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  1. Great tuto. Easy to follow. Just you can remove the step 1, it's not exist
  2. I just installed ClicShopping on my server, no problem everything works fine for me.
  3. That I know, OVH is very popular and it's big. Now you must compare the plan.
  4. @Patrick , In all case if you use an external tool or a new apps use the customer data, the customer must accept to share the information. Complicate all of that !!
  5. I have been a similar problem and found the solution. I use now the configuration with gmail smtp.
  6. @Janett, it's not simple, the best is to use an approach like test A/B. Maybe your investment will work with Facebook and not with Google. You must test and analyze the statistics and conversion. After you can make a decision about your approach.
  7. @ClicShopping Thank you for your effort.
  8. Like you know some event could be an opportunity to increase the sales. Are you interesting to share your approach ? Specials, specific design, improve your adwords, reworks your internal link ....
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