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  • The following Trademark Usage Policy will show you the proper use of ClicShopping® trademarks

    A. Purpose

    ClicShopping® is a trademark of Loic Richard (the owner),  is a leading in e-commerce software. He has adopted this Trademark Usage Policy to maintain the integrity of the ClicShopping trademarks.

    To protect our consumers, the owner works are to ensure that ClicShopping® trademarks identify ClicShopping® as the source of ClicShopping® high-quality products and services. For this reason, the owner prohibits the use of its trademarks in a manner that could confuse or mislead the public. Prohibited uses include the development, adoption, or registration of names, logos, trademarks, symbols, phrases, brands, domain names or other business, product, code or service identifier that could be confused with any of ClicShopping trademarks including the code source labelled with the terms CLICSHOPPING or ClicShopping®

    ClicShopping® trademarks may be used for journalistic purposes, to refer to ClicShopping or the owner products and services, or other non-commercial purposes as long as this Trademark Usage Policy is strictly followed. Any commercial use of the ClicShopping trademarks must be specifically granted by the owner through a written agreement.

    The owner may replace, update or modify our trademarks or this Trademark Usage Policy at any time. Please check our Web site frequently for changes.


    We appreciate your cooperation.

    B. General Principles

    The owner requests that you observe the following principles when using our trademarks:

    Maintain the Integrity of Our Trademarks. Any use of the ClicShopping® trademarks must not disparage ClicShopping® or its trademarks, products or services and code

    Clearly Identify Sponsorship or Endorsement. Use of the ClicShopping® trademarks must not mislead the public as to an organization's affiliation with ClicShopping® sponsorship or endorsement of a company and/or products or services.

    Apply the Trademark and Service Mark Symbols Correctly. Always use the registered trademark and service mark symbol "®" when referring to our registered trademarks (e.g. ClicShopping®). Use the unregistered trademark symbol "TM" when referring to our unregistered trademarks. You must use the proper symbol with each of our trademarks, and apply the symbols consistent with these Policy instructions, in every copy of communication, document, packaging or other material in which our mark appears, regardless of the medium.

    Connect our Trademarks with ClicShopping®, Inc. Always provide the following notice at least once within each copy of the communication, document, packaging or other material referencing any e-Imaginis mark:

    [Identify mark(s) used] [is a trademark/are trademarks] of the owner. For example: ClicShopping® is a trademark of  Loic Richard.

    Keep ClicShopping® Trademarks Clear, Separate and Distinct. The ClicShopping® trademarks must be used separately from other logos, trademarks or service trademarks, and may not be used as part of the name for any other organization or its products or services. No one, not even a licensed partner of the owner, may use a name for itself, its products or services that incorporates, or is confusingly similar to, any ClicShopping®mark. Another company's mark can be used in context with a ClicShopping® mark to indicate a relationship between the owner products and services and those of the other company (e.g.,Innov-Concept utilizes ClicShopping® software).

    C. Specific Guidelines

    The following general guidelines should assist you with basic questions regarding the use and appearance of the ClicShopping® trademarks. Please contact us directly for any specific questions or to set up a licensing agreement.

    1. ClicShoppings Trademarks and Logos
    ClicShopping® current registered ("®") and unregistered ("TM") trademarks and logos are listed as follows:


    2. Presentation of Trademarks
     ClicShopping® trademarks should be used in their exact form neither abbreviated nor combined with any other word or words.

    3. Trademark Symbols
    Use the "®" and "TM" Symbols as Applicable

    When referring to ClicShopping :
    Use this symbol:

    Registered trademarks ®
    Unregistered trademarks TM

    5. Apply the Trademark Symbols in the Correct Places 
    The appropriate trademark symbol must be used the first time a mark appears in a document, communication, or advertisement and in all prominent appearances of a mark.

    6. Apply the Trademark Symbols in the Correct Places 
    Text: The appropriate trademark symbol must be used the first time a mark appears and in all prominent appearances of a mark.

    Packaging and other uses: The appropriate trademark symbol must be used every time the trademark appears.

    7. Proper Use of Word Trademarks
    Separate Our Trademarks from Others' Trademarks: ClicShopping® trademarks must be used alone, without other logos, trademarks or service trademarks. They may not be combined with others' trademarks. However, other logos or trademarks can be used in connection with ClicShopping® trademarks when indicating a relationship between the owner, its products or services and another party or its products or services.

    8. Proper Use of Name
    Always use the full, proper trademarked brand names in all communications. For example:

    Incorrect Use 
    clicshopping, clickshopping,
    Correct Use
    or ClicShopping®
    ClicShopping software®

    9. Distinguish Our Brand Names from Our Corporate Name 

    A trademark is used to identify a brand. A trade name is a corporate name used to identify an organization or company. ClicSphopping® can be used as a trademark or a trade name. Use the appropriate trademark symbol when using "ClicSphopping®" as a trademark to identify the source of one of our products (e.g., "the ClicSphopping® software platform"). You do not need to use a trademark symbol when using "ClicSphopping®" to generally refer to the owner.

    10. Trademarks within ClicSphopping® Software 
    Our trademarks are present on a number of components within our end-user software programs. These trademarks may not be removed or altered.

    11. Third Party Trademarks
    Some of the owner products include technology used under license from third party licensors. You may not use any such third party trademarks without express permission from the owner.

    Do not use another company's trademark to show endorsement, approval or an association with that company without its written approval.

    D. Questions

    The owner tries to make its trademark policy as clear and comprehensive as possible. If you're considering the use of a ClicSphopping® trademark, and you're unsure whether that use would run afoul of ClicSphopping ®guidelines, feel free to contact us and ask. Please keep in mind ClicSphopping® receives lots and lots of similar questions, so please review all available documentation before contacting us


    Other Questions :


    - Can I change the terms ClicShopping® ?

    No you can't, you must respect the trademark  inside all files identified by this terms


    - Can I delete the ClicShoppingv terms inside the code ?

    No you can't, you must respect ClicShopping®, lower case or uppercase


    - If I make a paid contribution, can I include my own trademark ?

    Yes, you can add, the MIT license allow you that, you are the owner of your development inside the ClicShopping® environment


    - If I make an opensource contribution, what license can I include ?
    You have the choice. We recommend you to include  GPL2 and MIT. ClicShopping® use the 2 licenses.


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    • thank you for this short article, indeed there is some way to use IA in e-commerce, just we must be careful about the choice because the cost could at the end important
    • Hello, Thank you Nice tutorial, well explain and easy to follow for me.
    • Hello, I join you on the trick which consists in proposing the safeguard of the basket. If we do not have the means / time to do a development like that of your example, we can be clever by offering just a button SAVE MY BASKET. This button just leads to the account creation form, so it's really easy to do. To not overload the basket with buttons, you can display this button only if the visitor is not logged in.
    • I add that it is preferable to remove the header and the footer from the site from the first page of the basket to avoid internet users having the possibility of leaks. Once the user is in the basket, it must remain there !! The basket has a crucial role in the effectiveness of an e-commerce site.
    • Thank you for this great article. When I read, I have an idea : One of your biggest challenges in e-commerce is to offer the best price. Imagine if someone comes out of your basket to buy the same product elsewhere and at the same price? It seems logical that someone looking for a product and finding the same price elsewhere will buy from any site that is displayed on their screen. it's possible to resolve this situation  in creating a small badge indicating that you will pay the dif
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    • We have started the next version of ClicShopping and some minor release has been pushed.   What do we find inside this new version essentially ?   Php8.2 compatibility and optimized Studio editor to edit the template and the css Cronjob manager with some tasks included API allowing to connect ClicShopping with some other tools as crm, erp across json approach .... A new marketplace Librairies will updated Double authentification The new boostrap version   and some other surprises    
    • What is a cronjob ?   A cronjob is a service that allows a user to automatically execute a script at a specific time. For example, you can set a particular PHP script to be automatically executed everyday at midnight.   How to find the cronjob command ?   Go to your website admin / tools / Cronjob   To run all the cron just add in your Cpanel this line :   wget http://mywebsite.com/index.php?cronjob&runall --read-timeout=5400   Setup in cPanel :   Set up cron jobs through cPanel using this procedure: Log on to your cPanel Interface. Go to 'Advanced' section. Click on "Cron Jobs". Select the specific time from the lists provided. You should enter the command to run in the "Command" field. You should make sure to enter the proper command and the full path to the file.
    • You have a choice to activate for admin or for the login. That's a good point.
    • I agree with Darkows, some website start to use that. but personally, it's not activated noy Also, the functionalities is not implemented inside the core in some competitor, that's a good point for the solution and to increase the security. I think, I will test it.
    • Yes I see this new functionalities, The re is some against and for to use that.   The double implement is used by some website including Amazon. Also there so different approach to use it. I tested on Clicshopping and you must use your smartphone or a tool on your computer to read the qr code. The implementation is included inside the login and admin access. Not inside the contact, it could be.   Also it increase the security to access the data, that's good thing. After for the customer this is a new step again to do, not the best for a best navigation.  
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