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  1. I agree with @Julie, it's a little confuse; Maybe a tex info declaration will be welcome on the next release.
  2. Ok, thank you., Indeed, that's I want.
  3. Hello, I would know if the information inside the demo (Top of index admin) are inside ClicShopping. I am looking to have the same result but I do not see anything. How to have this information ?
  4. Hello, Is it possible to display a general shipping delivery date estimation ? I can see that inside the product but I need to be general.
  5. What's the best way if I want to create a new language ?
  6. Hello, I woulf know if it's possible to change the ClicShoppingAdmin directory. Thank you.
  7. Hello @Foster, I do not eat anybody ! Thank you for your explanation.
  8. Hello, I continue to try understand ClicShopping. Under the listing template, I saw a dropdown where you can select a specific template. Looking a little, I suppose, it's possible to take one, create a new name and change inside. Just a question, do they are some other possibilities ?
  9. Ok, Thank you, there so many setting, I am little lost !
  10. Hello, Is it possible to remove the 2 elements inside the different products listing like search, new, specials and let the people to click on the image ?
  11. Between let encrypt and professional certificate, what the best orientation ?
  12. @Drack, Thank you, I will take time to read and I am sure I will find an answer else I put a question
  13. Hello, I decided to create a website, it will be oriented around the wine. I do not like wordpress and looking something call be good for me with good features to start. ClicShopping seems to be correct for what I need.
  14. Ok thank you, I make the install by the admin. But I understand what you say @Engy Thank you for this advise
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