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  1. Hello, I would know if it's exist a state dropdown. I am looking the differents modules, code, but I do not see that. Thank you
  2. No content inside the product description or Content is too long, hard to read The information is not relevant and does not help the visitor to make a purchase. The site contains elements of irritating atmospheres, such as flash visuals or music Images are too heavy and do not load Lot of animation (carousel) Could other problem to solve. To complete the list.
  3. Hello @Rainer, Not simple to tell you the best approach. For me I prefer inside the content. It could interesting to look others website and see their approach.
  4. This module is cool and can help to manage very quickly the product. Thank @Maxime for this demonstration.
  5. I saw your videos @Maxime, Thank you for you work. It's important when a new community try to start.
  6. Ok thank , I will try to make one.
  7. Thank you @Laela, but it's not on the top but it's on the right. I think it's another hook must be used.
  8. Hello, Inside the tab there are some dynamic statistics, I would know if I can make more in this place ? Thank you.
  9. Hi @Laela Thank you for this information, I tried and I like. It gave me some information and I can take action to update my SEO.
  10. Hello, I installed a module, but I don't see anything in the products description, Do you have any idea about that?+ have a good day.
  11. Ok, thank @Patrick, I try like explained, yes I can see the error and there is a problem with sendmail. I tested via google, works fine.
  12. Thank you for all explanations. What is protected $debug = 2;
  13. Hello, I try to send email but I don't receive anything, do you have any idea about that ?
  14. Thank you Philman, My logo is deformed when I edit an invoice, do you have an idea ?
  15. Hello Could you tell me where I can insert a logo for the pfd invoice and packingslip? Thank you.
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