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  1. Rainer

    Stripe Payment

    Hello, Just a question, Stripe has lot of update, do you update your website everytime ?
  2. Agree with @Namiko, some people use wordpress but forget there is some securities problems and after customisation you do not know what's happen in the furtur. Nice for very little company but not not updated if you want to make something seriously. And Free is never free ! Do not forget that !
  3. Hello Carla, In my expreriences, I made a test every month on my test site and if it's ok, I push on my production website. Is there is something important happen, you will have a notification inside your admin. It's not, It could be ok and wait ClicShopping update
    Module very important. There are 2 options, hidden antispam and numeric antispam. I think iit can be again more developed allowing to separate the general configuration for the both to make a specific configuration in function the antispam used.
  4. Cool website, It seems some remarks has been applied ?
  5. Hello Namiko, I think you have some possibilities : general, Group, or product. Look the general configuration B2B or B2C, do not rember and try to test. Is it minimum or maximum ?
  6. @ClicShopping, Thank you for your work. I make in the past some upgrade, The first it was not simple, but at the end, no problem if you follow the best pratices. Just you must do be careful about the template. If you use the default template, take a tool like Beyong Compare and look the files. if you have your own template, just push the files and update your template I think this is the first part you must do. Newbie to a newbie !
  7. Hello, Yes you have an app allow you to manage the spam. But also inside the system, there is a protection again that. If somone try to meke some action on specific form, he is blocked.
  8. Hello, Could you explain little more what you want to do ? Clic on Apps Shipping, intall one and you will see the new module inside the apps. The sort order is to select a hipping sort order on catalog
  9. I looking a little information : Most common advice is : Optimize your title tags and use unique meta descriptions Use descriptive headers for clarity Link to internal pages to create a good internal linking structure Use image alt attributes Never copy product descriptions from other sites Use rich snippets
  10. It's a good idea to include a sheet, like that it's possible to compare the different solution. Without that, I am happy with this solution.
  11. Agree this module can improve tyhe security and help for the maintenance. Nice idea
  12. The fees Paypal has changed In the UK, for example, they used to offer a small percentage discount if sales were above certain levels, plus a 20p transaction cost. The transaction fee charge has increased from 20p to 30p per transaction.
  13. I agree with @Alice, I focus my services on that when you have a small site and not on the top of the web, I think the customer will come back because he had a nice relation.
  14. @Foster Thank you for your help, exactly what I want and great tutorial,
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