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  1. @ClicShopping, I just check and activated the module on the dashboard. Thank you to have included this nice feature. It helps to maintain an application, very good idea !
  2. http://localhost/clicshopping/shop/index.php/Account/LogIn http://localhost/clicshopping/shop/index.php?Account&LogIn That's the normal process, if you change ? or & it come back to the index page. If you are with the rewriting enable, you must respect the basic url approach and the standard inside the web url process Nothing for me particular.
  3. I can not reproduce your problem. Everything works fine. What the link do you click to have this result because the are 2 links, on in the header and one in the footer. All works fine.
  4. Hello, The default theme is the same for all version, after the template made is to help you to make you own more easily or to create your own module. Do you activate the rewrite SEO in Configuration/Store ? Without SEO : http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account&LogIn With SEO : http://mysite/shop/index.php/Account&LogIn demo with seo : https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo/index.php/Search/AdvancedSearch ==> correct no ? https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo/index.php/Products/Description/canon-eos-5d/products_id-8 https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo/index.php/Products/Featured - index.php/Account/LogIn in demo below login form is 2 register forms while source code index.php/Account&LogIn is 1 form only. ==> 2 because there is one for customer in B2C and 1 with B2B, the approach is different, depending what you want exactly. You can remove one if you want. (if I understand your question) ==> If you do not litke this, you can create your own login form if you want. How to change breadcrumb Index » ClicShopping » Favorites to ClicShopping » Favorites : my shop in homepage so, Index in breadcrumb with "Index" is an abundance. Look the files in ClicShopping/Service/Shop/Breadcrumb and comment (choose your line) this $CLICSHOPPING_Breadcrumb->add .... For the catalog image I do not understand your question, You have not use rm command, if you do that you can erase all the website if you are in the root ? Note : ClicShopping evolve day to day with minor version if bugs are discover. The system allow you to upgrade without to change anything inside the code if you follow the best pratice. Do not change classe : use the Custom Directory, u se Hooks, create new template, new module think it is not enough for production now ==>I think you do not very well the solution, take time. I hope this explanation is not to complicate. Look the documentation : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/forum/8-documentation/ Best pratice : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/forum/18-best-pratices-tip-trips-and-training/ blog : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/blog/3-clicshopping/
  5. A nice function apear inside php 7.4 : Preload : https://wiki.php.net/rfc/preload It can increased the speed of the website, not a little . But the problem, every time you change something inside a file, you must restart the server because everything is push in memory. https://andrewdavis.me/post/introduction-to-php-7-4-preload/ Note : when I wil install php 7.4, I will make some test also !
  6. If I understand your question, you will find this in Configuration/Shipping
  7. Hello, ClicShopping is not a marketplace, it's a tool allowing to create different group with a specific price. The people can not include their own product for this moment. This function must be developped. I do not see something like that for moment on the marketplace.
  8. More information below. If you are on a server, you must make an update. English : https://www.zdnet.com/article/nasty-php7-remote-code-execution-bug-exploited-in-the-wild/ French (other site) : https://www.generation-nt.com/php-7-decouverte-faille-dangereuse-simplissime-exploiter-actualite-1969928.html
  9. Some people do not have a server or do not have something to install this. But It will be interesting what's happen with clicshopping and if your performance are really increased in comparaison with a standard installation and with htaccess. On my website with page rank I am on 96%.
  10. @SuperThin Nice, look the lastest update on github. I will go and there is an update. You can tell us if it work or not
  11. You have another solution is to enter the prodcut name without accent. I do not know if in your language it's important or not.
  12. If you want to update the price in function the competitor, in this case it's better to use a scrapping system or IA application. Amazon propose different tools for that. If your product has lot of competitors, it's important to follow them, make report and take decision to follow or not.
  13. I think it's important to know Paypal is a leader and some people use it. Stripe is a good application more easy to use, in my sense. But on my website I use 3 differents payment, like that, the people can choose the best for them. Note : the process is the same for the shipping.
  14. I confirm, That I do, first in my dev and after in my prod.
  15. If you change by the administration, the data is saved in db and cache. I do not think inside the language (test and look) . You an try also with chmod 777 language directory and sub and check. In this case, if you reset the language, you lost all your modification. When you install a new apps, it read the language file and bring into cache and db.
  16. Just to understand more : Do you see the Vietnamese language in Editor ? Do you see the Vietnamese icon on your catalog ? (do you click on this icon to create the cache for this language) Could you tell us the vietnamese language parameters (in configuration/Other) ? Do you change the chmod Work in 777 with all the subdirectories ? try to delete in Works/Cache all the language and update your catalog (click on all languages icon)
  17. Do you install check upgrade dashboard ? Maybe is that. Test the same action on the demo and report
  18. Hello, Could you tell us, the action has you make or research ? It can help to debug or see if an apps /modules is not correct. Note : this apps is experimental and must be again improved. It works with Github and there are lot of limitation dur to Github.
  19. Hello, Indeed it seems there is a bug, I able to update a language but one language. The other way is to create a directory inside sources/languages/Vietnam Copy all the english and directory files in vietnam after edit every files and translate into vietnam Do not forget to create the directory inside Configuration / other language andcheck if english is your default language. After you can put in off the french
  20. I think the orientation given by @Drack is the best.
  21. A big work has been made. I am sur it's possible compare ClicShopping the other best solution on the market. Now the people can have a choice to install il and test it.
  22. @Drack, You look fast I will wait your test but it to include this function accross a module it can be activate or not, it's a good thing for all shop owner an security inside the application. Like some shop owner do not like to update their shop, to have a warning can be the best for them.
  23. No you can not. ClicShopping use some CDN to call some javascript. If you are offline, you will will some little problem because the js will not loaded.
  24. Dropdon seems to be the best and more easy to use for a customer. It's my opinion, but I can have wrong.
  25. I think it could be interesint t make a little search on internet to know the ROI of a such action. Use google shopping or other tools works on paid clic. You can have lot of click but if your customers do not buy, you pay for nothing or almost. In contrepart, if you want to be a best presence, the investment is necessary.
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