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  1. I think the best to start is to create a layout like this example and after you can implement it.
  2. A little link can be interesting to read abou the DSP2 : https://www.braintreepayments.com/blog/getting-up-to-speed-on-psd2-regulation-2/?_ga=1.263201612.1986673433.1566304981
  3. Hi Carole In the past I try to work with chinese manufacturer. Some information, I think, you can use : 1. Register as self employed. 2. Research the market for potential competitors and pricing. 3. Register your designs. 4. Understand the fabrics you will be using. 5. Compare prices, quality, printing and communication with the 3 suppliers and choose the one that ticks most/all of your requirements. 6. Request a sample and negotiate a price, to include everything (product, packaging & labelling). 7. When you are happy with the sample, proceed to an order, after agreeing all the details, including payment terms. 8. Ensure you inspect the products before you make any final payment if it's possible by someone in China 9. When you feel you can start to order 300pcs (minimum) per colour/design, then at that point consider China. Best of luck with your project
  4. You can install on your dashboard the module allow you to know if there is an update on not. Inside tools / extension, you have also a message
  5. Exactly what I need, look the others tutorials, idea is great.
  6. I have been the same problem. For me it was not the solution but my hoster. My Cpanel was not the good php / mysql configuration and I add to check some element like mysql ... if I remember. After that, all the installation and the software works very fine. If I can help you.
  7. Is it a bug ? because I have been the same problem, I have just change the sort order and everything appear.
  8. I agree with @Montkey. It's difficult because when you have a little company, you can not be everywhere and you must manage your budget. You have a product for the young people, Facebook will be the best. You are a product for the old people, maybe to have a presence like le bonpoint (in France) could the best option. In all case, it's important to know your customer and the provenance.
  9. Griffou

    Send a newsletter

    Ok, thank you, understand. lovk = lock
  10. Griffou

    Send a newsletter

    Hello, I have not tested again the newsletter. Someone could you explain how to send because I create a newsletter but after I don't know the process. Thank you.
  11. Complicate, First time I will test google adwords, but it 's now very expensive and I must see the ratio between the investment and the revenue. After I will go on google shopping and other similar platforms
  12. Ok, thank you, Now I must decide what I want to make - Remove delete button with rules inside the privacy condition - Let the delete button and let the people decide. - Insert a condition inside the module to display or not the button but it's more modular but does not remove the decision I must take!
  13. Hello, I createer a review and I see it's possible to delete the reviews, is it normal ? Is it possible to remove this feature ? Thank you.
  14. It's new ? seems to be some new stats does not included inside the tab. Go to install it !
  15. Griffou


    @ClicShopping thank you for your work, I will try to make this update !!
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