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  1. Hello @Tempo Look the menu Configuration SEO/Meta and Inside meta you can activate the JSON metadata for products description.
  2. Now, all the Linux server has MariaDB, except old server. With Windows server, I suppose it's MySQL. I tested with the same email, I have no problem with that but it's on MariaDB. Is it a problem ? Only the people using MySQL server can make a test, and we will see.
  3. Hello Anish, What do you want to say change : ClicShopping title If it's the title site you can do that across the administration in Configuration and in Marketing SEO. The footer, no.
    Nice template and simple to install.
  4. Drack

    Banner or Image

    Until now, I have not problem with the ad blocker for the banner. It works well.
  5. The best is to include inside the header. By you can use also the css, class wrapper or body, it must work, I think.
  6. The performance is better that 7.3x but you must have all your applications must work with php 7.4. You must be care full, after ClicShopping seems works fine with 7.4. Of course, you must download and update your application with the latest commit.
  7. Ok, I will continue my test, seems the external libraries works fine in the core version. I have no error at this moment.
  8. Hello, I saw a problem about implode and language class, it creates deprecated error. I let the solution found. implode($get_params, '&'); by implode('&', $get_params);
  9. Hello Dartagnan, Welcome, it's inside the parameters of the module (listing), you can display different option and the customer can after choose the sort order price by price for example.
  10. The best is to download the spanish language and to translate the line. After you can push on github or contact ClicShopping for more information about that.
  11. Hi Mara, Look this : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/language_spanish
  12. Hello, No pb, all people here try to help you and happy to do that. But, I think you must more moderate and possible give explanation in details if you see a specific problem. ClicShopping is a young software and can make progress. I think @ClicShopping will appreciate feedback, bugs .. can be found and resolved eventually a proposition of solution. http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account&Login : Yes not SEO, but it's the basic mode before you activate the SEO after all is correct. (Account and Login are parameters of GET) ==> could you explain, give code because I do not follow you. Depending of the action it could be a get or post with sanitize on action
  13. @Mariana, Yes you can no reason, Just this example need 2 different images. In this case, you must adapt the product description inside your admin by a hook and after create a new module and template.
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