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  1. Find on markeplace, simple to install https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/183-apps-catalog-import-export/?tab=reviews&sort=newest#review-16
    Very nice apps and works perfectly
  2. Hello, Do you know some other update to do and make be careful ?
  3. Hello On the demo I saw a nice import / export module : https://www.clicshopping.com/ClicShoppingAdmin835/index.php?A&Catalog\ImportExport&ImportExport It allow to make some update from Amazon and I will use amazon in short time Do you have any experience with this app ?
  4. Hello Julie, It seems this app allow you to export the data inside a csv, but not to push directly inside another system.
  5. Hello, Do you knoy if someone has integrated a specific api to connect ClicShopping with other Platform as Amazon, ebay ... Thank you
  6. Look inside the Configuration / Email; you have some option, try to find the best for you.
  7. hello, First, thank you to administrator for the work @ClicShoppin to maintain the nice solution I saw a new payment module Stripe inside the core, what's happen yith Paypal ?
  8. Hello, Do you know the command o do that ? Thank you
  9. I like, nice image, the product description is clear and nice. It give me some ideas for my project. Else same critics that @Drack Thank you to share your work.
  10. Hello, Just a question, what you have as module inside your shopping cart. I read the article on the blog but I do not want to include lot of thing. Do you think what we can see on the demo is enough ? https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo/index.php/Cart
  11. Hello Alice, No sur, it's possible but you can select by country or zone code. You can see this element inside your shipping option.
  12. hello, Depend what you make, the Relais allow the customer to take the products somewhere around their house. It will be my preference. now, the other can be good but you must bring the product a your post. For one is correct i you have not big sales, for several, you risk to loose time.
  13. Stripe for me, best price, best dashboard.
  14. Hello, From what I understand, the repricing does not necessarily lower your prices but a work on the repositioning of the product when you are on a markeplace What I would like to know is if you have experience feedback in terms of return on investment?
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