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  1. Just a question, As a newbie, it's difficult to make an upgrade ?
  2. Hello Crazy go to sources/Default/css/modules_header,/modules_header_menu_slimmenu.css you will find the css.
  3. @Drack, Thank you, it's usefull
  4. @Julie, Nice work, thank you for your explanation
  5. @ClicSopping, Thank you for your work, like the other, I will test the new version.
  6. @David, Hello, Just in case, do you activate the SEO header tag? It's inside Configuration / seo / header tag
  7. I like this tools : it read the page like a robot : http://www.browseo.net
  8. Yes I agree with this orientation, a website can have lot of information to make a good marketing approach. Now is how to build this approach. for this others pages If you look https://www.cdiscount.com or https:://www.aliexpress.com the approach are different. On the index, it's full product page, the other you have boxe included.
  9. Stripe could be a good solution, paypal express or paypal standard. Do you any idea to secure the customer with that ?
  10. Insteresting, with this approach it's possible to remove the boxe and to make some banners like specials .. good feature.
  11. Hi Julie, I found the solution, You go configuration / Customer B2C. You will see inside an option allow you to change this setting.
  12. Hello, I have some warning inside the application about the directories. What are the directories I must change ti be in write ?
  13. Hello, I would if there is a tool to use fto migrate my current oscommerce solution inside ClicShopping.
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