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  1. This is a simple approach to set Paypal. But it's very to start and after to make some other set. That's cool a video like that.
  2. Drack

    Alibaba template

    Yes it's interesting to have the capacities to make a new design without to touch nothing.
  3. Hello @ClicShopping, Thank you for this work. I will test this pre realease and make comments if I see something.
  4. Yes, I appreciate, this initiative is welcome and allow all people to win some time. It's a great work
  5. Thank @Maxime, for this nice tutorial about the guest account. I saw some interesting option
  6. Hello @Eng I tested the latest commit, no problem, the db works fine. Could you tell us more information ? Are on on windows ? Which php version and do you use maria db or mysql ? Thank you.
  7. Yes exactly, I do no know where you are located. But if you want to sell in Europe, you must apply the GRPD, In California, there is also a similar regulation.
  8. One ofs good practice, at the top or fotter of each newsletter, to remind the recipient that they signed up to receive such emails, and to provide an easy "one click" way to unsubscribe. This reduces the chance that you'll be blacklisted as a spammer. Do not forget now the regulation is very important.
  9. @Maxime, Thank you for this vidéo, it interesting for some people does not know the solution
  10. Welcome @Reflex, @Julie propose you some options, ifor me the best is products attributes. If your product must have some options with different price, this is the best approach The other apps help you to have some informations inside the product description.
  11. If you do not know the solution, it's better to install the demo, you can look and learn how to make something inside. After when you are more quiet, you can start with the normal installation.
  12. I will test this sofware, But not sur it's the quality than the professional tools. I will see.
  13. This is a specific situation and need to recode some element inside the B2B / B2C in function the country, to include a geolocalisation an include the good taxe in function the geolocalisation. ClicShopping is not a multi site and it's impossible to use 2 domains on the same tool. In this case it's better to create 2 websites.
  14. If I can add to the conversation, if you go on Amazon, it can be cool, but do you have the quantity to propose your product? What I am saying, It's important to choose the good orientation, the good investment and test your market. In function of your result, you can adjust your goal.
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