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  1. I agree with Foster, the trust is very important. My question is how to develop this approach.
  2. Ok, thank you. If I understand, the best is to have some payment alternative. I think 3. What do you think ?
  3. I am in Mexico, this rule must applied also for me ?
  4. Hello, I ill know if there is something on the apps marketplace to propose to include inside ClicShopping a Marketplace ? it's not my priority but good to know
  5. Just a question : Do they have a tuto to make a module ?
  6. @Ronaldo, Thank you, It's in my plan but now it's little too soon. I look the post and it give me interesting information to use.
  7. Of Course @Julie, My project is to sell at international some artisanal Mexican products. In my city, I have some people interesting to sell on internet but they have not skills to do that. I decided to develop a business to resolve this problem.
  8. The install process will not create a database. It is necessary for you to make that manually and create a database via the hoster administration. After you can continue the install process.
  9. It's my second post ! What is you experience and optimization to win time when your start with ClicShopping ? I am interested by your experiences.
  10. Hello, I am new on this forum, My goal is to create a mexican web shop to sell some artitst products. looking a solution in B2B / B2C allowing me to propose some different products for different customer. I have a little knowledge in programming and I use some different product like Shopify or Woo Commerce, but after tested, I decided to look something more close that I want about the functionalities and ergonomy
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