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  1. Note to continue the discussion : To see what's happen, you can make a test like that. Go to ClicShopping/OM/Mail.php change protected $debug = 0; by protected $debug = 2; After this line : add exit; and to finish send an email and see the result.
  2. Hello @Carole, Look the documentation on the blog, it can help you and do not hesitate to put a question. About your question, Inside the configuration, you can choose B2B, B2C or both. We will help you.
  3. Hello @Joe, You can see inside Configuration / order total menu. This install via the administration is a concept and should be evolve in the future. The ergonomy is not perfect after the install process Let see what happen.
  4. Drack

    Send a newsletter

    Hello, On your right, you have a lovk, click, and you will have access at your newsletter and some options
  5. Do you look the blog, you have section about install et secure ClicShopping. I recommend you to look these informations. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/blog/3-clicshopping/
  6. Hello Janett, In configuration, you have the information about the B2B, And a setting to choose if you want to be in B2C. After in the Design menu, you can remove all the section about the login B2B.
  7. ClicShopping works without problem with php 7.x I recommend you to use this version and the php 7 is much faster that php 5.x.
  8. Oh ! I don't see it, yes it's interesting module.
  9. Thank you, it's great to have a nice reaction
  10. I agree it's better to create a new module if you don't like the options.
  11. You can install via the dahboard module, there a seo modules. It can help you inside this process.
  12. @Griffou you can choose the last and update your module and your decision in consequence !
  13. There is a new hooks allow you to make a summary on your product page. Look that, you can win some time https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/164-hooks-marketing-seo-analyse/
  14. I think, it's better to have not more than your screen width. For example, il you have 10, you will have some statistics on 2 row. It think it's better to focus on what is important for you. Inside the dashboard, you also have lot of statistics, it's not important to make the same inside the top dashboard.
  15. Apps tools export price comparator seems to be the best. Now it's not free. That I see inside the description, you can manage the product via a status and choose the product what you want to export or not.
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