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  1. I agree with @Foster, I have been some clients with a problem with that. Lost an email could be not good for the business.
  2. hello, With the spam, some verification is made, if you want to have the best rate for your email, it's better do not use the newsletter and to export in tool make for that. after if you are on dedicated serer, it's important to include inside your dns fkim and spdf (If i remember). The conversation with your customer must be in function the need and their agreement.
  3. or you can make also manually : Infor on the modules : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/161-modules-products-info-reviews/
  4. Hello @Potluck, Is it a box right and left, or it's something you wan to insert inside the product description ?
  5. The organisation is important, You can create some category to start and after you can decide how to proceed.
  6. Something important do not appear here. Do not forget to read the update.txt file. Some versions can propose to modify the sql database, do not forget to do that, because, your application can not work or generate some errors.
  7. @Alice Yes this is for all the shop owner want to seel in Europe. No exception
  8. This module is interesting if you have some sell in Europe. You are in Canada and you sell in Europe, you must respect this regulation. My opinion, it's better to let the people to control this data than to hide some information. The second advantage, the script includes some element and you can create your own control. The disadvantage, the script is not on CDN and the development is quick.
  9. Hello Snoopy, Do you look tartes aux citrons ? This module allows you to control Google analytics and some other service under the GRPD.
  10. this is a level debug. 0 is for production, 1-2 allow you some interesting informations if you have a problem to solve.
  11. Hi @Engy, Do you look the best and trips forum, I wrote a little post about this problem. Sendmail has a restriction by your hoster, you must use gmail or your own smtp. Look and tell me if you have a problem.
  12. Hello Manu, You can find this setting in configuration Store and inside the minimum / maximum value. By default, the delay is 30 days.
  13. 5.6 is now too old, php 7 increase the performance and ClicShopping works very well on php 7.3
  14. Yes, the best is to combine 2 or 3 payment, (shipping also) and let the customer to choose. I agree with @Janett
  15. I think you have some open source cash software. But you can use payment system as square, I think it proposes something similar. Else, you can use an ERP like Oddo, it can make that?
  16. If you want exclude the cancel order, you can add orders_status > 1 and orders_status <> 3
  17. @ClicShopping, You said in your message : security fix on jquery. Is it an update maintenance ?
  18. A thread has some interesting tool about SEO. I invite you to read : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/2-interesting-tool-to-analyse-your-website/
  19. Welcome @Cratolib, Do not hesitate to ask a question. Some people can help you.
  20. Yes for google the smtp is 587, it was an example. After you must adapt in consequence
  21. First activate the cache Second you can use htaccess to insert some element inside. Use a website like gtmetrix, it can tell you some informations to increase your website speed.
  22. Hi everybody, Welcome to the forum it's new, so you have to let the time to get it to know and talk around you. The solution evolves quickly, it is young and still contains some bugs no very important, but the commit advance quickly. Whatever solution you want to use, take the time to learn and understand how it works. Some have a little more experience and will help you. For my part, I welcome you.
  23. It's not simple and I am not a specialist on that. Just in the first time, you must fille in communication / SEO and product / seo tab, for example, this element. You must also check if the tag title and description is activated in configuration module / network. You can also include in google console all the sitemap this is the first thing to make. After in your products description, you must have, I think more 300 words, not sure, but google like the content. At the end, you must make some link to go to your website. It's a big work. Ah I forget in Configuration, you must activate the SEO rewriting You can start by this way, after you must adjust in consequence about your description, title tag.
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