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  1. Someone has tested this software ? What do you think ? it's interesting to install it.
  2. Like the other, i started by to install the demo and after different tests, I decided to install the normal version without data.
  3. Ok, This element can be managed inside the module, you can select what you want to display inside a dropdown (price, stock ...). Everything you will find in Design menu
  4. Hello @Pepper, Sorry I do not understand could you explain by example ? Do you talk about a sort inside the listing product ?
  5. I looked the admin about this functionalities. It's useful but I think you can find that in the marketplace. Do you look?
  6. Hello Eolia, What do you want to do exactly? If it's just for some products, you do that, inside the products management file else if it's for all website, you must look the configuration / B2C. I do not remember exactly.
  7. Happy to know there is a new version. Thank @ClicShopping. yes, the map can be useful to know where the customer comes from. I like the dashboard because you have a good and quickly view about your e-commerce activities.
  8. If I have not wrong, you must add inside the SQL request this element change orders_status = 3 by orders_status > 1 In this case, all your orders status will be included inside your map.
  9. @Patrick, Thank you for this article, just a question, every hoster can change the php memory limit, it not interesting to use a cloud hosting, in this case, you can have a dynamic memory ?
  10. @ClicShopping Thank you and good luck for the v3.1
  11. Look the meta tag menu in the configuration menu, maybe the meta tag are not installed
  12. Hello, I will know how to find the good css use by a module. Could explain how it work ?
  13. I wait with impatience this new module. Thank you for this article, it was interesting and I will look more information about that on the web.
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