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  1. The domain is not simple to find. Some companies buy lot of for nothing.It's beter if the domain is in relation with the activities. As a certification.
  2. Ok, it was this problem. But why the extension is renamed ? Do you know ?
  3. Hello, I do not know what's happen but my image is not uploaded. It's JPEG image.
    I installed this apps as recommended, It works very fine and potect all my forms. You have 2 choice, invisible antispam and numeric antispam. Of course you can use the both and select where you want to display your antispam. Nice apps.
  4. @ClicShopping Thank you for you work and maintain the solution. Thank you guy for your comment and advice for the upgrade
  5. Hi, Do you have an idea about the point to focus on the catalog ?
  6. Thank you @Carole, the link is very interesting. It will help me.
  7. Ok got it. Thank @Julie
  8. A big question that all e-merchants are trying to answer is: how can visitors to my site become my customers?
  9. Hell, Is possible to help how to configure paypal. I am little lost. I do not found on paypal the key and would know what is the best approach for the module configuration Thank you.
  10. Hello, Currently I develop an e-commerce where I sell tea / tisané / infusion. I would like to offer my items to food stores for resale. Not far from home there is a shop that sells fruits and vegetables and bulk products, this store interests me in particular. My concern is that I do not really know how to do it, I think that I should build a solid file with my products, etc. But I do not really know what to put in it. I would like some advice or other solutions to finalize this project. thank you in advance
  11. Thank for your ideas, indeed, the @Drack orientation seems the best.
  12. Hello, I want to include at left a text and right and image rotative to present some event. Do you an idea how to make that ?
  13. Ok, it's important to follow the same approach that the default directory. I tested one and I have been success. I started to understand. Thank you.
  14. Thank you @Drack for these explanations. indeed the readme is well done and I found a video on the tutorial space. Now, all the files seems to be not inside the template, If I need to modify one, could tell the process to follow. Thank you.
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