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  1. Something not mentioned but if you can minify your new css and js, it can have an impact.
  2. @Julie, Thank you for the details of your example and how to make a module. Note : the language and css are not included, but it's easy to do that.
  3. Also it's impossible to compare your module with the new module. There is a new at this moment about the antispam. Inside the update admin, you can easily compare the new version with the last and make an upgrade.
  4. I saw some new payment module on the marketplace, What do you think, it can be interesting ?
  5. According to me, you should keep in mind the following points: Use shorten link goo.gl Must add your contact information in SMS. Send sweet and short sms Target your audience Connect with your existing customers You must put the question at the company about their process an the regulation.
  6. hello, I need to create a new element. I use a special tracking module I would know how to make that ?
  7. Hello, I would know which tool do use to analyze your SEO ? For me, I use this : https://www.metaforensics.io/ I like this tool because it's complete.
  8. Hello, I would have your opinion to include the boxes or not on the index page. Maybe it better do not include the boxes when the customer wants to make an account. What is your opinion ? Thank you.
  9. Hi Julie, Looking the administration, you can use the page manager inside Communication menu. You can create different link for header, footer and boxe. I hope it can help you
  10. Paypal is expansive, if you have a little shop it can be good but if you have volume I think it's better to use a bank.
  11. Hi All, I need to modify the default text messages that are sent in a email, but I have been unable to locate where to do this. Thanks In Advance.
  12. Hi, What is the robots.txt file for? Apparently, it is necessary to use it for search engines. Does someone have the robots.txt file updated? In what folder is it placed? in the root or the Catalog folder? Thank you
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