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  1. @ClicShopping, @Drack, Thank you for your works and informations. Nice to know there is not specific problem with 7.4.
  2. Ok, For me I prefer inside the content, like that your responsive banner will do not take some space inside your index page.
  3. My hoster has let encrypt work perfectly for me. No need to have something come from the private sector.
  4. There are many possible strategies. One is to make every effort to limit dropouts. This includes: - The diversification of your delivery methods - Clear communication about your delivery policy - Simplification of the payment stage - Recovery of sales of your abandoned baskets
  5. At first, you should discover, which platforms your customers use most. And I will recommend you to sell on Instagram.If you want to get people who like your pictures buying your items, it’s worthwhile to add the Shop Now functionality to your posts. When customers click that button, they’re taken to the website to buy it. Instagram has various features like grouped photos to help you market your product better. Also, you can sell using Pinterest by investing in buyable pins and also making use of superior visual content to help market their products to a wider audience.
  6. Hello Alice, I think in first, your newsletter must be created in function the regulation. About the rate, the best it to create a test a/b . Like that, you see the best approach.
  7. @Julie Thank you for your example and explanation.
  8. No, it's not a menu. I think a dynamic could better because if I need to change something, it will be easier.
  9. Hello, I would have information in the footer. I had looked the different module inside the marketplace but I don't know what I want. Could you tell me how to make that?
  10. hello, I need to display some more informations inside the product description. how to do this ?
  11. Inside the script, you can do something I think. I read something like that somewhere. But it's completely illegal
  12. Hi, Just a question. The recaptcha version 2 seems at the end, which api version is used for this apps ?
  13. Hello, I installed with success ClicShopping and started to create categories and subcategories. My question is: I want to delete a subcategories. how to make that. Thank you
  14. https://www.cadeau-maestro.com/
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