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  1. Hello @Mara, The best approach if you want to align information is to change in the css and insert a text-align: right for example . It's not included in default inside the module I do not know why. But you can make a combinaison by col-md (or sm or lg)-x (x number), the position (float) and text align inside the css . I with with this approach you can realise what you want. You can also add a new fields inside the module to manage the alignment. It's not a big developement.
  2. Yes look nice. Just add shadow after car. <div class="card shadow"></div>
  3. @Mara The technology evolve, the need also and the hacker. In all case same this approach is not the best, the goal is to secure the transaction. Now if the payment use the sms, all the people do not have a smartphone !
  4. Yes, you must check the case of local VAT. For example, when sending to the DOM / TOM, people are refunded a local VAT in addition to the 20% settled. Given the value of your shipments, I do not think you will have any problems with customs especially as the issue of the bill of lading, the post will make a customs invoice including the value of the product. But if I remember correctly, the Post does not generally take commercial parcels for abroad (to check however, and everything also depends on the number of parcels sent). Regarding customs franchises, it is difficult to decide because they can change according to the governments (for example, the US wants to tax strongly Chinese products) ...
  5. Hello, If your invoices mention that you are exempt from VAT (which is the case for autoentrepreneurs), the VAT will normally be settled in the country of destination. This is true for companies. For individuals, I do not think that your package will be considered TTC, but it would be necessary to inquire to be sure. For customs, customs duties are different depending on the type of product (depending on the Taric) and the country of destination. For example, some countries may tax 0% and others 50%. In general, the customs duties are not applied on very small values, the carrier applying a fixed price in its transport costs if you ship in DDP (delivery duty paid or free home paid). That I know, but the best, it's better so ask in an experto forum.
  6. Hello, You can look this website : https://caniuse.com/#search=webp You will see if it's interesting to try to implement something like that or not. Advantage : Image format that supports lossy and lossless compression, as well as animation and alpha transparency. It could be anternative against the png format.
  7. clic_configuration is not created. Ok !!! Look this directory /shop/includes/schema/configuration.txt Do you have exactly this : configuration_id int not_null auto_increment configuration_title varchar(255) not_null configuration_key varchar(255) not_null configuration_value text not_null configuration_description text not_null configuration_group_id int not_null sort_order int(5) last_modified datetime date_added datetime not_null use_function varchar(255) set_function varchar(255) -- primary configuration_id ## engine innodb character_set utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_unicode_ci
  8. 10 table is weird, I think you must remove your table and re try. If you have the same problem look your db in phpmyadmin clic_configuration table (10); it must be created and populated in part. Look the last data and put on the forum the last line. If there is a problem, it's possible to idenfied it. About the permissions, when you make a new install, it must be in 777 to allow to write inside. (see with your ftp for that) and after installation, it must be in 444 for security. note : I come back in arround 3 hr.
  9. Just in case, Do yo you have created a Database ? Could you look your Db ans see if you have the table created.
  10. I just tested the latest Github; My test was on my server with IspConfig php 7 / maria Db; French / English normal and demo work fine for me and everything is uploaded inside the Db; That I know, if you are on Cpanel, maybe you must activate some options. Look if mysqli, curl ... are activated . I do not use Cpanel, I can not help you a lot on that.
  11. @MG86 Coud you open a post on the forum and tell us the Database you have selected (demo / normal and french / english) ? thank you
  12. Introduce the composer, I have tested and works very fine. It will help to install a specific application. Nice idea Thank you @ClicShopping
  13. As I said, the extension tools install is not perfect on this ergonomy and after an installation you can little lost. Something must be done to be little more user friendly. It's a critics, but it's usefull if you want to make something quickly and you any knwoledge. Recently, some tutorials has be done @Maxime, If you are new, these videos will help you.
  14. The advantage is you can make an update easily. composer update will adapte all you apps inside the composer composer require phpmailer/phpmailer will install phpmailer without to make anything After you have just make this code use phpmailer/phpmailer for example to call the class
  15. Nice ! It will help some shop owner to set their shop ! Thank you.
  16. Patrick

    Alibaba template

    Hello @Eolia, Look there : it has been included today : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/169-template-design-alibaba/
  17. AI for the little e-commerce website is complicated. But if you use a company can have some data, you can try. Create IA chat can be an orientation but you have some informations to manage, not sur it's good orientation.
  18. Thank you @ClicShopping, Take time to look and make comment. @McJordadino. It's better to upgrade your php version 7.3. Some major improvment has been made.
  19. Just Google try to impose a new standard. We will in the furutr what's happen. In all case, something must be updated. Let's see.
  20. Hello, Is it an new installation ? Demo or normal, French or english ? For the second question, you must have installed before ? Could you explain. Thank you.
  21. Yes you can, it's simple,inside the the header, you have a directory called multi template, you insert your file inside and that's all.
  22. @Rainer, Same with mailchimp, you must include a validation and allow the customer to remove his subscription !
  23. I don't know the french taxes but look you sales and if you major sales are in France, it's better to display your countries taxes system
  24. Hello @Rainer, You can update email via the backoffice. For me inside your email, you must have a customer phone number, address and some element allow you to show you are serious.
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