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  1. Hello, I would know what the most important module must be installed for the dashboard ?
  2. I saw inside the administration that ClicShopping can transform all the image in webp. But it wrote : some server do not accept that ? Can I use this function ?
  3. Indeed if I change the image size, the image become not nice. Thank you.
  4. Just a question about the logo, It must be under a specific width ?
  5. Hello, Where can I change the header logo and the invoice logo ? Thank you.
  6. @Mara, Thank you for your help and explanation. I will make different test to find the good approach.
  7. @Ryan Gil, Thank you, I will make a test.
  8. Hello, I have just discover ClicShopping and started to install the application. We are a japanese company specialised in Sushi / Fish. We want to sell ours products for restaurant in B2B mode. The product will be appear on the catalog without the price with a specific account for this people. I am just newbiz, is it possible to make something like that ? I look some others applications, but we are not satisfied by there approach. We hope with ClicShopping it will be different !
  9. Hello, I have just installed ClicShopping, Do you know if you have the japanese language if not how to propose something for the catalog ?
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