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  1. If I understand well, if it's a simple modification, you create a new template, if it's a more complex header, you create a new module. Exact ?
  2. Hello, Could you tell the process to create a new header template.
  3. @Fantomas, I updated on my test server directory, and all seems correct about email.
  4. @ClicShopping, Thank you for your work. It's appreciated
  5. Thank you tempo, Indeed and I found the solution
  6. Hello, I just create some product to look the seo. my question is about the metadata title, description, it's always the same word and it can create duplicate content. Do you know how to change that ? Because, inside the product section, we can see some files to fill. Thank you
  7. Thank you Patrick, I will look.
  8. Hello, It's my first post ! I have just installed the antispam, could you tell me the best configuration ?
  9. Thank you, I have not lot of knowledge withto implement a new website, your tutorial is usefull.
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