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  1. - Promotion of an entire catalog products via a feed => the user will see the name of your product, the price, a photo and a short description. - CPC is cheaper than a search campaign - Ability to use your Shopping Flows in a Display campaign And for the weak points, I would say that it can be a little complicated to generate a flow without any technical competence.
  2. Thank you for the links and recommendation.
  3. Hello I have an e.commerce project.. I have already established the plan bizness. I aim, I do not know myself in computer science nor in online commerce. Apart from that I have already been a company manager.Note : I am in France. Waiting Thank you
  4. Thank you for your answer @Patrick. For taxes, you mean that if the end customer is an individual, say in the US, he would not have to pay US local tax on the product? (So that's what I need to check?) For the customs, we send ourselves and go through the post office, so is it also question of package? Knowing that no shipment will exceed € 50 in value, do you think we will be duty-free in just about every country (European Union, North America)?
  5. Hello, I launch an activity in which I sell cultural products to customers (individuals) French but also all over the world. I started to learn but I confess I'm not very clear: - As for VAT, being autoentrepreneur I do not invoice. But what about local taxes abroad? How can this be taken into account to prevent the final customer who receives the package from paying them? - Same for customs fees. I read that there were franchises depending on the country: is this really the case? For example for the USA, I thought I read that there was a franchise around $ 300, that means that if the package sent has a lower value, the end customer will not have any customs fees? Is there a site that shows the franchise thresholds for different countries? note : it's a french company Thank you !
  6. If the customer has a code to enter to finalize his purchase, in fact it is the strong authentication. With frictionless authentication, the customer does not have to do anything because the exchange of data is only between the payment solution and its bank. The transaction is secure without the need to enter a code!
  7. Until now 3-D Secure was not mandatory, but it is advisable to use it to reduce the amount of unpaid due to fraud. From September, the DSP2 makes this additional authentication mandatory for amounts over € 30. However, as explained in the article, two authentication modes will be possible: - Strong authentication: the buyer will have to identify himself via a code, a fingerprint ... - Frictionless authentication: authentication will be transparent to the buyer. Your payment solution will need to exchange data with your customer's bank to ensure the security of the transaction. Today, only an intelligent 3-D Secure system can carry out this operation.
  8. Hello, The DSP2 will be effective September 14th. It includes new online payment obligations, which concern all e-merchants. To know more and to make sure that your site will be in conformity, I advise you to read this article: https://bit.ly/2XWMUJW
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