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  1. I think it's important to have a website in relation with the law and to promote this aspect inside a good communication. It's complicated to sell when your are a little shop owner, in my opinion I think it can be a good strategy.
  2. @Julie If I understand the document, the reviews is very important to help the customer to make a deal. But about the price, I think it's very important, I saw some site with a poor / medium design but with very good price, and seems to seel lot of. I am not sure as it writes inside the article the design quality is very important for the consumers.
  3. According to you, what would be the main causes that the customer would not order?
  4. Hello Ingrid First look your mata data to see if all the header tags title, description ... are installed After you can fill the element in Marketing SEO And inside your products or page manager for example.
  5. Inside the solution you can display if the product is without taxes or with taxes. it can help you. The best is to have something uniform
  6. hello, Inside ClicShopping, you can display after the price if it's with or without taxes. Also, you can display a clear message about your customer. In all case, it's not perfect because the regulation is different. Maybe to make 2 website is a better approach.
  7. Some hoster start to propose php7 now. If your hoster stay at php 5.6 or do not propose other alternatives. it's better to change. I am not surClicShopping works with php 5.6. The best is to try.
  8. If I can add an info, the options are limited inside the modules and you can make all that you want. In this case, you must use the css.
  9. Follow to the news, I am happy to manage my categories, Thank you for this update.
  10. Grimoire

    Hooks GRPD

    Thank for your idea and advice.
  11. Grimoire

    Hooks GRPD

    Hello, Could you help me to create a new GRPD hooks, It's in relation with this post https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/98-adverttisement-sms/?tab=comments#comment-308 If I understand well I must create 2 files, One to display called AccountGdprSms and one AccountGdprDeleteSms. After I must create a new field inside customers_gdpr called no_sms Is like this AccountGdprSms namespace ClicShopping\OM\Module\Hooks\Shop\Account; use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; use ClicShopping\OM\Registry; use ClicShopping\OM\HTML; class AccountGdprNoIp { protected $sms; public function getSms() { $CLICSHOPPING_Db = Registry::get('Db'); $CLICSHOPPING_Customer = Registry::get('Customer'); $Qgdpr = $CLICSHOPPING_Db->prepare('select no_sms from :table_customers_gdpr where customers_id = :customers_id '); $Qgdpr->bindInt(':customers_id', $CLICSHOPPING_Customer->getID()); $Qgdpr->execute(); $sms = $Qgdpr->valueInt('no_sms'); return $sms; } public function display() { $output = '<div>'; $output .= '<label class="checkbox-inline">'; $output .= HTML::checkboxField('no_sms', $this->getSms(), $this->getSms()); $output .= '</label>'; $output .= CLICSHOPPING::getDef('module_account_customers_gdpr_no_sms'); $output .= '</div>'; return $output; } } and for AccountGdprDeleteSms <?php /** * * @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org * @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved * @Licence GPL 2 & MIT * @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4 * @Info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/ * */ namespace ClicShopping\OM\Module\Hooks\Shop\Account; use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; use ClicShopping\OM\Registry; use ClicShopping\OM\HTML; class AccountGdprCallNoSms { public function execute() { $CLICSHOPPING_Db = Registry::get('Db'); $CLICSHOPPING_Customer = Registry::get('Customer'); $Qcheck = $CLICSHOPPING_Db->prepare('select customers_id, no_sms from :table_customers_gdpr where customers_id = :customers_id '); $Qcheck->bindInt(':customers_id', $CLICSHOPPING_Customer->getID()); $Qcheck->execute(); if ($Qcheck->fetch() === false) { $CLICSHOPPING_Db->save('customers_gdpr', ['customers_id' => $CLICSHOPPING_Customer->getID()]); } else { if (!is_null($_POST['no_sms'])) { $no_sms = 1; } else { $no_sms = 0; } $Qupdate = $CLICSHOPPING_Db->prepare('update :table_customers_gdpr set no_sms = :no_sms, customers_id = :customers_id '); $Qupdate->bindInt(':customers_id', $CLICSHOPPING_Customer->getID()); $Qupdate->bindInt(':no_sms', no_sms); $Qupdate->execute(); } } }
  12. Thank you. How to make a grdp hooks ?
  13. hello, A company contact me to make some advertisement. Should I be careful?
  14. I suppose inside configuration / Seo to turn on the option also ?
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