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  1. It s not a very good news, let see what's happen.
  2. Hello, I thik you try to secure the application. Look this blog you will have some information. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/entry/4-clicshopping-installation-process/ - /includes/ClicShopping/Sites/Shop/site_conf.php : store configuration file (catalog) - /includes/ClicShopping/Sites/ClicShoppingAdmin/site_conf.php : store configuration file (administration) ===> this one to change ClicShoppingAdmin By MyAdmin - /includes/ClicShopping/Conf : database access
  3. Hello @drack, You can make an update one by one, in manual . It's possible one is not again updated but works fine with php8, it's better to not touch ? go to your root chop and : composer update mylibraries You can also remove the librairies and reinstall it. But I recommend to do that on test website : comnposer remove mylibraries +
  4. Yes I agree with Drack. Note, there is a little reorganization on the product admin page. It's better like that in my sense.
  5. Hello @Carole, The major point about boostrap is it's a major release, B4 and B5 are very different. Jquery is not used anymore for example. About ClicShopping, Bootstrap 5 icon is now including inside the application, fontAwesome has been removed. For some people are developed app with font awesome by default, must update that or use the old hook in the ClicShopping v2.x Also some jquery script has been removed but Jquery is always inside the application, I think this framework will disappear in the futur. In all case, a big work has been done, and congratulation
  6. Hello, Inside sources/template/modules/modules_header et modules_footer you will have the information For the header I recommend in first to copy and rename the file, Like that you can change inside the administration the template you to use. After you can modify everything. Another way is to create a new template name and copy the css and the modules inside. In this case you must to change the template name inside you administration. Let me know if you want more information.
  7. Hello, What do you want to do ?
  8. Hello, ClicShopping is not multi website. If you are good in programmation you can increase the b2b allowing some people to ad products in their own account in the front office. In this case, ClicShopping can become a marketplace.
  9. If you want to test yes, but you must install php 8 before :).
  10. Hello It's a new orientation, I like the design, simple and pure without lot of color. It seems also there is a new chart system ?
  11. Hello Griffou, Yes, it's a major version and everything must be redone. More information there : https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.0/migration/
  12. Hello, For gmail : Nom du serveur SMTP Gmail: smtp.gmail.com Nom d’utilisateur SMTP Gmail: votre adresse Gmail Mot de passe SMTP Gmail: votre mot de passe (si vous avez choisi une méthode d’authéntification) Port SMTP Gmail: 25 ou 465
  13. All information there : https://stitcher.io/blog/new-in-php-8
  14. You can change inside the admin, the local manually. I do not think there is an update. About the update; just read Changelog and the sql update directory.
  15. You can look clicshopping_v2 maybit can help you https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3/apps_tools_import_data/blob/7f8c544a8e1742d26a1f549ca946665ad0200d3e/includes/Module/Hooks/ClicShoppingAdmin/ImportDatabase/ClicShoppingV2.php line around 548 In my sense it's better to make an update via Customer/Customer group and add other groups after. customers_group_id int not_null auto_increment customers_group_name varchar(32) not_null customers_group_discount decimal(11,2) default(0.00) not_null color_bar varchar(8) default('#FFFFFF') not_null group_order_taxe tinyint(1) default(0) not_null group_payment_unallowed varchar(255) default('cc') group_shipping_unallowed varchar(255) group_tax varchar(5) default('false') not_null customers_group_quantity_default int(4) default(0) not_null -- primary customers_group_id idx_customers_group_name customers_group_name ## engine innodb character_set utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_unicode_ci Maybe your problem is the primary.
  16. Hello, I do not like this idea because you do not know if a store owner will create lot of banner or not. It's better to remove everything in my sense.
  17. Hello, You can create a fork on github, And It will be check, I suppose (include inside the app)
  18. Hello @foster, Yes you are right, that's I want to say.
  19. HTML::.... do not allow you to import whatever. First time you can use without and add security. for example HTML::sanitize replace some elements. See the function.
  20. Hello, this software has a convoluted/complex directory structure ==> When you do not know a software, it's always like that the first time You can create your own hooks and make that step by step. You have all the informations. I think it's better. In that case, you have not to change anything inside the apps. example. namespace ClicShopping\OM\Module\Hooks\ClicShoppingAdmin\ImportDatabase; use ClicShopping\OM\Registry; use ClicShopping\OM\HTML; use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; use ClicShopping\OM\Cache; use ClicShopping\Apps\Configuration\Administrators\Classes\ClicShoppingAdmin\AdministratorAdmin; use ClicShopping\Apps\Tools\ImportData\Classes\ClicShoppingAdmin\ImportDatabase; class MyOwnOscMax { ... }
  21. Hello @Alice Why do you not try to update or create a module yourself ? If you have difficulties some people can help you ? Regards.
  22. Hello, Maybe the software do not tun under your configuration, no problem. But for me I never had a problem and I use different provider european and american. Just for your information, if you want to write inside a file you need to change the permission in 777, no choice and after change in 4448 process install). Your are no lucky with your experience, for me I have no problem. Regards.
  23. I tried with oscommerce bd 2.3.3 and I have no problem. Just a little message a at end null .... I check the db and it's correct You can try this : Remove the french language and start a new install.
  24. Hello, You must activate the module in the function the template page (ex create account, contact ...)
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