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  1. Julie

    Rotative banner

    I tested the both; inside the header, the banner (if it's responsive) can take lot of space. If your website is for example in 1024, you can use the header. Now it's what the message you want to push ! Important because it's a big special on a product, it can be useful to do that.
  2. @Foster, Yes you have right, I make a test and after, but I photo in 640 or 800 is enough. Inside ClicShopping, it's possible to change the parameters to resize the image.
  3. Hello Everyone, Do you know if there is a maximum size to download an image ? I tried with an image with a big resolution, and it does not want to resize. It blocks. Thank you.
  4. @ClicShopping, Nice to see you ! Thank you for your reaction and explanation.
  5. I check and I no problem with the link. Everything is correct.
  6. Hello, ClicShopping is a young solution, some improvment can again make, That's why some people can contribute, help, develop new module to increase the solution. That's the goal.
  7. Hello @SuperThin, Welcome. Some peope here are not have a big coders, as me, I try to help if I can. See you on the forum
  8. Hello @SuperThin, That I know you have : /ClicShopingAdmin/includes/languages /Shop/Sources/languages/ /includes/ClicSHopping/Apps/Catalog/MyApps/Languages I think you can find the elements inside the Apps. Look Catalog, Orders, Tools. If you do not find, the best is to make a search inside the files, take the terms, You will found the files.
  9. Julie

    Paypal or stripe

    For me better has nice interface, easy to understand and use. Paypal is more complicated.
  10. For google anlytics is enough and powerfull. It' possible to find somle template adapted for the e-commerce. With google search console, I think it's possible to make some action on the website.
  11. My knowledge with composer is not good. I installed the composer app and on my website I have a warning message : exec can not be use. In this case, could explain the process ? Thank you.
  12. Yes, nice article. It explains correctly what it must mak inside the product description.
  13. Hello, To use paypal, you must open a sandbox paypal developper. Inside you can create all the credential system. You have a document inside the apps.
  14. Note : You Work directoy must be in 777 (depend of the server) allowing to save cache.
  15. You can use some image with text and include a script banner rotative as a module. Look this : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/170-module-front-page-bootstrap-caroussel/
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