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    Nice tool can help to win time. The latest release has a quick update bases on model, ean, stock and status. Can be installed via the administration on in manual.
  1. Foster

    Whish list

    Yes you have, when you add a product in shopping cart, you can have a save product button, if you want a whishlist, just change the term by save your wishlist. The customer must create an account, like that when it come back, the products will be always in the basket.
  2. It' s important to respect the copyright, Julie, send you the link, I think it's enough for you to know what you can do or not. We are not administrator, but we can help you in function our knowledge
  3. Hello @Robert, Some provider propose let's encrypt as certificate. it's free. Other can propose also paid certificate. If you want to make a secure website for your customer the ssl certificate is necessary. Google look that on your website and also the browser. On local, it's not necessary.
  4. Hello griffou, Yes you can for every apps. Generally you have - Default configuration - Option module The default configuration allow to manage all the module as password / login / private key .... The Option allow you to make different configurations. look paypal, it's a good example as Antispam.
  5. The best is to test this option and see what's happen. But you can make a mix, remove the left and right boxe., Eventually the footer. You have : - No boxe and no header and no footer - No boxe and no header -No boxe and no footer I think it will be your simulation test.
  6. Hi @Namiko You will find this option in design / Image management.
  7. @Catalina, You can upload and push the files inside your test website. If all is ok, you can push on your production. If you want to know the change, use a tool like beyond compare, you can compare the files and see the update.
  8. Hello, It's not so difficult to make an upgrade. I look the update, there 2 sql update. in first, go to your phpmyadmin and update the Db. in second, just send the files in your server. Do not forget it's a pre release, some modification can be made the last minute For you it's good to make a test. That's all. My recommendation before that, do the update in your local server, If your have no problem, go in production. About the module, it will have no problem.
  9. Hello @Drack In action on the demo, use lighthouse make an audit test.
  10. For moment, some badbots can very aggressive. There a solution to block this elements via your htaccess ################################## # Bot ################################## #Rules to block bad bods from accessing web pages on your site. #Remove or add more rules as per your needs. BrowserMatchNoCase "Baiduspider" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "SemrushBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "Yandex" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "BLEXBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "AhrefsBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "DotBot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "Exabot" bots BrowserMatchNoCase "SeznamBot" bots BrowserMatchNo
  11. Hi @Julie, I don't know, for me I try to download an image by a size in 640px. I think it's enough for the product image description. After, maybe the script allowing to resize the image has a maximum. - Test some image with this resolution 1024, 2048 ... You will see where is the limit. - The second point it also could be the weight of the image.
  12. Hi @Orphelia, The message is an information. You must make an update about your librairies. In your terminal server, execute this function composer update If you have not access to your server via a terminal, you must do that on your local server and upload on you production server. Note : This update do not require to be in root.
  13. Hello @CoucheTard Your logo scare me Yes, you can develop your own modules, Look the code inside the module, you will have some other function than you can use. For example you can integrate the reviews evaluation or you can create something else. For the reviews, you can create another template and put inside. Create another module, or template allow you to maintain more easily your application without to tell you what files I need to change or to look. Of course, if there is an update, you must look inside your own module if you must adapt something.
  14. Hello, The user do not see that, not sur it will be change for this version The apps are little specific. I agree it's little long, but for me it's not a problem;
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