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  1. Just a questionm how to update my current version. Do they have something special to fo ?
  2. Ah ok, I do not see ! Thank you.
  3. Hello, Do you know if there is a module create xml sitemap to include inside google console ? Thank you.
  4. Just a question, is complicate to make an upgrade ?
  5. Ok thank you for your help, I will implement and test your modifications
  6. Ok, But if there is nothing inside the box appear always. How to remove it ?
  7. Hello, When I am in B2B, I have the OUR SERVICES title box blank. Is it normal ?
  8. Is it someone can help to create a little module for that. Looking a little but I do ot know if it's better in header tag or in modules header ?
  9. Hello, Do you if there a module allowing to display the language and translate the site ?
  10. Hello, It's not long time I installed ClicShopping. I am not very good programmer. I installed little modules ? It's work again ? What is you recommendation ? Thank you.
  11. Understood, thank you for your explanation.
  12. Catalina

    Delete an order

    Ok, We have just to push the order on another status (cancel) or create another specific status for the test.
  13. Ok thank you, I will look
  14. Ok, I understand, but If I want to include a scrolling image, can I use the banner manager for that ?
  15. Catalina

    Delete an order

    Hello, I would know why I can not delete an order ? Maybe I do not see the process.
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