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  1. Julie

    Shopping specific information

    To use something without code kowledge can be a solution.
  2. Julie

    New member

    Some website can use this appraoch like bestgear, if I remember. My question when you have not an introduction page, there is a redirection. Now, I don't know about seo if there is an impact or not. But to have this option when you want to promote one or several product can be interesting.
  3. Julie

    New member

    hello @Grimoire In the marketplace, you have 2 differents elements: - A Paid contribution (with a price) - A Free contribution About the free contribution, as I understand, you have will see the description and others informations. To download the contribtuion, at the end of the description, you will have Github information. in this case, click on Github Download link to have download the contribution. If you want to install automaticly the contribution, you have inside your admin an app. Just look what you want, and click on install.
  4. Julie

    New member

    Hello @Snoopy, I suppose yes, ClicShopping must work with this version, but if you can go on php 7, it will be better . look the paramters of your hosting
  5. Julie

    Add new element inside product new

    Yes thank you @ClicShopping, I suppose if we can do that, it will better for the maintenance of the website. Is it exact ?
  6. I think fogot something $product_tab_title = by $product_tab_title .=
  7. Julie

    Products new caroussel

    Ah ok, it's new, I don't see. I will look the code and try to make something. Thank you @Patrick
  8. Julie

    Products new caroussel

    Do you know if there is a contribution to make that ?
  9. Julie

    Add new element inside product new

    Hello @FrediKa, I think you have miss something when ou read the documentation : In this case, it's recommended to create a new template and to include your modification, but not inside the original template. I suppose this approach is made if there is an update about this template.
  10. Julie

    Request info on ClicShopping

    Hello, 1) Yes you can use in production. It have little update but until now I have no problem to update the solution, it's easy. 2) Yes, you have no configuration to make, just activate an option. It's included inside. 3) Yes, regulation approach is strong inside the solution. 4) No actually, just the franch and english. If you are interested to make something, please contact the ClicShopping Administrator. The solution is new on he market but a nice potential in my opinion.
  11. Julie

    How to start

    Do not hesitate to insert your question, some people will help you. We are all new user and after a couple hours to use, I like this tools, you can make lot of things, for moment it's very simple, another moment, you must to look inside the configuration. But it's always the same for all the tools when your start with it. Take time, patience.
  12. @Arcadia You have right, the problem come from the image size and dimension.
  13. Julie

    How to delete a sub categorie

    Hello, Product and categories are different, That's why you can maybe lost. Go to your categories, and select inside the dropdown. After you can delete the categories.
  14. Hello, I don't know what's happen, for moment, I have no problem to upload an image but today I tried several time to upload some image and it's does'nt work. Do you have any idea about that ?
  15. Julie

    Include new Sitemap

    Ok, thank you @Manupichu

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