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  1. The fees Paypal has changed In the UK, for example, they used to offer a small percentage discount if sales were above certain levels, plus a 20p transaction cost. The transaction fee charge has increased from 20p to 30p per transaction.
  2. I agree with @Alice, I focus my services on that when you have a small site and not on the top of the web, I think the customer will come back because he had a nice relation.
  3. @Foster Thank you for your help, exactly what I want and great tutorial,
  4. Hello, need a little help, How to make a cron job o my server with an sh extension and a contab. I look a little on the web, but if someone has a solution, it will be great. Thank you.
  5. Hello Guys ! Just a question, The carousel is better in top or inside the content. With the screen definition the carousel on the top can take lot of space. Inside the body it will be maintained. Thank you
  6. Rainer

    Theme Switcher

    The module is avalaible here : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/85-modules-header-select-template/
  7. Ok, I will take time, I think a gate with mailchimp can be correct.
  8. By regulation, you want to say the famous European Regulation ?
  9. Hello everyone, There are 2 options, one by the email, and one by newsletter. I change some element inside the email customization but I try to find the best pratices.
  10. Thank you @Maxime, for this tutorial. It's appreciated.
  11. Hello, Do you any idea about to create a better email marketing. Share your experience can be a good idea I think.
  12. ok, understood, I will contact my hoster and see if there is a solution.
  13. Thank you for all the information; I will test.
  14. Hello, I am also with another hoster but he is again 5.6. Before to install ClicShopping, I will know if it's compatible with 5.6 php ?
  15. Hello, I installed the dashboard map and I will know if it's possible to include other orders status inside the sql request?
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