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  1. Ronaldo

    New product template

    Hello @Drack Thank you for this example. Indeed, it seems very simple to create a new template quickly. I suggest to change this line : <div class="ModulesFrontPageBoostrapColumn6Title"><h3><a href="<?php echo $products_name_url; ?> "><?php echo $products_name; ?></a></h3></div> by <div class="ModulesFrontPageBoostrapColumn6Title"><h3 class="text-md-center"><a href="<?php echo $products_name_url; ?> "><?php echo $products_name; ?></a></h3></div>
  2. Ronaldo

    Shopping specific information

    Hello Fredrika, Your content will be dynamic or not ?
  3. Ronaldo

    Add new element inside product new

    Hello, Looking a little the code after my first installation. I think you can choose only the files like you want to insert a new template. but about the css, you must copy all inside the new template. But like it's my first reaction, I forgot something. Maybe someone has more knowledge can write more about that.
  4. Ronaldo


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