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  1. Hello Alice, No sur, it's possible but you can select by country or zone code. You can see this element inside your shipping option.
  2. hello, Depend what you make, the Relais allow the customer to take the products somewhere around their house. It will be my preference. now, the other can be good but you must bring the product a your post. For one is correct i you have not big sales, for several, you risk to loose time.
  3. Eolia

    Paypal or stripe

    Stripe for me, best price, best dashboard.
  4. Hello, From what I understand, the repricing does not necessarily lower your prices but a work on the repositioning of the product when you are on a markeplace What I would like to know is if you have experience feedback in terms of return on investment?
  5. I think there is a hook than you can install and make an optimization when you create the product. If I remember me, it's Image on the fly, the name you can find inside the marketplace.
  6. Hello @Carole, You have not to include a js code inside your description, use the gallery image to include video code for that.
  7. Just for information, the system take your page + default configuration. It's important to manage every page, in this case, the meta duplication will not exist
  8. An example can be cool, but you can find lot of on the web. Another format
  9. I think this rules are important after it's possible to work on the design page Know Who Your Target Audience is Focus on the Product Benefits Tell the Full Story Use Natural Language and Tone Use Power Words That Sell Make it Easy to Scan Optimize for Search Engines Use Good Product Images
  10. Hello everyone, I want to add my product catalog on Google Shopping. So I registered as a reseller, I set everything, I just have to add my file.txt containing my product information. Only there is no information on what to put in, fields, separators, order of information. Anyway someone here has already added his products or knows how to create his file?
  11. Do they something to know the version installed ?
  12. Eolia

    Alibaba template

    @Ingrid, yes exact, just download, follow instruction. I have been no problem to install it.
  13. Eolia

    Alibaba template

    Thank you I have downloaded the new template, and applied in my website, seems to work fine. Maybe I will some others questions later.
  14. Eolia

    Alibaba template

    I wanted to verify something on the demo and I see a new template called template_alibaba. Where can I download this new template ? Is it free ? Look nice and I like.
  15. Hello @Maxime, Thank you for this great video. I'm discover a new marketing approach ! Is possible it to include a text or video inside these banner ? Is it to put other banner in some other place inside the website ?
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