAdmin/Ajax i tell you that, because I searched a little time to find the good approach. the apps are under .htacess, you can not call something like that inside apps, I think !
  7. Now all the serious hoster propose let encrypt, If you have this option, you can use without any problem.
  8. Hello @CoucheTard, Welcome on this forum. Just little advise to you. Look the tutorial, it will help you some nice video are present. Also, take time to read the forum, i am sur you will find a answer about a question or a problem. If not, some people here will be happy to help you.
  9. Oups ! Ok I see miss a inside the san. look in Shop/URls this function : getSkipAccents Now if you do want you must change something inside this function. The best is to override this function. Copy the files in Custom/Sites/Shop After, you can change this function like you wish.
  10. Not sur to understand : When I click on I have Sản phẩm từ nuôi ong https://nongsankhanhhoa.vn/index.php/Sn-phm-t-nuoi-ong/cPath-30 https://nongsankhanhhoa.vn/index.php/Sn-phm-t-nuoi-ong/cPath-30/language-en https://nongsankhanhhoa.vn/index.php/Sn-phm-t-nuoi-ong/cPath-30/language-vi The url are correct, no problem on that.
  11. Yes, perfect, nice development. Thank you to listen the community
  12. Just for information Look the files /includes/ClicShopping/Work/log/error...txt If you have file like that, you will see the error.
  13. @Foster, Agree, but after it can evolve and people can work around to make some other features.
  14. Hello, You can put language in 777 witht this sub-directories and try, Maybe your server do not accept to creae directly a directory. For me I test for the english and french, no problem. But I tried with another, yes, there is a problem. For moment, it's better to do that manually
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