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  1. JKaz

    Shipping by zone

    On installation, there is only one shipping by defaut. It's by product. Does it exist a shipping by zone ?
  2. Hello, Webp is used on some server now and use by some browser. Some web application do not manage again this extension or transform a a jpg, png in webp. That's ClicShopping do if you activate it. Google recommend to use is extension, and you can see inside the lighthouse. You can activate and insert a new product. you will see your image in webp now.
  3. Hello, I am in Belgium, how to set the belgium tax inside ClicShopping ? Thank you
  4. Hello, There is no rules, it depends on products and periods. I can talk only for France. For me according to the periods Shopzilla and Shopalike had good results in addition to Leguide, for cons Cherchons I have never done anything remarkable. Twenga a lot of traffic but unprofitable smoothed over the year (between beautiful and catastrophic periods), you really have to follow. But above all, the most profitable and the biggest potential is ... Google Shopping, which takes more and more shares.
  5. What's the best experience use the dropdown or the normal configuration ?
  6. How to use inside ClicShopping. Just I sa this element, can I have more information about the integration inside ClicShopping
  7. Just a question, As a newbie, it's difficult to make an upgrade ?
  8. Hello Crazy go to sources/Default/css/modules_header,/modules_header_menu_slimmenu.css you will find the css.
  9. @Drack, Thank you, it's usefull
  10. @Julie, Nice work, thank you for your explanation
  11. @ClicSopping, Thank you for your work, like the other, I will test the new version.
  12. @David, Hello, Just in case, do you activate the SEO header tag? It's inside Configuration / seo / header tag
  13. Yes I agree with this orientation, a website can have lot of information to make a good marketing approach. Now is how to build this approach. for this others pages If you look https://www.cdiscount.com or https:://www.aliexpress.com the approach are different. On the index, it's full product page, the other you have boxe included.
  14. Stripe could be a good solution, paypal express or paypal standard. Do you any idea to secure the customer with that ?
  15. Insteresting, with this approach it's possible to remove the boxe and to make some banners like specials .. good feature.
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