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  1. for more information it's here : https://php.watch/articles/PHP-8.2
  2. The other solution is to install yourself ClicShopping via FTP.
  3. Hello, First, do not change anything inside the Default template directory. Create another directory, copy all css inside this directory Now you can just copy the file you want to change. For example Default header.php Mytemplate css header.php The header will be overrided Like that if you want to update the solution, it will be better for the maintenance and you can do all that you want inside this files. Sames approach for the module and files directory (respect the structure) About your question I do not understand what you want to do. Inside the admin you can select where you want to display a module. The module page manager is only created to display the content information. The best approach if want to do something is to create your own module and work inside. Look the bm_shopping_cart inside the the boxes directory, you will have all the information you must need.
  4. It s not a very good news, let see what's happen.
  5. Hello, I thik you try to secure the application. Look this blog you will have some information. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/entry/4-clicshopping-installation-process/ - /includes/ClicShopping/Sites/Shop/site_conf.php : store configuration file (catalog) - /includes/ClicShopping/Sites/ClicShoppingAdmin/site_conf.php : store configuration file (administration) ===> this one to change ClicShoppingAdmin By MyAdmin - /includes/ClicShopping/Conf : database access
  6. Hello @drack, You can make an update one by one, in manual . It's possible one is not again updated but works fine with php8, it's better to not touch ? go to your root chop and : composer update mylibraries You can also remove the librairies and reinstall it. But I recommend to do that on test website : comnposer remove mylibraries +
  7. Yes I agree with Drack. Note, there is a little reorganization on the product admin page. It's better like that in my sense.
  8. Hello @Carole, The major point about boostrap is it's a major release, B4 and B5 are very different. Jquery is not used anymore for example. About ClicShopping, Bootstrap 5 icon is now including inside the application, fontAwesome has been removed. For some people are developed app with font awesome by default, must update that or use the old hook in the ClicShopping v2.x Also some jquery script has been removed but Jquery is always inside the application, I think this framework will disappear in the futur. In all case, a big work has been done, and congratulation
  9. Hello, Inside sources/template/modules/modules_header et modules_footer you will have the information For the header I recommend in first to copy and rename the file, Like that you can change inside the administration the template you to use. After you can modify everything. Another way is to create a new template name and copy the css and the modules inside. In this case you must to change the template name inside you administration. Let me know if you want more information.
  10. Hello, What do you want to do ?
  11. Hello, ClicShopping is not multi website. If you are good in programmation you can increase the b2b allowing some people to ad products in their own account in the front office. In this case, ClicShopping can become a marketplace.
  12. If you want to test yes, but you must install php 8 before :).
  13. Hello It's a new orientation, I like the design, simple and pure without lot of color. It seems also there is a new chart system ?
  14. Hello Griffou, Yes, it's a major version and everything must be redone. More information there : https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.0/migration/
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