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  1. hello, This your first post? Do you install ClicShopping in first? because without that, you can make an update
  2. I agree with @Janett, this is the more simple process to understand a tool. I started like that. After a while, I decided to rebuild on a normal install without data
  3. Hi Engy and welcome, Look inside the configuration menu / my store / shiping& handling. You will find a field to include the name of your field. But you also must include your file inside the directory sources/images/logos/invoice in jpg or png.
  4. Me too, my hosting is not expensive and for the moment I have no problem with my hoster to use ClicShopping. When I look at the tab Info server I have this element. Don't know if it's a reality. System Memory (get usage) use : 1.95 Megabytes Bootstrap Core Memory Usage 0 %
  5. Philman


    Thank you for this update. Like I am in US, I will re-download. This feature is interesting because of some us shipper work in inch.
  6. Hello, Do you have an idea to manage the products description image? It's only possible to download the image. Maybe I forgot something ?
  7. Hello @FrediKa, Do you look this modules: https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/87-modules-shopping-cart-info-banner/ Across a banner manager, you can add some element, text, image. It can be a solution?
  8. Ok, find the solution, my problem was the directory right. Change in 777 and all works fine. Thank you for your help.
  9. Hi everybody, Thank you for your quick response. I will look everything. For my test : I do not create a new directory
  10. Hello, My problem is: I try uploading one book cover image, but not appear in the product administration ? How to know URL? And exist products I want to change mine, click the edit button, but button changed save button, nothing happen. How to change exist examples? Where is my product image is?
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