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  1. Hello, To use paypal, you must open a sandbox paypal developper. Inside you can create all the credential system. You have a document inside the apps.
  2. Note : You Work directoy must be in 777 (depend of the server) allowing to save cache.
  3. You can use some image with text and include a script banner rotative as a module. Look this : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/170-module-front-page-bootstrap-caroussel/
  4. What is your need precisely? Take the addresses in your back office and create shipping slips? Because you also speak of Ciel gestion co, so I have trouble understanding
  5. Agree ClicShopping has a nice potential.
  6. The best is to look On Papyal website if for your country the fees has been changed.
  7. I think we have forget something. There are 2 options : state and witthout state Dropdown is always use for the country. In this case I suppose @Engy talk about the state. Case 1 : The state is important for you : Dropdown or not ? Case 2 : State is not important : No need state For me, if you do not use the state dropdown, you have a field and the customer can write or not something inside. If it write and the system make an error, it will try another time, and if it's do not work, he will stop the process. More is simple, more is better.
  8. Hello Engy, Thre is not a package for that, it's included inside the solution. go to Configuration /B2B / Customers details.
  9. I found a nice article but it's in french about that : Take time to look . https://www.cbnews.fr/etudes/image-e-commerce-ces-defauts-que-consommateurs-ne-veulent-plus-voir-plateformes-45304
  10. You must look what is the best paltform is for you. Etsy maybe ? Marketplace like Cdisount, bestby ... ? It depends of your products.
  11. Nice article and it can help some customers how to make a claim.
  12. @Foster, thank you, this something I must do and nice how to make quickly a cron;
  13. I can add : make a partnership with some webssite in your domain. It's important for the visibility and reviews.
  14. No, if you follow the instruction, it's easy. You have a tutorial there :https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/384-training-to-include-a-new-template/ the other way is to install via extension menu in your admin.
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