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  1. Hello, Thank you to share your idea. The backoffice look completly different. Just a question, do you implement on the version 2.x or it will be only on the v3 ?
  2. Hello, I do not see a sitemap module to include inside google console. Do you know if something exist ? Thank you
  3. Hello @Namiko, You can report on ClicShopping github, issues section.
  4. Hi, how to check if the email of the new user is real ? Do you have some solution ?
  5. Just a questionm how to update my current version. Do they have something special to fo ?
  6. Ah ok, I do not see ! Thank you.
  7. Hello, Do you know if there is a module create xml sitemap to include inside google console ? Thank you.
  8. Just a question, is complicate to make an upgrade ?
  9. Ok thank you for your help, I will implement and test your modifications
  10. Ok, But if there is nothing inside the box appear always. How to remove it ?
  11. Hello, When I am in B2B, I have the OUR SERVICES title box blank. Is it normal ?
  12. Is it someone can help to create a little module for that. Looking a little but I do ot know if it's better in header tag or in modules header ?
  13. Hello, Do you if there a module allowing to display the language and translate the site ?
  14. Hello, It's not long time I installed ClicShopping. I am not very good programmer. I installed little modules ? It's work again ? What is you recommendation ? Thank you.
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