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  1. Hello, The best is to test. But, it's better to take the example and to make an image with the same size. You can have a distortion inside the PDF is you use another height and width.
  2. Thank you for this clarification.
  3. Hello, Could you explain the big difference between the hook header / footer for example and the header tags ? Thank you.
  4. is it possible to have more information, ? It's just to make another price ?
  5. Hello Ronaldo, You can ue the apps shipping table, allow you to create a specific price by zone. After i do not know what is available in your country. But the Luxembourg post must have something. In this case it's better to make your own apps. there the link : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/109-apps-shipping-table/
  6. I think, the best is to make a request and see the price and the approach.
  7. Hi, You can use square or stripe payment. This 2 apps can resolve the expensive paypal fees.
  8. ok I found the solution, My problem is the name of my txt was wrong. I changed by the same name on my module and now it works. Just be carefull about the file name Thank you @Julie.
  9. hello I am using a caroussel inside the header and include a define but the define appear with no translation. <?php echo CLICSHOPPING::getDef('module_header_header_menu_advert1_text'); ?> I must have done something wrong?
  10. hello i don' know how to create a box below the product for customers reviews someone can help me ?
  11. hello it's the newbie again... how can i upload logos or pictures to my server ?
  12. ok thank you the good directory for me was : http://localhost/clicshoppingdemo/shop/install/
  13. ok thank you but it still don't work, when i try to lunch the install (https://www.mydomain.com/shop/install (change mydomainame.com par your domain)) the server told me : Not Found The requested URL /shop/install was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.38 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80
  14. hello im a newbie in E-commerce solution and i can't install clicshopping on my server. i've upload clicshopping in the server with filezilla like it was explained to me in the tutorial, so i set - /includes/ClicShopping/Sites/Shop/conf.php : store configuration file (catalog) - /includes/ClicShopping/Sites/ClicShoppingAdmin/conf.php : store configuration file (administration) to 777 but i can't find this one : - /includes/ClicShopping/Sites/Conf : database access someone can help me ?
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