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  1. Hello, Is it possible to help me to display the sold out information inside the catalog. Any idea. It will be a great help for me Than you.
    This modules could be better, the configuration is little bit limited and there no synchronization with the free shipping. The idea is good but the module must have more options developed.
  2. Where can I insert this code ?
  3. Hi Catalina, Welcome, You seems to have a nice project. Some people will be happy to help you to use ClicShopping. Just read the documentations, it will help you to set well ClicShopping.
  4. Hello @Carole, Thanks for this information, let time to make more things for the shopowner.
  5. Hello, I need to integrate a french shipping, I hesitate between Colissimo apps or Colissimo Relais apps. One is free another is paid. Do you have an experience ?
  6. Subject interesting, I think this question is for all shop owner, find the good solution to convert a visitor in customer. Develop a brand is important an Facebook / Instagram can help in my opinion.
  7. To complete the topic, I found a document interesting about seo and robot.txt https://ahrefs.com/blog/robots-txt/#example-robots-txt
  8. I think it's important to have a website in relation with the law and to promote this aspect inside a good communication. It's complicated to sell when your are a little shop owner, in my opinion I think it can be a good strategy.
  9. @Julie If I understand the document, the reviews is very important to help the customer to make a deal. But about the price, I think it's very important, I saw some site with a poor / medium design but with very good price, and seems to seel lot of. I am not sure as it writes inside the article the design quality is very important for the consumers.
  10. According to you, what would be the main causes that the customer would not order?
  11. Hello Ingrid First look your mata data to see if all the header tags title, description ... are installed After you can fill the element in Marketing SEO And inside your products or page manager for example.
  12. Inside the solution you can display if the product is without taxes or with taxes. it can help you. The best is to have something uniform
  13. hello, Inside ClicShopping, you can display after the price if it's with or without taxes. Also, you can display a clear message about your customer. In all case, it's not perfect because the regulation is different. Maybe to make 2 website is a better approach.
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