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  1. Hello @ClicShopping, Ok understood, thank you for your advice.
  2. Hello, Follow the team communication : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/2004-v33-release-published/ There is a new image gallery inside the application. Is it possible to have again the old gallery ?
  3. Recently, I have been a problem with sendmail. I decided to use Gmail than sendmail.
  4. Juliana

    Stripe Payment

    Hello, I want to install stripe payment. Does it work well ?
  5. @Drack No, I use a different template, I follow the tutorial and explanation. After understanding, it's enough simple. @Rainer, yes I make some little modification. Some image do not had the original same dimension.
  6. No, too expensive, stripe best price and the interface is very blear. Also for a newbie it's simple to set ClicShopping and find the element inside the backoffice. Paypal is too complicated.
  7. Hello Everyone; Thank you for you comment. it's appreciate. About the shipping : Shipping : PostCanada Payment : Stripe
  8. https://www.cannaseeds.ro/ Roumanie

    © figures-shop.com

  9. website : https://www.crunchyroll.png

    © figures-shop.com

  10. Hello, I just finished my ClicShopping website and just push in production : Could make a comment please ? The focus is on figures. For moment there is not lot of product but I will add more in the time. Thank you https://www.figures-shop.com
  11. Thank you @oka, it's good to know that. Comment are more an more important in e-commerce. Will look and update ClicShopping.
  12. hello, Do you know how to make n on product listing Thank you
  13. I process 20 to 70 orders a day and sometimes more. I am alone to process my orders. I am starting to get tired of entering the address of the customers. It even leads to pain in the fingers because of these repetitive clicks and I'm afraid of osteoarthritis. I also spend between 1 to 2 hours not days just the entry of bills ... So I would like to ask those who process a certain number of orders, how do you handle the customer's addressing for billing and shipping? CMS or marketplaces sometimes deal with billing automatically but you have to be able to process invoices in the end. So you have to go through seizures anyway. If we only use the documents issued by the CMS or marketplace, we must enter the addresses by hand on envelopes for orders shipped by mail. When you make 30, it's not manageable. Remains also the use of expeditor which still requires to enter all the lines if we use the software and not an extension for a particular site. I do not see any solution to not enter the address for each command by that of flashing each line of the address in the input fields but I have not found the way to implement this. Thank you
  14. Juliana

    Packing slip

    Hello, Contract with the post office I print the slip like Alice, I print more the part to stamp which is useless, I just flash my parcels to be sure they are taken into account.
  15. About the cart, the elements are stored during 30 days. After 30 days the cookie is removed. But if you are connected, product stay inside in your shopping cart.
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