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  1. Hello, I join you on the trick which consists in proposing the safeguard of the basket. If we do not have the means / time to do a development like that of your example, we can be clever by offering just a button SAVE MY BASKET. This button just leads to the account creation form, so it's really easy to do. To not overload the basket with buttons, you can display this button only if the visitor is not logged in.
  2. Hi, if you can do that, it will be a nice modules, but I suppose there is lot think to take in consideration, add sql, add info in products, order ... and also the catalog include some element in the customer account.
  3. My hoster make an update adn now my sendmail do not work. Do you have any idea ?
  4. No, you can not. I am sure on that.
  5. Hello @Mara, Welcome, it's new forum, the activity is again low but there some people can help you it project. it's interesting. ClicShopping is B2 and B2C and the capacities is very interesting take time to look and do not hesitate to post a question.
  6. Hi Eolia, You can manage this problem in your configuration, you have different choice, like to create department, sent in copy to several people. I think these options can help you to set your shop.
  7. hello, Do you have a tuto to configure the email with gmail ?
  8. is possible how you make your own custom development. For example, if I want not displays an information or display an information does not exist inside the configuration. Could you tell me your approach ?
  9. Ok, Thank you for all your recommendation. I will start step by step like described above.
  10. Hi guys, What is the best method to do SEO? I would many details to try to make something good if you can help me. Thank you.
  11. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am very happy to be a part of this forum
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