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  1. Hello, Big thank to the team. As some many curious to install it on local server and test it. Just a question , ClicShopping has new features incorporated inside ?
  2. Hello Catalina, Look this page : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/category/70-design-template/ You will find some template, you can install and see what's happen. I think it's the best pratical example than you can find to understand how to make you own template.
  3. Thank you for this report : Some information there : https://kinsta.com/blog/php-7-4/ Official page : https://wiki.php.net/rfc#php_74
  4. The batch can be a good orientation if you have lot of order. Happy to know there is something existing.
  5. What is for you the best price comparator in terms of return on investment? Leguide is obviously the comparator with the most traffic but is it the most profitable? Are we looking for the challenger to have a good ROI? Could you help me in choosing a "profitable" comparator The theme would be sports equipment thank you in advance
  6. Great tuto. Easy to follow. Just you can remove the step 1, it's not exist
  7. I just installed ClicShopping on my server, no problem everything works fine for me.
  8. That I know, OVH is very popular and it's big. Now you must compare the plan.
  9. @Patrick , In all case if you use an external tool or a new apps use the customer data, the customer must accept to share the information. Complicate all of that !!
  10. I have been a similar problem and found the solution. I use now the configuration with gmail smtp.
  11. @Janett, it's not simple, the best is to use an approach like test A/B. Maybe your investment will work with Facebook and not with Google. You must test and analyze the statistics and conversion. After you can make a decision about your approach.
  12. @ClicShopping Thank you for your effort.
  13. Like you know some event could be an opportunity to increase the sales. Are you interesting to share your approach ? Specials, specific design, improve your adwords, reworks your internal link ....
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