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  1. Manupichu

    Include new Sitemap

    Hello @Julie I take time before to found how to change or to create a new sitemap. The sitemap is located in this directory : Apps/Marketing/SEO/Sites/Shop/Pages/GoogleSiteMap/Actions/ You will find how to make a new sitemap and you can include inside than you want. After you can call the page like this : https:://www.mydomain.com/shop/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapMyFile
  2. I using Paypal express but I am looking another system when I can reduce the fees, maybe Stripe. Not simple with all payment can be use and adapted.
  3. Manupichu

    Pertinent tool to analyze the seo

    Look this website, I seems it's a good website to have a nice report : https://www.dareboost.com/fr Some people explained than the website like gtmetrix does'nt take in consideration the time to display a page, it seems very important and the note than you have does'nt reflect the reality.
  4. Hello, I would know if I can use ClicShopping on php7.3 .
  5. Manupichu

    Boxe or not boxe on the index Page

    In my little experience in E-Commerce, I think when the customer arrives in shopping, create account and the checkout must be very simple without information. The customer must be focus on this order.
  6. Hello, It's my first post, I installed the demo to test and to learn how to use ClicShopping. About the language, how to change the syntax. I must change inside the .txt files or I can use another approach ? Thank you for your help.

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