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  1. Do they have a plugin allowing to change the name of Url ? I have looked at the marketplace, I don't see nothing ?
  2. euh, oups no, Thank you for the information. I will go now !
  3. Hello, Looking at the administration, it seems the B2B has a big impact. Like I want just selling B2C, I don't need all these informations inside my application. What is your recommendation?
  4. Is it important to change the Admin directory ? Do you have a tutorial or information to secure ClicShopping ?
  5. Nice question, because it's not simple to find how to change this information
  6. Not simple, I will take time and take more informations; Thank you.
  7. Hello, I have a time to look a little the market place and I see some module you can use like square, moneris, desjardins, authorizenet. I think, if you combine one of them with Paypal, it can be a good choice for your customer.
  8. Hello Do any of them have a physical store and an online store? If so, what did you take as cash software to bring the 2 together? I look left and right what exists and it is far from obvious to make a choice. Thank you
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