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  1. hello, Looks the apps. I think you have something can help you on the marketplace. Do not remember exactly the name look on export keywords.
  2. look this link, it can be useful: https://blog.planethoster.com/les-bons-outils-pour-tester-la-performance-de-son-site-internet/
  3. Hello @Namiko, For the logo, you can change via the banner, (Marketing menu) Fo theinvoice logo, you can find inside the configuration menu and My store : note for this you must upload a new image inside the logo/invoice directory.
  4. Hello, Another with cool effect : https://miketricking.github.io/bootstrap-image-hover/
  5. I use Google Analytics, I hoster propose some other tools, but I do not like. Others companies can propose something similar but not sure it's better than google analytics and it's not free. Analytics it's correct for me for my needs
  6. If they are small convenience stores go to the bottom! That's how, for the little anecdote, Some leader started selling their first products at their neighborhood grocer's.
  7. For me I do want use the intern newsletter. Lot of client can have an obsolete email and the blacklist is not far. The best and if it's exist is to have a tool allow to check all the email before to send the mail.
  8. look this article : https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2018/10/18/google-shopping-reviews it can help you, I suppose
  9. Hello, Currently the image are on the right, if I put the image on left. On mobile we see the image blow the description. It's maybe better to have the image on the top ? Do you think it can e a good idea?
  10. Ok thank you. i found the .json in Github.
  11. Ok find and seems everything is installed Thank you.
  12. I would change the meta and description, what the action i must to make for that ?
  13. I find, the module is installed but I do not follow exactly the document. Do you know a process to verify if it's module is installed or not ?
  14. Hello, I tried to install the admin a new extension but I do no see my installation ?
  15. Hello, I inserted an image in my categories description to display in catalog, but this image is not responsive. How to do that ?
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