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  1. Do you use the same image format or it's different ?
  2. Drack

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    @ClicShopping, Thank you for your help. It's a nice tuto for newbiz
  3. Drack

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    Thank you @ClicShopping
  4. Drack

    Where can find to develop an Apps

    Hello, I would know if there is something to make on ClicShopping website to explain how to make an Apps ? Thank you
  5. Drack

    GDPR Requirement : Update your ClicShopping Website

    Thank you for this topic, I think it can help some shop owner to create a good privacy rules
  6. Drack

    Problem with CSS

    Exact, it was the problem.
  7. Drack

    Problem with CSS

    Hello, I installed a module, eveything is correct, but when I am looking the shop, the css is not included. What's happen ?
  8. I donwloaded some weeks ago ClicShopping, I would know if it's easy to update the solution ?
  9. Hello, Do you know the name to include the horizontal menu inside the shop. This menu is displayed on the demo ? Thank you
  10. Drack

    VPS Linux or Windows

    For me it's better to be under linux.
  11. Drack

    Dedicated server, interesting ?

    Hello @Mathias If I understand well, you have difference e-commerce software. You have more and more visitors You see the reaction time to access at your page in more and more slow Time to think something with more adapted to your needs. but What is you skill for a dedicated server because if you take that, you must have the capacities to configure lot of thing inside. For example at ovh with the kimsufi, but some hoster, can propose you something all included inside dedicated server + cpanel or ispconfig for example. About your migration, I think there is a migrate tool can help you for that.
  12. A tool that I did not know http://www.positeo.com/check-duplicate-content/ allows to check which other sites displays similar content for a page. What is acceptable ?
  13. Drack

    Remove Products Quantity inside index page

    Hello Julie, Yes, you can, just remove or comment inside the template $input_quantity
  14. Drack

    Boxe or not boxe on the index Page

    I think the best is to have something does'nt lost the customer inside thousand informations. The most important the customer must be focus on what it want and the website must help the customer in this action. The customer must have the best experience. if the user experience is good, he will be interested to come back.

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