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  1. Hello Alice, I think in first, your newsletter must be created in function the regulation. About the rate, the best it to create a test a/b . Like that, you see the best approach.
  2. @Julie Thank you for your example and explanation.
  3. No, it's not a menu. I think a dynamic could better because if I need to change something, it will be easier.
  4. Hello, I would have information in the footer. I had looked the different module inside the marketplace but I don't know what I want. Could you tell me how to make that?
  5. hello, I need to display some more informations inside the product description. how to do this ?
  6. Victorious

    Paypal fees

    Inside the script, you can do something I think. I read something like that somewhere. But it's completely illegal
  7. Hi, Just a question. The recaptcha version 2 seems at the end, which api version is used for this apps ?
  8. Hello, I installed with success ClicShopping and started to create categories and subcategories. My question is: I want to delete a subcategories. how to make that. Thank you
  9. https://www.cadeau-maestro.com/
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