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  1. My take on this. Successful e-commerce requires stability and jumping on the latest bleeding edge software always has an element of risk. Continually moving the PHP minimal version is not good practice, IMO. Development of ClicShopping should strive to work on a range of environments and not be tied to a specific version of PHP, for example. I have a number of e-commerce sites that have been running securely and successfully for over 10 years, with only minor updates to their software. It is MUCH more important to squash bugs and improve on existing functionality, rather than impose/introduce the latest trend/fad. Good luck, going forward.
  2. INSERT INTO `clic_languages` VALUES(1, 'Anglais', 'en', 'gb', 'english', 1, 1, 'en_US.UTF-8;en_US.UTF8;enu_usa'); ??? INSERT INTO `clic_languages` VALUES(1, 'English (GB)', 'en', 'gb', 'english', 1, 1, 'en_GB.UTF-8;en_GB.UTF8;enu_gb'); INSERT INTO `clic_languages` VALUES(3, 'English (US)', 'en', 'us', 'english', 1, 1, 'en_US.UTF-8;en_US.UTF8;enu_usa');
  3. Congratulations on the latest release! With the latest release, I'll just rebuild one of my test stores. It would be useful if there were notes on the best way to upgrade an existing store. Personally, I know how to do it manually with Meld and importing SQL but might be more useful for others. (I wish I'd spotted the need to change the SQL statement from Anglais to English in the languages table. )
  4. Significant installation issues have been sent to @ClicShopping - I'm finally nailing down the install routine, so that I can now install manually - what a slog. Phew! 😟
  5. Try to avoid sendmail. To achieve proper email credentials (SPF,DKIM,DMARC) use SMTP. Trust me, you won't regret doing so and (maybe) your hosting provider will be grateful that you do.
  6. Hello @AlwaysSkint,

    Could you try this : upload and install the latest commit 

    Include this files inside the good directory ImportDataBase


    Step :

    Start on a fresh installation (normal) without data
    remove the French language in language

    Make a migration


    Everything seems to be migrated (for me)
    Not work for moment manufacturers_info in comment

    sql error on administration menu description (but the data are imported)  - All administration menu are in english for other language


    There is a litle work again.

    Try and tell me.


    I will stop for a moment to focus now on my next step.




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    2. AlwaysSkint


      I remember that one of the missing $data above is in Customers table.


      This seemed to work fine - I can try with a different client database:

            $QmanufacturersInfo = $mysqli->query('select *
                                                  from ' . $this->PrefixTable . 'manufacturers_info

            echo '<hr>';
            echo '<div>table_manufacturers_info</div>';
            echo '<div>' . CLICSHOPPING::getDef('text_number_of_item') . ' : ' . $QmanufacturersInfo->num_rows . '</div>';
            echo '<hr>';

            while ($data = $QmanufacturersInfo->fetch_assoc()) {

      // to do
              foreach ($clicshopping_languages as $languages) {
                echo $data['manufacturers_id'] . '<br />';

                $sql_data_array = [
                  'manufacturers_id' => (int)$data['manufacturers_id'],
                  'languages_id' => $languages['languages_id'],
                  'manufacturers_url' => $data['manufacturers_url'],
                  'url_clicked' => (int)$data['url_clicked'],
                  'date_last_click' => $data['date_last_click']

                $this->db->save('manufacturers_info', $sql_data_array);


      Why are you running copyAdministrationMenu ?


      The Import/Export Menu item isn't getting created in Admin - remind me of the URL to do this, please.

      Additionally,  receive one error:

      PHP Warning:  file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty in /home/clic/public_html/includes/ClicShopping/Apps/Tools/EditLogError/Sites/ClicShoppingAdmin/Pages/Home/templates/edit.php on line 92


    3. ClicShopping


      Why are you running copyAdministrationMenu ? ==> Because it's inside the BD ot in txt files.
      If inside a txt files do not exist it take the default language
      Inside the db it look the langaue data else it display nothing. ==> Copy the default language

    4. ClicShopping
  7. @Patrick A quick mention that I have an open Pull request with some updates, plus some English corrections on ClicShopping itself.
  8. I've now figured out this was the wrong way around and now corrected to.. 'group_tax' => (int)$data['customers_group_show_tax'], 'group_order_taxe' => $data['customers_group_tax_exempt'] There is an issue with ClicShopping 'group_tax' = 0 should be Excluding Tax and 'group_tax' = 1 should be Including Tax. Also, I can't use 2 other fields because they are the opposite of the original meaning.. Originals are: 'group_payment_allowed' and 'group_shipment_allowed' ClicShopping: 'group_payment_unallowed' and 'group_shipment_unallowed' 😢
  9. If I manually remove AUTO_INCREMENT from the target customers_groups table, then the migration works. So I need a simple means of removing this prior to the migration, then add it back in once the data has transferred.
  10. @Foster Thanks for trying to help but that is essentially what I was doing when I discovered the data corruption. Hence looking to change the table structure. I'm not looking to append to the existing data, which is irrelevant - it's required to replace it. Fundamentally, the source database begins customers_group_id at zero, whereas ClicShopping begins at 1. I'm now at the stage of dropping the table and trying to recreate it. After a few hours, I've discovered "OM" appears to have a dbdelete function but not a simple dbcreate function. This got me looking into creating a custom\schema but seems overly complex for something quite simple. 😕 I'll perhaps backtrack and reanalyse the problem.
  11. It is the primary - has autoincrement and a different default. This appears to cause a corruption during migration.
  12. I'm looking for a little bit of help here.. Customer groups wont migrate due to a slightly different table definition, so I'm trying to temporarily alter it but it returns a mysql syntax error. //****************************************** //Customers Groups //****************************************** /* Inverted restrictions 'group_payment_allowed' => $data['group_payment_allowed'], 'group_shipment_allowed' => $data['group_shipment_allowed'] */ // Set default to match original db $Qalter = $this->db->prepare('ALTER TABLE :customers_groups CHANGE customers_group_id customers_group_id INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 '); $Qalter->execute(); echo 'temporary structure change<br>'; $QcustomersGroups = $mysqli->query('select * from ' . $this->PrefixTable . 'customers_groups '); echo '<hr>'; echo '<div>table_customers_groups</div>'; echo '<div>' . CLICSHOPPING::getDef('text_number_of_item') . ' : ' . $QcustomersGroups->num_rows . '</div>'; echo '<hr>'; while ($data = $QcustomersGroups->fetch_assoc()) { $sql_data_array = [ 'customers_group_id' => (int)$data['customers_group_id'], 'customers_group_name' => $data['customers_group_name'], 'group_tax' => $data['customers_group_tax_exempt'], 'group_order_taxe' => (int)$data['customers_group_show_tax'] ]; $this->db->save('customers_groups', $sql_data_array); } // Return structure to original $QalterRevert = $this->db->prepare('ALTER TABLE :customers_groups CHANGE customers_group_id customers_group_id INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT '); $QalterRevert->execute();
  13. The banner ID is assigned INT(11), so there is very little danger of a store owner using up the number of possible banners! The most banners that I have seen used in a large store (10s of thousands of products) has been about 25 and it begins to look silly. 😉 About to attempt to submit v1.1 osCmax20.php plus revert some of your changes.. If I can get it to work.
  14. It would be extremely useful if the default logo ID could be changed to say 1000. This should have no impact on any new stores and will allow migrations to keep existing banners. Even for existing stores, there should be no (or very rare) issues. UPDATE `banners` SET `banners_id` = '1000' WHERE `banners`.`banners_id` = 1;
  15. Added a comment on one of the commits, regarding banners - I think that you may have misunderstood me. (Managed to delete & remake my github repo.)
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