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  1. And when i'm placing an order it is stuck at confirm the order with payment like it's not going anywhere.
  2. in admin panel i'm trying to activate the user but in members B2B i don't have any user..... on the other hand on home screen of admin it's showing me that there is one permission pending. can you tell me what's the issue
  3. it does show that user on my admin panel but for the one who's creating the profile it's an error and also when i try to authorize the user from admin panel even then it shows me the same error.
  4. when i create a profile on clicshopping it shows me error that deals.delta3t.com is currently unable to handle this request....... it's on professional account and customer account both. can you tell me how to resolve it???
  5. i have installed it and now i'm trying to explore and it's giving me error when i try to create any account. Kindly guide me on it.
  6. i'm using the latest 3 version of clicshopping and i'm trying to change the admin URL can anyone help me on it.
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