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  1. Do you have some idea to manage the size image.Is it better to use jpg, png ?
  2. I see how it is displayed in the header, but how to change the logo and set this ideal dimension?
  3. I make that, for me it's better after you can make a test A/B to see what is the best approach.
  4. Big thank to @ClicShopping for the work. @Patrick, could explain for a newbie what is composer and this advantage ?
  5. I think this module is important because you can add an image inside the shipping selection and it can help to transform the order into sell
  6. Hello @Ingrid, inside CkEditor, in the input field called class add img-fluid It must work. This code is important to make a responsive image.
  7. Could you explain you question, I don not understand.
  8. Hello, To make you special, you must go to marketing and specials menu or in option tab inside your product.
  9. Ok, Thank you for your comments Have a good day
  10. I started by the demo and I deleted everything. The demo helps to understand ClicShopping and I look something to find more quickly. It's my little experience
  11. Hello, I don't if it's the good foruml, but I would know what is your best approach to work when you implement a product. When you create a product, you insert a category. What is your approach, use the category system, or create directly a category when a product is inserted ?
  12. Do you have any idea about the budget to invest to generate traffic on the website and the best tool to use ?
  13. Do they have a plugin allowing to change the name of Url ? I have looked at the marketplace, I don't see nothing ?
  14. euh, oups no, Thank you for the information. I will go now !
  15. Hello, Looking at the administration, it seems the B2B has a big impact. Like I want just selling B2C, I don't need all these informations inside my application. What is your recommendation?
  16. Is it important to change the Admin directory ? Do you have a tutorial or information to secure ClicShopping ?
  17. Nice question, because it's not simple to find how to change this information
  18. Not simple, I will take time and take more informations; Thank you.
  19. Hello, I have a time to look a little the market place and I see some module you can use like square, moneris, desjardins, authorizenet. I think, if you combine one of them with Paypal, it can be a good choice for your customer.
  20. Hello Do any of them have a physical store and an online store? If so, what did you take as cash software to bring the 2 together? I look left and right what exists and it is far from obvious to make a choice. Thank you
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