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  1. Exactly what I need, look the others tutorials, idea is great.
  2. I have been the same problem. For me it was not the solution but my hoster. My Cpanel was not the good php / mysql configuration and I add to check some element like mysql ... if I remember. After that, all the installation and the software works very fine. If I can help you.
  3. Is it a bug ? because I have been the same problem, I have just change the sort order and everything appear.
  4. I agree with @Montkey. It's difficult because when you have a little company, you can not be everywhere and you must manage your budget. You have a product for the young people, Facebook will be the best. You are a product for the old people, maybe to have a presence like le bonpoint (in France) could the best option. In all case, it's important to know your customer and the provenance.
  5. Griffou

    Send a newsletter

    Ok, thank you, understand. lovk = lock
  6. Griffou

    Send a newsletter

    Hello, I have not tested again the newsletter. Someone could you explain how to send because I create a newsletter but after I don't know the process. Thank you.
  7. Complicate, First time I will test google adwords, but it 's now very expensive and I must see the ratio between the investment and the revenue. After I will go on google shopping and other similar platforms
  8. Ok, thank you, Now I must decide what I want to make - Remove delete button with rules inside the privacy condition - Let the delete button and let the people decide. - Insert a condition inside the module to display or not the button but it's more modular but does not remove the decision I must take!
  9. Hello, I createer a review and I see it's possible to delete the reviews, is it normal ? Is it possible to remove this feature ? Thank you.
  10. It's new ? seems to be some new stats does not included inside the tab. Go to install it !
  11. Griffou


    @ClicShopping thank you for your work, I will try to make this update !!
  12. I have an old computer with Celeron inside and 2s. Maybe is that because when I make something it's always slow.
  13. look this link, it can be useful: https://blog.planethoster.com/les-bons-outils-pour-tester-la-performance-de-son-site-internet/
  14. Exact Patrick, I changed the Url by install and I can go to the next step. Now it works
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