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  1. I don't know this company, I will look. When you are now in Europe, you must follow some rules. I will look.
  2. @Drack, Thank you for our example. The hook is new, I don't see the last time. Nice idea.
  3. Laela

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    Just a little question, what's happen with the european regulation (rgpd) ?
  4. I decided to push ClicShopping on Linux server, and no problem, everything works fine during the installation.
  5. @Griffou, Thank you I install easyphp and it starts. I have a problem when I want to go to the catalog, I have this error. I tried this several time but I have this error and the files change [16-Mar-2019 19:48:29 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\Program Files\EasyPHP-Devserver-17\eds-www\clicshopping_test\shop\sources\template\Default\modules\modules_checkout_payment\cp_checkout_payment_comment.php on line 17
  6. I have the same problem, blocked at the first step. Resolved by the solution above. But now when I try to set the server to include the db, it doesn't work. My Wampserver has bd, one mysql, one on Maria. I can't enter inside the Mysql but no problem with MariaDb, I can create my db. Do you any idea what's happen ?
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