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  1. Very often customers are asked to come up with a unique and beautiful domain. When you start searching, all domains are already taken. And we need the best domain for our dream site. My employees always find a way out, they often buy a domain if the brand is already known , but it takes a lot of time. If you are interested here, I also learned new tricks https://www.seoquake.com/blog/domain-com-alternative/ What else would you recommend reading on this topic? Thanks!
  2. when I want to find out new and relevant information about SEO, I open MOZ, look there, they have a great blog, if you are a beginner you will surely find answers to your questions. and recently seoquake blog opened https://www.seoquake.com/blog/ , I read there the latest news
  3. I do mailings very often. you need to draw up a letter well and then everything works fine
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