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  1. Hello, Thank you share your development. It's interesting. For me the horitontal menu was good and works perfectly. I think I will need time to see if it's orientation is better or not.
  2. Hello, I discover a new tool. What they do, It can a specific page and allow to have some interesting informations. Also there is an API. That's cool because you can integrate inside your webpage. The API generate a json with some information. To test and see : https://alyze.info/
    Nice hooks. The information appear when an action is required. It"s interesting for the stock and information waiting for to approve. Easy to install.
  3. Look this : hooks_dashboard_top https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/162-hooks-dashboard-top/ Is it that you look ?
  4. @Foster, @ClicShopping, Thank you for your explanation and you quick response.
  5. Hello, I have a security alert on my dashboard : libraryies vulnerabilities : please update with this command in you Shop directory: php composer update Could you explain me what's happen.
  6. Hello, i do not exactly what you want to do, but look this page, it can help you. https://mdbootstrap.com/docs/jquery/css/hover-effects/
  7. Some european countries use 1 taxe, it's easy to implement, Just go in your configuration Localization / Taxes. There is an example with the France, you can make something similar.
  8. Ok, thank guys for your comments. Do you know some tools can help or publish directly on a social network ?
  9. Hello Which social media platform do you use to promote your product, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram? I want to try social media marketing but I am not sure which one is my best choice. I am going to sell stationery products. Thanks!
  10. To continue : Turkey, Portugal, Morocco are all good places to buy cotton based clothing from, but the essential ingredient is to work with a company/agent that fully understands your requirements and can deliver the end result. China, Vietnam, Thailand and new kid on the block, Myanmar are the best of the bunch in Asia. If the design is your focal point, just buy plain t shirts and use a local printer (Leicester is full of them) to print your work. Start small, grow organically.
  11. Go to Marketing Banner Manager, you will find that you want.
  12. Yes I agree with @McJordadino, it's important your target and to use the best tools can do that.
  13. I need some advise on how to make my webpage faster. What is the best configuration What is your recommendation?
  14. I would know if there is an app or a module allowing to send data inside google shopping ?
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