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  1. This module is cool and can help to manage very quickly the product. Thank @Maxime for this demonstration.
  2. I saw your videos @Maxime, Thank you for you work. It's important when a new community try to start.
  3. Ok thank , I will try to make one.
  4. Thank you @Laela, but it's not on the top but it's on the right. I think it's another hook must be used.
  5. Hello, Inside the tab there are some dynamic statistics, I would know if I can make more in this place ? Thank you.
  6. Hi @Laela Thank you for this information, I tried and I like. It gave me some information and I can take action to update my SEO.
  7. Hello, I installed a module, but I don't see anything in the products description, Do you have any idea about that?+ have a good day.
  8. Ok, thank @Patrick, I try like explained, yes I can see the error and there is a problem with sendmail. I tested via google, works fine.
  9. Thank you for all explanations. What is protected $debug = 2;
  10. Hello, I try to send email but I don't receive anything, do you have any idea about that ?
  11. Thank you Philman, My logo is deformed when I edit an invoice, do you have an idea ?
  12. Hello Could you tell me where I can insert a logo for the pfd invoice and packingslip? Thank you.
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