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  1. Hello @ClicShopping , Thank you for this new version, could you tell us if there something specific and make attention to update the website ?
  2. @Orphelia, Welcome, You can look this post, it can help you to choose the best configuration for you. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/88-whats-the-best-configuration-for-the-apps-antispam/?tab=comments#comment-338
  3. The google recaptcha used inside the APP is the version3. Note: I think everybody sees the news about the update. I looked at the modification inside the code and it's important to make this update. For me, until now I have not problem with the antispam but, it could it.
  4. Yes it's better to do that. The json give some information when you search a module and if there is an update, you will know.
  5. Just for your information you can look the class includes/Apps/Communication/PageManager/Classes/Shop/PageManagerShop you will some code you can use.
  6. Yes just a little help Inside the directory above, you must make 2 files, One to display the information and one to delete information. In your case, you also must create a field inside the database.
  7. You must ask you three questions: Do you have a legitimate interest for sending this message? Do you need to send the message in order to achieve those interests? Have you balanced the act of sending the message against the individual’s interests, rights and freedoms? Many marketing company's are telling people its fine to carry on as before!! Do you want to risk a large fine?
  8. Hello @David, About the cross-selling, there is an apps available on the marketplace. About the attribute, yes you can do that. About the language, you can not remove the English language, you can just change the status. Bu the language will always appear inside the administration. Like it"s mandatory information, you must fill the english title.
  9. ClicShopping supports the use of SMTP to send email which is required when sending mail from our servers. If you are on a server that does not allow the PHP mail() function or you just wish to use SMTP to send mail, this guide will help you through how to set up SMTP with your shopping cart. First thing to do is log in to go inside you administrative panel, then go to MyStore => Email options and choose "SMTP" as the Transport Method. Also verify these other settings or fill the empty settings Email Line Feels: LF Use MIME EMail when sending email: YES Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS : FALSE Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails: FALSE Port SMTP : must be 25 or 594 SMTP Host : SMTP hostssmtp.gmail.com ==> if you want use gmail SMTP authentication : True SMTP Password : ===> your email password SMTP User Name : ===> you email user mame SMTP Reply To : Email if you want to receive on anoher email Do you want use the SMTP secured protocol : Choose one method Do you want the SMTP port : 25 or 597 (depends of your hoster) Also check the the General Store configuration to see that the Email Address and Email From fields are the same as the outgoing email address you'll be using for the setup. Note : If you are under linux, it's better to use sendmail. That' all.
  10. Patrick

    Setting paypal

    Yes, the problem seems to appear only the credential configuration. Maybe it must be solved the next update. The problem seems to come on a balise div is not closed For moment, it's better to use the tab keyboard to navigate inside.
  11. @Drack, Good to know, I just saw archives as archives
  12. Agree with you @Manupichu , Less the customer has made, better is for the shop owner.
  13. The GRPD is important, ClicShopping propose a modular orientation, because some other countries like canada, US (maybe) .. should follow. The approach to make little hooks in function of the confidential information let for the programmer and or the shop owner a latitude. This approach is made only if the customer has created an account. About the visitor, the GRPD module can be useful and updated for some case. If not, then it's possible to manage this problem by header tag module. Any case, a solution can be made easily.
  14. Exact about the no registered customer you have a module for that. It allows your customer to manage their confidentialities.
  15. Yes you can, the migration apps allow to migrate all oscommerce version. I suppose !!
  16. @Clémentine, You will find the apps there : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/113-apps-tools-import-migration-data/ Note you can install it via the administration
  17. @Snoopy media queries can solve the problem. @Drack nice work
  18. @Ronaldo Yes, you have right, some files can be overridden inside a new template. But all the modules must be also in the default template because the system read in first the default template and install the element in the bd.
  19. About the redirection, you can find some information. This article explains you this point and introduces the impact on the SEO : https://moz.com/learn/seo/redirection
  20. Info a little mistake : $shipping_weight = CLICSHOPPING_ProductsCommon->getProductsWeight();
  21. Hello @Snoopy If you look inside the administration Configuration, you a weight menu where can add different weight conversation. Now how to make that on the catalog ! Below the element can help you. This code allow you to convert all in Kg. $CLICSHOPPING_Weight = Registry::get('Weight'); $CLICSHOPPING_ProductsCommon = Registry::get('ProductsCommon'); $defaultUnitWeight = SHIPPING_WEIGHT_UNIT; // 2 in the default configuration KG shipping_weight = getProductsWeight // Take only the kg // gr to kg if ( $defaultUnitWeight == 1) { $weight = round($CLICSHOPPING_Weight->convert($shipping_weight, $defaultUnitWeight, 2), 3); } //Ounce to kg if ( $defaultUnitWeight == 3) { $weight = round($CLICSHOPPING_Weight->convert($shipping_weight, $defaultUnitWeight, 2), 3); } //Ounce to kg if ( $defaultUnitWeight == 4) { $weight = round($CLICSHOPPING_Weight->convert($shipping_weight, $defaultUnitWeight, 2), 3); } echo $weight;
  22. Yes you can and make after https://www.mydomain.com/install
  23. Yes, it's good to read a little when you start or test new software. It helps you to understand to make the best first action.
  24. Do you the documentation , it can help you to update ClicShopping but also to secure your application?
  25. As I understand, yes it's better, and you reduce the maintenance. But I want to say, if there an upgrade, your file can be impacted if there is inside the core an evolution. But it's the same for all software. I suppose we will have a note if something happens to let the time to take this in consideration.
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