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  1. Hello @AlwaysSkint, I understand you point of view as service provider. But the php evolution has some bug fix and secure fix.You can say your server is secure after some years use the same php version. Maybe your code is secure, but not your php version. Also all the ClicShopping version updated fix some bugs identified in the time and at the moment all software need a break to follow the technology. Maintain some different solution for free is not relevant in my sense.
  2. Hello, Yes congratulation to the team for this new release. The dashboard has a new script, very light and not use jQuery, It's better like that in my sense. Now all the browser can manage some function. The importance of Jquery start to decrease. FontAwesome has been removed also. Now just to have a bootstrap beta 2, I ask me question. It will no better to have the official release ?
  3. Yes there is a difference, PHP 8 bring lot of functionalities and improvement. The impact yill be also on the software.
  4. Hello, I am looking something allowing to check the number of character inside a textarea without jquery. There are some solution, but I like the code below because he is very short. It's for some people want to do create a form as contact, feedback, reviews, comment ... It can be useful If the number of character is not reach, a pop up appear on the screen. <form action="mango.php" method="post" id="form12" onsubmit="var text = document.getElementById('checkField').value; if(text.length < 80) { alert('put more info!'); return false; } return true;"> <textarea rows="10" cols="80" maxlength="200" required id="checkField" > </textarea> </form>
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  5. Hello, Bootstrap do not use Jquery now, but you can. It let the developper to implement their script or use something as Vanilla.
  6. Hello, you can try this if ($data['customers_group_id'] > 0) { $sql_data_array = [ 'customers_group_id' => (int)$data['customers_group_id'], 'customers_group_name' => $data['customers_group_name'], 'group_tax' => $data['customers_group_tax_exempt'], 'group_order_taxe' => (int)$data['customers_group_show_tax'] ]; }
  7. Hello @Patrick, HTML::.... do not allow you to import whatever. ====> Are you sure ? It's not better to say : HTML::sanitize do not allow you wathever. For example delete the tag <script> . I suppose that you want to tell us.
  8. hello, If you want something simple and the supplier allow that, it's a good option (as google merchent), else you must use the API.
  9. Hello, I understand you will have a infrastructure problem. Your experience will help some other ! About maria Db 10.4, I am not installed and I am 10.3.x currently (recommended for installation). The test are been on ubuntu and debian, use mariadb 10.3.x by default if I remeber well. I make some mistake like that and I do not understand why a software can not work. If the infrastructure is too old not work, if you use something too new, also. About the index Undefined index: ... , it would be resolved on the next release. A big go work has been made on that to respect the strict mode of php. In this case it's better to include reduce that. Normally it's inside the code (includes/application_top.php) I think or change in php.ini If your experience can help to create a better documentation,it's good for everybody. .
  10. Hello, Is it not to soon. It's better to stay under php7.4.x and wait an update no ? If you look Github you will see there is some update for the next release, maybe ?
  11. The file config do not stay in 777, but 444. After every hoster has a specific configuration and for moment a software can be simple to use, another with some difficulties. For me, I tested ClicShopping under Ispconfig and Cpanel, ubuntu debian and there is no problem. As mentionned, there, https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/technical-information/ - ClicShopping - ClicShopping has been tested on these environment.
  12. Hello, while ($data = $QproductDescriptions->fetch_assoc()) { .... Yes it was the line. but be careful check if all the data imported is the same that the original database. You can eventually have problem between products and products description inside your database (integrity) for example. About the last message, what you do, I do not understand exactly. Thank you.
  13. Hello It's long time I do not use this app. It's important to let the prefix table to be in concordance with ClicShopping Table About the installation : yes you must to to that. Could you make that : $this->db->save('products_description', $sql_data_array); by var_dump($sql_data_array); //$this->db->save('products_description', $sql_data_array); } } exit; What is the result ; Do you have 1 or 2 language or more ? Thank you.
  14. Hello, Do you try @Rantanplan? Do you see an improvment ? Thank you.
  15. I am little late You can try also to Use the includes/Modules directory . If it works, you have not to modify anything.
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