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  1. Hello @Grimoire, I has been the same problem. There the process inside th stock menu Stock Check true Count of stock true Do you want allow pre-order products if the authorization off stock purchases is True (under test) false Authorization purchase out of stock false Product activated : yes (status) I hope it can help you.
  2. No I do not think but you can use apps import/export as Gary said and update the apps.
  3. There an example. After you must test what will be the best for your customer depending your presentation. That's my opinion. Look UI KIT : http://bootstrap-ecommerce.com/ui-ecommerce/html-components.html#product_detail
  4. I think you can create different hooks in includes/Modules/Hooks/ClicShoppingAdmin/Dashboard
  5. For a new install, I recommend you to read the blog about the install process and security update. it will help you as it helps me.
  6. Hello @Janett, I can tell you my experience, I decided to create a category when I create a product. I do need to include some description inside my category, in this case, it's more simple
  7. @AaronJoe, In general, you must copy the files in your FTP. If you have respected the security file process, everything must be ok.
  8. hello, This is an open source tool with free and paid add on to push and control the SEO. Do you use this tool ? What is your comments ? Do you know other similar tools ?
  9. Thank you @Josephine, Interesting information. But for negotiation, it's not easy to talk with PayPal.
  10. Hello, Could you explain to me what is the main difference between the different PayPal module?
  11. Yes, congratulation, now it's us to work !
  12. I don't know this company, I will look. When you are now in Europe, you must follow some rules. I will look.
  13. @Drack, Thank you for our example. The hook is new, I don't see the last time. Nice idea.
  14. Just a little question, what's happen with the european regulation (rgpd) ?
  15. I decided to push ClicShopping on Linux server, and no problem, everything works fine during the installation.
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