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  1. Hello, Do you see the comparison, it seems ClicShopping to be ready to compete against the best solution ? What do you think ? https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/ecommerce-open-source-comparison/
  2. Hello, Is possible to include a qty with decimal ? I looked inside the application, I do not find ?
  3. What's the value of this module ? Is it useful if you are not in Europe ?
  4. @Julie, https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/132-desactivated-a-hooks/?tab=comments#comment-466 Thank you, it's good to have some nice explanations.
  5. Hello, I would know which configuration do you use inside the apps antispam ? Than you.
  6. @Drack It seems easy to make a new template.
  7. Tk you for the information it can be a solution to resolve what I want to make.
  8. It's a dynamic content. I want to include text or image.
  9. Hello, I need to insert specific information inside the shopping cart, do you have a recommendation to make that ?
  10. I have a question about to create a new template ? I must copy every file or I can take just the files I need. I test just one or two files, it seems work. Tk
  11. Ok, it's a little complex for a newbie like me, I must practice a little. As you said, it's better to create another file and change why we need inside.
  12. Ok, I have changed inside template_bootstrap_column_5.php How to make another module with this own template ?
  13. Hello, Looking the documentation, https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/14-how-to-display-information-inside-the-template/ I would know if it's correct if I do that : Inside modules_front_page/template_html/ I modified this files template_bootstrap_column_5.php and I added echo $products_packaging . Is it correct ?
  14. Hello, I will know if it's interest what is the best configuration to send email. Let the default configuration, use the mime HTML and use gmail approach or sendmail ?
  15. Hello @Drack Thank you for all this information. I win lot of time. I started to make something and also to understand the system. Not simple for a newbiz like me. I found the template system on the markeplace.
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